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BIO: Sofa City Sweetheart

Sofa City Sweetheart, stage name of multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter J. Lopez, sounds like Ray Davies, John Lennon and Elliott Smith having a three-way.

From Maddog Magazine:

"J. Lopez is a songwriter, performer, producer, and sound engineer and his talents are collectively known as Sofa City Sweetheart. Successfully tapping into that 60's California pop sound he creates fetching melodies in his songs that retain a tongue-in-cheek edge. Of course, Lopez needed some help to fill out his debut EP. The operatic background vocals, violin, cello, and nicely compressed drums are provided by a company of musicians who make Sofa City Sweetheart sound like a band rather than a one-man effort."

“A melodic marvel… Look for this one high up the year-end EP list.”
Steve Farra, Absolute Powerpop

“I’m not sure what the “J” stands for, but the five songs populating Sofa City Sweetheart’s eponymous EP stand for decadent, harmonious pop of the highest order. Backed by a handful of classically trained (I’m assuming) musicians, Lopez splits the difference between the orchestral pop of Heavy Blinkers and the hushed musings of Elliott Smith. Whether accompanied by strings piano, or both, this promising balladeer tugs at all the right heartstrings and possesses more potential than most of the artists I’ve critiqued in this issue combined.” – Neal Agneta, The Big Takeover

“Lopez pays attention to the teachings of the master pop songwriters and overcooks nothing. He takes from the Kinks what The Thrills take from the Beach Boys. Sofa City Sweetheart’s EP has good shape and progression, is loaded with melody and has an attractive, relaxed nature… it is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.” – Ben Wood, Maddog Magazine

"Sofa City Sweetheart has a knack for that irresistible Macca song structure." – Music RX

“This is the music that plays to remind everyone how sweet it is. J. Lopez is Sofa City Sweetheart and his voice is one of the sweetest going around.”
Joseph Tuesday, Even in the Future Nothing Works

“Never heard of this band before because it’s not actually a band, it’s the work of one J. Lopez, an Angelino who has a way with sweet melodies. Only 5 songs here but it’s enough of a taste to want a second helping. You have to hear the gorgeous “Maria.” For fans of Elliott Smith.” – Tim Hinely,

"Nearly every track I've heard is pop/folk sweetness. There's a late 60's vein with enough modern pop flare to make this infectious and well worth a few spins around the block." –

"Reminds me of the elegance and eloquence of the late 1960s."
Maarten Schiethart,


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