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Billy the Kid

About: Billy the Kid

Billy The Kid is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has collaborated with such artists as Garth Hudson (The Band/Bob Dylan), Randy Cooke (Ringo Starr/Dave Stewart) Stan Behrens (Willie Dixon/Ruth Brown/the Four Tops) and just recently, producer Jamie Candiloro.

Candiloro is best known for his work with Ryan Adams, R.E.M. and Willie Nelson. Pettinger on the other hand, is best known for her creative crowd-sourcing campaigns.

Her debut EP was produced with Raine Maida (P!nk/Our Lady Peace), but her first full length was funded entirely by fans. She traveled across the continent to play fundraisers, anniversaries, birthday parties and private concerts, as well as go camping, white water rafting and rock climbing with fans. The result was the appropriately titled album “Ours”.

One year later, Pettinger was back at it again, with a new album ready to be recorded with her dream producer, Jamie Candiloro. Surprise bundles, birthday presents, and fan-requested cover songs helped fund this latest effort, recorded in LA and complete with a chance encounter with the Kid’s favourite songwriter, Ryan Adams.

Billy the Kid’s songs have appeared in A&E’s Biography, Miami Ink, American Idol, My 600 LB Life, Gene Simmons’ The Family Jewels, Chelsea Settles, Sweet Home Alabama, 16 and Pregnant, Exes and Ohs, One Angry Juror, Alienated and Canada In The Rough. Most recently her music has been featured in the Showcase science fiction series Continuum and the movie Foreverland featuring Juliette Lewis.

Billy’s new album “Stars, Exploding” in now available on iTunes and Catch her live at the UK and Europe on her “Long Way From Home” Tour in January and February of 2013.

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“I have a feeling this kid doesn’t know what “impossible” means.”- Alan Cross

“Billy the Kid is an amazing talent.”- Patrick Zulinov, Shore FM

“Her music is the perfect combination of edgy sweetness that ventures into the grittiness of the life in the city.”- Tamara Stanners, The Peak FM

“Precociously gifted.” The Georgia Straight

“One of Canada’s rising stars.” – See Magazine

“Prolific and incredibly talented.” – The Leader-Post

“It’s not enough to say that Billy The Kid is a talented artist. It isn’t enough to say she’s successful. It isn’t even enough to say that Billy and her band of Lost Boys have a stage–presence worth seeing over and over again. Billy the Kid exemplifies the essence of the independent spirit, charisma and inspiration for artists on the rise or for those hoping for the chance to make it that far. ” – Echo Weekly

“Always stood apart from the pack with true street-level integrity, an almost Mennonitish indie-rock work ethic and outstanding musicianship.” – Nerve Magazine

“With her popularity spreading and in no sign of waning, her many musical endeavours are beginning to pay off and no one deserves it more. After a chat with this winsome pixie, it would be difficult to dislike her.” – The Gauntlet Magazine

“I bought her independently produced CD on the spot and have been trying to find out as much as I can about her because I know she is going to be huge one day soon.” Canoe Live

“One of the best female guitarists I’ve ever met.” – The Daily Nar

“(Billy)’s the kind of thorough, do-it-yourself poster girl that will go to hell and back in order to put out a good record.” – Beatroute Magazine

“Bespectacled singer/songwriter and D.I.Y. poster girl Billy the Kid possesses an impressive arsenal, including an enchanting voice, strong musicianship, and well-crafted tunes. Expect Billy to wear her heart on her (tattooed) sleeves.” – A Lawyer

“If you need any inspiration to keep your New Year’s Resolution “I shall cast off the shackles of procrastination and actually do something with myself…” look no further than a young lady who goes by the name of Billy the Kid.” – Chartattack


Wayside Drive

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BIO: Wayside Drive

Wayside Drive is a US indie group comprised with singer and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Osborn; singer, bassist and cellist Natalie Osborn and drummer Kevin Robinson. Their sound draws on several musical genres including indie, electronica, and world music. They are based in Houston, Texas.

Their first full length studio album “The Red Room” was released in 2006 followed by “The Other Side” in 2010. The stems for each new song are also released to be remixed by anyone who is interested.

The band was featured on a tribute CD to Jandek titled “Down in a Mirror” along with such greats as Jeff Tweedy (founding member of the band Wilco), Eric Gaffney, and The Mountain Goats


Jeremy Osborn Natalie Osborn Kevin Robinson

Sounds Like:

Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, U2, David Bowie

Record Label:


Isaac Hayden

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BIO: Isaac Hayden

Once you’ve seen Isaac Hayden perform live, you’ll understand immediately that he is doing what he loves to do. Full of passion, pain, love, hope, and years of toiling away amidst the undercurrent of indie artists, Isaac’s music grasps at the heart-strings of a generation that has chosen to find a new path, a new way to live…

Since 2005, Isaac has toured the country sharing the music that defines his life. Driving from town to city and back again, from Seattle to LA to New York and everywhere in between, people have gravitated to his incredibly honest story-telling, haunting melodies, and soulful voice. Comparisons are to be taken with a grain of salt, but his voice and music share qualities with Ray Lamontagne, John Mayer, James Morrison, Amos Lee, and even Tracy Chapman.

Isaac recorded his first two albums, “Perfect Accident,” and “Dreams Away” beneath the daunting Grand Teton mountains, in several locations around the beautiful valley known as Jackson Hole. The song “Float,” which was co-written with his long-time friend and first producer Noah Waldron of Capsicum Productions, found it’s way into several small movies and reached #1 on myspace’s pop music chart.

His third album, “Throw A Line,” was recorded in various locations around the country. For a few of the tracks (Falter, Run, She’s Gone), Isaac enlisted the production help of former Grammatrain and Accident Experiment front man Pete Stewart. All three albums are available on iTunes.

The Jackson Hole native currently resides in Nashville, TN, making preparations to record his first professional studio album. Hard at work writing new material, the buzz has begun to grow in music city… keep an ear out for this talented young artist on radio stations near you.


Isaac Hayden-vocals, acoustic guitars, keys, Harp
Noah Waldron-acoustic & electric guitars
Brock Jennings-Drums/Percussion


Stevie Wonder, Chili Peppers, Wintermask, Ray Lamontagne, Martin Sexton, Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash, Jeff Buckley, Jeff Buckley, Jeff Buckley, Harry Chapin, Blind Faith, Outkast, James Taylor, Amos Lee, Blue Scholars, Prince, Ben Folds, John Prine, John Hiatt, Ben Harper, Radiohead, Cat Stevens, Damien Rice, Dave Mathews, Jack Johnson, Wings, Traffic, Jackson Browne, Coldplay, Chris Rice, Kirk Franklin, Modest Mouse, John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Jules, The Shins, Jamie Cullum, Bright Eyes, Bill Withers, Greg Walsh, Keb Mo, John Lee Hooker, Killers, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Ray Charles, Sting, System of A Down, The Stones, Tom Petty, Willie Nelson... whoever moves me with their passion :-) 

Sounds Like:

Isaac Hayden... John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Sting, Dave Matthews, Martin Sexton, Iron & Wine, Damien Rice... you tell me :-)

Barnaby Bright

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BIO: Barnaby Bright

Garnering high accolades for their lyrically captivating and impeccably balanced songwriting and sound, Barnaby Bright dazzles fans with unique instrumentation, powerful harmonies, intelligent lyrics, and genuine warmth on stage. Inspired by literature, life, human behavior, and a hint of fantasy, Barnaby Bright is a classic vision of timeless indie folk rock in all its glory.

Brooklyn-based indie folk rock duo Barnaby Bright, have garnered high accolades for their lyrically captivating and impeccably balanced songwriting and sound. The ying to each other’s yang, Becky’s angelic voice enchants audiences, while Nathan’s brilliant mastery of multiple instruments and writing styles guides the songs down their path. Finalists in the prestigious New York Song Circle Contest for two years in a row, Barnaby Bright was awarded the Grand Prize Winners in November 2010 for their song, “Don’t Look Down.”

Between Nathan’s bachelor degree in saxophone performance and jazz composition from Berklee College of Music as well as a Masters of Recording from The Conservatory of the Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, Arizona and Becky’s degree in vocal performance, it’s no surprise the married duo wrote and self-produced their first album, “Wake The Hero,” garnering accolades such as being highlighted as an “Emerging Artist” at the legendary Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in July 2010. Their music has been featured on ER, Days of Our Lives, and Roadtrip Nation, and the catchy, melodic “If I Came Back As a Song” placed third in 2007’s International Song-Writing Competition, whose panel of judges including Tom Waits.

A positive, gracious attitude lures audiences from all over the world into a Barnaby Bright performance, captivated not only by the gorgeous melodies they produce but also by the simplistic spirit of two musicians who truly love their art as much as they love each other. They have toured all over the US in addition to completing two successful month-long European tours, dazzling fans with unique instrumentation, powerful harmonies, intelligent lyrics, and genuine warmth on stage. Inspired by literature, life, human behavior, and a hint of fantasy, Barnaby Bright is a classic vision of timeless indie folk rock in all its glory.

What people are saying:

"Rebecca’s smooth, melodic vocals are reminiscent of Karen Carpenter or Shelby Flint...and Nathan’s incorporation of his jazz background into Garfunkel-y acoustic compositions bring diverse styles together to the folk in the road: a marriage of minds and hands and music." - The Deli Magazine

"Nathan and Rebecca Bliss make up the sweetly melodic folk-ish duo Barnaby Bright, whose songs have soundtracked heavy emotional moments on Days of Our Lives and ER" - Time Out New York

"Whether Simonizing their Garfunkelisms or living up to influences like Nick Drake and Mason Jennings, Barnaby Bright is making a mark in places that are most assuredly not Kansas anymore." - Bryan Baker (Mid Point Music Festival)

"Brooklyn-based Barnaby Bright, fronted by creative leads Rebecca and Nathan Bliss, don't really do things much differently than any number of acousti-pop bands shuttling around the pass-the-hat clubs on New York's Lower East Side. They just do them better. The key elements at play: Rebecca's lovely classically trained voice, able to conjure both the sweet and sultry, and the duo's fine songwriting. Comparable at times to The Weepies, Barnaby Bright find that special place between sophisticated and down home pleasures, an alt-folk/jazz(ish) merger that still bows to classic pop influences." - Dave Curtis (Direct Current Music)

Genre: Folk / Indie

Members: Nathan & Rebecca Bliss


Samuel Beam, Nick Drake, Patty Griffin, Kate Rusby, Vashti Bunyan, Rainer Maria Rilke, Colin Malloy, Anna Akhmatova, Sigur Ros, The Carpenters, William Carlos Williams, Sheila Chundra, Mason Jennings, The Weepies, Lisa Hannigan, The Low Anthem


Afterlife – Official Website
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Afterlife - YouTube

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Coming Soon!


BIO: Afterlife

For a band that has existed for under 1 year, it feels a little unnecessary to write a made up, exaggerated and over the top band biography. So to keep it short and sweet...

Afterlife was started in February of 2011 by 5 individuals who enjoy writing and playing music.

The band is Al Reilly on Lead Guitar, Pete McCoy on Vocals, Steve Reilly on Bass, Stewart Brown on Rhythm Guitar and Iain Statton on drums. On the writing of this mini bio we have released a small number of songs online in the hope that others enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy playing them. Our plan is to continue writing the music we want to play and create an album that we are completely proud of.

Leading out of 2011 and into 2012 we have every intention of playing these songs live where ever we can.

So please check back soon to for updates!

Thank you for your support.


Freedom or Death

Freedom or Death – Official Website
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BIO: Freedom or Death

Its the way I want to live my life..

Having the freedom to make my own decisions and not adhere to the rules of others

To make art for my own well being, not for acceptance from the masses

To listen to what my heart beats to, not to slave for anothers

Give me the FREEDOM to make a life I choose - or hand me my DEATH

In the 1820's during the Greek War of Independence "Freedom or Death" became the war cry for the people of Greece. Their passion, belief and desires were so strong, that they accepted no substitute. The Toronto based duo adopted that name, as it's their mantra when it comes to their music. "We want to have the freedom to make the music and the artistic choices that we want. If we can't have that freedom, we'd rather not put anything out, which is the death of our art" says Fernandez, one half of the production and songwriting unit. Freedom Or Death's sound is based in everything, acoustic folk, electronica, traditional rock, hip-hop rhythms yet always rooted in lyrics with substance. "We didn't want to get caged into any kind of pigeonhole," Sway says. "That's our freedom, to make the music however it comes out. We have two different sensibilities to making music that clash, but it's how we actually reconcile them that's interesting."

With the release of their self titled EP, they're creating and making music their way. The two of them met while working at a major record label and have a solid understanding of how the music industry works. "We know what sold, we know how to make it, but we decided not to make it. We created an artist record", Sway says. "We decided we wanted to make music that we would like to listen to, regardless if it gets played on the radio or not." Within three months of writing they had come up with an album's worth of material and in true fashion, Freedom Or Death assumed all creative control; every song was written, produced, recorded and performed by the duo. Yet while they have proven they're self contained there is a strong desire to work with like-minded artists. "We are more interested in working with a collective of artists, rather than being a silo unto ourselves," Fernandez says. "Our artwork is being done by artists that inspire us, our videos are being shot by directors that we want to work with."

Fernandez was classically trained as a pianist and has been a DJ for over a decade, while Sway has been a driving force as a vocalist and songwriter behind various bands, musically Freedom Or Death's sound is eclectic, yet their approach to lyrics is clear. "We posed the question, are we going to write lyrics that resonate with a mass amount of people or are we going to write music from our heart?" Sway asks. "We decided to write things that had a truth to it. The lyrics are a really huge part, they're not always the last part, but for me if there's no lyrics for a song, the song stops."

With a strong and steady creative process, stopping is the last point on Freedom Or Death's agenda, they plan on touring, as well as another EP in the near future. As long as the band's ideals of their art come first and commerce taking a back seat hold true, they will continue to make the music they want to make for as long as they desire.

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