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About: MerQury

If they didn't know better, even the most hardened Queen fans would think that Freddie Mercury himself had risen from the grave back to the stage. That's because there is a show band out of Dresden that combines unparalleled showmanship and musicianship with a passion for celebrating the music of Queen. It is hard to put in words what magic this music, these melodies create. The musical legacy of Queen is undeniable, and Dresden's MerQury perfectly revive the beauty and power of Queen with pyrotechnics, elaborate wardrobes and sets, and individual flair. Wherever MerQury have performed, at home or abroad, the brilliant combination of faithful reproduction and ground-shaking innovation has won them an ever-increasing audience over the last twelve years around the world.


“Unique among European acts I've ever heard, MerQury brings the classic songs and sounds of Queen to today's stage by mixing elements of groove, jazz and soul with their remarkable showmanship. The trademark voice of lead singer Johnny Zatylny, the lavish props, and the theatrical accents and pyrotechnics have attracted a large following throughout the years - a following that I am sure will continue to grow rapidly. More than anything, this is because the charismatic live shows of MerQury are truly unlike those of any other musical group I've seen in Europe or America, for that matter.” ~ Nathan Thornburgh - Staff Music Writer, The Stranger Newspaper  Seattle, WA US

Management (Europe)


D- 01465 Langebrück, GERMANY
Tel: +49 35201 18459
Fax: + 49 35201 769839

Management (Canada)

Octopus Productions
Willi Jahnke
Box 747, Nakusp, B.C.     V0G 1R0
Phone / Fax: Canada (250) 265-5565


Billy Manzik

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BIO: Billy Manzik
Billy Manzik's musical journey began where Highway 61 ends - in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The soundtrack for his upbringing was provided by his guitar slinging, country singing mother, and influenced by any music he could find, not to mention Billy's penchant for wandering the world. The result is a driving roots rock sound, complete with catchy riffs, lyrical hooks and a 'feel-good' toe tapping kind of style. Billy's new release ‘AllTogetherNow’ packages this sound into one beautiful and diverse album, sure to catch the ear of any who hears it. From the anthemic, uptempo lead track 'On A Road' and the sweet harmonies of 'Hannah', to the wailin' bluesy rock of '61 Highway' and the summertime pop sounds of 'Has Been', 'AllTogetherNow' combines musical ingredients so well, it puts the icing on the rock n' roll cake. Recorded at Orange Lounge Studios and Knob and Tube Studios in Toronto and produced by Chris Wardman (The Watchmen, Randy Bachman) with help from David Gavan Baxter (Justin Rutledge), 'Alltogethernow' is music for modern times.

In addition to Billy on vocals and guitar, the album showcases the talents of many well-known Canadian musicians, Geoff Hilhorst (Deep Dark Woods) on keys, Erik Allen (Jenny Whiteley) on drums, Mike Filipowitsch on guitar and Jonny Kerr on bass, plus appearances from many others. Penguin Eggs, Canada's Folk, Roots & World Music Magazine, describes the album as "a powerful roots-rock assault that hits every pop nerve you've ever pumped with proteins." (Eric Thom)
Billy Manzik's music career debuted in Alberta in 2007 with his self-titled release. Recorded at Calgary's Rocky Mountain Studios by producer Rob Smith with Daniel J. Coe (Aerosmith, The Trews), the album featured musical contributions from Canadian roots music greats Tim Williams, Charlie Hase and Bill Zulak (Crash Test Dummies). "Billy Manzik" received critical acclaim, charting on several !earshot charts and being featured on CBC's Key of A. In 2008 Billy showcased at the annual Alberta Sessions (Alberta Music Series), broadcast on CBC's Radio 2, and kicked off the 2008 Juno Awards with a spirited performance at the annual Juno Welcome Reception.

In recent years Billy has played with or opened for such luminaries as Blue Rodeo, Elliott Brood, The Trews, Todd Snider, Colin James, The Wailin' Jennys, Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar), Cara Luft, among many others.

"Billy Manzik has been a great addition to the Live From the Rock Folk Festival. In addition to being a fine musician he is also a wonderful festival performer...he tells the story behind the song and has a sensibility which enables him to pick the right song for the time and place." ~ Liz Harvey-Foulds, Live From the Rock Folk Festival

"Billy Manzik is a great songwriter, right up there with Steve Earle and Ryan Adams." ~ Michael Murphy, Supervisor, Capitol Mastering

"When I hear Billy play, I want to jump on stage and sing along! Great toe-tappin' music." ~ Cara Luft, Singer/Songwriter (formerly of the Wailin Jenny's)

The Still Mind

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About: The Still Mind

Peaceful, warm and penetrating Asian-style mood music completely designed For Your ZENtertainment!
Presented by Still Mind

There is so much running, so much trying, so much excess. The still mind has no place for the need for desires to attach to. It is without happiness or sadness. It just is. The story of the mind through the voice of Chan (Zen, in Japanese).


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About: Rhodês

My full name is Marie Catherine Rhodes Samé Lottin. I was born in France (Neuilly sur Seine) where my Dutch mother and Cameroonian father met. We lived in Cameroon and after my parents split up when I was 7 years old, I was raised by my mother in The Netherlands.
As a child of 4 I learned to play the flute and piano and started training in Classical ballet, jazz, tap, flamenco and African dance. My musical taste has always been very diverse: Classical music, pop, soul and R&B music of the 70's and 80's.

When I was 6 year old I had a near-death experience. I believe that this moment caused a shift in my life and in the way I perceive things. Because of my shyness to speak openly, I started writing songs when I was 15. When I felt the need to rediscover my African roots and family at the age of 20, an adventurous journey of three years, I wrote more songs. When I had the opportunity to start performing professionally as a singer, my stage fear threw me back into my shell. I was more comfortable dancing on stage.

Reconnection with my lyrics

Recently, fifteen years later , I met an old friend Ties van der Linden, who has been in the music industry for more than 30 years, composing, producing, recording, mixing personal projects, television, theater, museums and much more. ( He encouraged me to reconnect with my musical inspirations. We started composing, reproducing and recording the songs together.
I currently also own and run a medical practice and work as a therapist at As a friend once said: "Music makes you fly and your work makes you land softly again." However my music holds high priority and I am blissfully happy that our intention to release FLOW the end of 2011 has been fulfilled.

The name Rhodês

Rhodês is my third given name, named after my African grandmother. I recently discovered that the Greek island Rhodos is named after the 'sea nimph Rhodes' out of the Greek mythology and after a famous rose on this island. So, after realizing that my Dutch grandfather was a rose breeder and me having my sea view practice called `Waves´, the name Rhodes was born as a pseudonym!

The shell

I love the Nautilus shell. For me, the sacred curves of this shell symbolize personal growth and evolving. On one hand, it describes the return to your source and intuition as an inward path. On the other hand you can see it as an outward movement; the expression from your core where you overcome fear and rise up. This perfectly defines the process of my development in making my own music. Certainly in life, many people go through this process. It is so beautiful to find this reflection in the design of a shell.


"Writing music has always been a medicine to me, a healing source in which I could be happy, release my fears, dry my tears, find my trust and belief in life."

Dream Aria

About: Dream Aria
DREAM ARIA is in a class all its own with fresh, fiery and haunting music. Elements include Rock, Techno, Progressive, Classical, New Age, Goth, and World music. Powerful raw vocals and guitar, lush keyboards, driving rhythms and inspired lyrics are abundant! There’s something for every music lover in DREAM ARIA…
Dream Aria’s mission will continue to be to create music without rules or boundaries that takes you on a far away journey…
Band Members:
Ann Burstyn - Vocals
Don Stagg - Keys
Garry Flint - Drums/Engineer
Jon Casselman - Bass
Mark Crossley - Guest Guitar
Kurt Schefter - Guest Guitar
Tim Welch - Guest Guitar
“Transcend” is an album that leaves an indelible mark on its listener. There is so much in the album that makes it feel like the soundtrack to your life, whether the songs are somehow able to describe the turning points in your life or connect with emotions that you have experienced, the songs offer encouragement to keep a positive outlook about the future. It is an album that takes many artists a life-time to make, but it is really nice that Dream Aria can make this kind of album now. ~ Susan FrancesAbsolute Punk (08/15/08)
“Dream Aria are amongst a rare bred of bands (like Britain's Magenta) producing quality female fronted progressive rock music. Bravo!” ~ Musical Discoveries

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BIO: Translunar

I am an electronic music composer, producer and sound designer. This is my electronic music project which I set up four years ago to compose and produce melodic, epic electronic music.

I have released 3 albums so far. One with Expat records and two with Ubetoo and the links can be found above.

I am a composer and performer and have been making music for over 20 years and have a background as a rock guitarist, vocalist and keyboard player. Why then do I create electronic music? Well I always had a love and fascination with rock music and also electronic music and would always feel happy listening to Pink Floyd and Genesis as much as listening to Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and Goldfrapp.

It is with this in mind that I decided four years ago to actually try and create my own style of highly melodic music using mainly, synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines. This was in the main due to the fact that I believe that most electronic music these days had become a lot less reliant on melody and harmony and much more about the beats and the vibe. Now this is not a bad thing but I decided I could create a unique electronic/synthetic style using many of the elements of the modern genres such as Electro, Trance, Techno etc and knew that I could create sound scape's with an epic quality that did not necessarily just rely on the BPM or drum textures which seem to be so prominent in today's music.

I have also had a lifelong fascination with Human Space flight, Sc-fi and futuristic film's and themes so made sure I would incorporate this as a main theme or thread in my music.

In fact I would really love to hear my music being used in film, TV and Games project's and feel the melodic elements/themes of my work would suit Sci-fi themed projects and would really enhance the visuals.

Anyway please have a listen and if you get chance tell me what you think. Thanks for your support and PLEASE TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT TRANSLUNAR!!!


Pia Dean

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About: Pia Dean

Pia is a new UK indie songwriter who works with guest vocalists & has musical influences that cross various genres and include but are not limited to Amy Winehouse, James Morrison, U2, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, KOL, Beyonce, Jason Mraz, Adele & Pink....

Pia's 2nd self-release is 'Achilles Heal' feat. new UK singer
Nikki Dine-Hart on vocals. The video was shot by local indie filmmaker Tom Martin.


“Pia Dean is a new Indie songwriter from the UK. Her songs, fresh and diverse; her talent, unquestionable.” ~ Fliprap Arena -

“We still have very much to learn about Pia Dean, but we do know Pia is a new unsigned songwriter from the UK, whose debut single 'Maybe' feat. Caroline Langford on vocals was released on October 3rd. The single is great display of Pia's creativity and the lovely voice of Caroline Langford was the perfect match for the acoustic melody. Here below you can preview a live rehearsal of the talented musicians collaboration. The song is also available for download on websites like iTunes & Amazon. We still have alot to learn about Pia Dean and friends but for more make sure to add Pia on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.” ~ Sean Presley - Pia Dean - Maybe |

“Pia Dean releases “Maybe”, Feeling Good, Feeling Great” ~ James Moore - Independent Music Promotions

“Maybe (feat. Caroline Langford) by Pia Dean Pia Dean is a new indie songwriter from the UK, whose debut single ‘Maybe’ feat. Caroline Langford on vocals was released October 3rd & is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. This song featuring the lovely voice of Caroline Langford showcases Pia’s talent as an up & coming songwriter. Pia’s musical influences cross various genres and include Amy Winehouse, James Morrison, U2, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley. To learn more about this talented songwriter visit facebook, Pia’s Youtube channel or artist page at Reverbnation. ” ~ 10 Mile Stereo - 10 Mile Stereo

Elliott Kimmel

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BIO: Elliott Kimmel

By day, I am a high school science teacher ( But at any other time, you can find me in the studio writing songs and recording.

I am primarily a singer/guitar player but I try to squeeze some music out of any instrument that I encounter.

My earliest musical influences were singers like Tom Jones and Paul Anka. They set the bar high for me right from the start.

In songwriting, I feel that the melody and lyrics are equally important. Both need to be great to have a great song. When I'm writing a song, once the melody is firmly entrenched, I will spend as long as it takes (hours, days, weeks?) to get the lyrics to where I want them. I want each line of the lyrics to advance the story of the song in a meaningful way.

So here's what I do: step away from the music for a moment and say the lyrics out loud. I don't sing them, I speak them and ask myself, "Do they tell an intelligent story? Are they interesting enough on their own, without music?" If so, then with the right melody they will be dynamite lyrics.

I could go on talking about myself but you know what ... why don't you check out my music, that really is the best way to introduce myself to you. And if you like what you hear, please consider purchasing a song or two.


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