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About: Shazoot

Hi there, We are a new group from South Wales in the UK, half way through our first album.We try to be funky, dancy and retro!

So far, we've released four tunes on the 'net, with one of our songs, "Sexy Boy", surprising us by becoming a hit on college radio in the US. Our latest track is a ballad, "A Heart Beat Away": hope you like it. We're writing new tunes as we speak, so stay tuned. Stay Cool, Stay Safe, Luv Becks & Shazoot xx

Band Members:

Becky (vocals)
David Layton (guitars)
Ric Lawton (sax)
Dave Lewis (drums & keyboards)
Glyn Havard (bass

Shazoot – MySpace (Official Website)
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Jack Evans

About: Jack Evans

Truth is, Jack Evans is just as real as Bugs Bunny.

There's many reasons I adopted the stage name of Jack Evans. It's easier to spell and easier to remember. Also, Jack Evans is the musician I want to be. Jack takes bigger chances than I would, is more confident than I'll ever be, and doesn't apologize when it all goes awry.

It's very freeing to be somebody else.

For most of my life, I've been a pretty awful musician. I'm self taught on piano, bass, drums, vocals - well everything. I always found it more enjoyable to write music than to practice. Playing multiple instruments has slowed down my progress - had I just stuck with the piano I may be further in my career - instead of starting over. Over the past two years I've slaved away on my instruments and I believe that I'm really starting to make some quality music. I'm nowhere near where I want to be - but I'm a lot closer now.

It's a clean slate.

There's not much else to say, I am my music. It's what gets me up in the morning and what I dream about at night. So that's what I'm doing, I'm in the process of building the perfect musician.

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About: Miccoli

For over four years, Birmingham band ‘Miccoli’ has toured the US and the UK honing a sound that has been compared to the likes of Snow Patrol and Coldplay. Made up of twin brothers, Adriano and Alessandro, along with their sister, Francesca, they have gigged in the Viper Rooms and every other key rock venue across America. Having worked with legendary producers, they have hung out with Motley Crue, written songs, had an altercation with Paris Hilton in a toilet, been cautioned by the highway patrol, written more songs and learnt a great deal about producing their own music. What is more, they have performed at the O2 Wireless festival, written even more songs, lived in their car equipped with a mobile bar and cooker built by themselves and had one of the members of the band suffer a near fatal heart operation. They have turned down a gig for Kevin Costner, moved to Penang and landed a sponsorship deal, shot their debut video, written even more songs, performed more gigs and that is just the half of it.

They look almost too good to be true - it is important to underline this. Given what they have been through on the road, to still be in any shape at all is a victory. Their tales from adventures on the road is more akin to a thrash metal band - it is clear fate has smiled on them in many ways. Sounding like they have had hits for the last five years, the vocals of Adriano and Alessandro are threaded together by the hypnotic beauty of Francesca’s voice which is the backdrop to the tight sound they create. The beauty of their music highlights intensity and the feeling that they have indeed paid their debts to rock and roll in the most extreme ways.

Although gigging, recording and writing have been their life for the past few years, the focus is now firmly on releasing their music. This, in no small part is due to the band nearly not being here at all if Alessandro’s heart condition had proved the end rather than the beginning for ‘Miccoli’. His heart rate had escalated to 250bpm and having undergone emergency surgery he then had to have four further heart operations. This traumatic period gave the band time to regroup, rethink, get serious and to put their adventures and life experiences into context through finding solace in the studio. Re-defining their writing and taking their music to another level, all of their experiences and emotions combined into a musical cocktail that is ‘Miccoli’s’ sound of today.

Their sound also stems from a family childhood spent listening to Police, Sting, Carole King, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills and Nash. Plus, during teenage life when the idea of a band was being formulated, the brothers were working backstage as roadies and runners at one of the major arenas in Birmingham. During this period, they learnt through firsthand experience the tough nature of the industry as well as the trail of destruction that can be left behind. Yet, most of all, they were inspired by some of the greatest acts of the last ten years to develop their own music and turn a dream into reality.

The tight family unit that is a natural consequence of ‘Miccoli’s’ band set up is a major factor in creating the beautiful vocal arrangements and anthemic song structures. They follow a long line of artists who have also been from one family - whilst ‘Miccoli’s’ melodic vocals may be reminiscent of The Corrs, on occasions their attitude can be more akin to more volatile brother musical collectives. Unfortunately, the Gallagher brothers didn’t have a calming sisterly influence within their relationship.

‘Miccoli’s’ debut single ‘Idle Stranger’ is set for release in the Autumn and will set the scene for a tour and album release in January 2013.

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About: Elev8ors

Mark Matson & Marta Wiley both talented musicians and artists. Mark Matson producer and sound engineer for Cirque du Soleiland Marta Wiley fierce talent 100 albums and counting. Their first album together "Elev8ors" released 2012 brings a new sound to the world. This citybeat music sounds like Portishead, tricky and something all together NEW! Just when we thought it could not be done. Elev8ors is born from the popular trip-hop genre brought to the British mainstream and introduced to the American "alternative" scene.

Marks perfectionism and Marta's raw talent creates a magical formula that is spellbinding. The record is a commercial success and has attracted the ears of radio stations. Top 40 / AC / Hot AC stations. Jerome Promotions Inc., has taken on Marta Wiley Music & Elev8ors!

When Bill was 16, he pooled his money from a summer job with his brother Steve Jerome to rent studio time to produce their first record. All they needed was a group, a great song, and a record company to back them up. Not realizing that they were trying to accomplish the impossible, they found all three. That first record, “Respectable” by the Chants, sold a quarter of a million copies on MGM. Together, the Jerome brothers went on to produce over 130 records.

A chance meeting with Quincy Jones and Phil Ramone proved to be a turning point in Bill's career. "The most talented men I ever met,” Bill recounts, "invited me to several recording sessions and gave me the opportunity to learn how to produce a hit record." Less than six months later, Bill and Steve Jerome began producing a series of hits including "Walk Away, Renee" and "Pretty Ballerina" by The Left Banke (Smash Records), and "Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead" by The Fifth Estate (Jubilee Records). Their biggest selling hit, "Popcorn" by Hot Butter (Musicor Records), also featured him as a performer. All told, sales of their recordings reached over eleven million worldwide.

Bill's promotional ideas so impressed TK Records president Henry Stone that he hired him to work a then unknown artist, K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Contributing to the success of that group, as well as a number of other artists for TK, taught Bill an important lesson. "The most important thing I learned about promotion working with TK Records,” Bill explains, "is how critical the secondary radio stations are for launching new artists." Relying on his years of experience and connections in the music business, as a musician, producer, writer, and promoter, Bill decided to open his own promotion company, Jerome Promotions, in 1981. That same determination that led a 16 year old boy to fulfill his dream of producing a hit single is what fueled Jerome Promotions to be part of the hit-making process for such artists as U2, Madonna, R.E.M., The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, and Eric Clapton.

Almost thirty years later, Jerome Promotions has had successful projects with a number of major labels including Warner Brothers, Universal, Curb, Island, Arista, Capitol, Columbia, Epic, and Reprise. They have also provided opportunities for a number of small, independent labels.

What makes Jerome Promotions different from other promotion companies? "I don't know of any other promotion company led by someone with my variety of experiences,” explains Bill. "I've written songs, performed on my recordings, produced a number of hit records, and promoted countless singles for other artists. I believe that my professionalism shows in every aspect of my work. I have developed an honest relationship with both radio and clients over the years. In this business, it's not just who you know, it's how you get the job done."


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Lara Eidi

BIO: Lara Eidi

Born in Athens to Lebanese – Canadian parents, Lara Eidi has always been influenced by her multicultural background- listening to the Woodstock scene of the 60’s from the age of ten and simultaneously traditional Arabic, Greek and Irish songs.

She began taking classical piano lessons at the age of 9, and studied classical music at Odeo Kodaly till the age of 17, whilst starting to perform at her school and various concerts, one of which included the 1996 Megaron Mousikis production of Carmen.

It wasn’t until after she completed her studies at Deree College in Literature and went to Scotland for her Postgraduate Diploma that she decided to pursue music. She started gigging around pubs in Edinburgh , to return to Greece in 2008, to which she was fortunate enough to be involved in the ‘CineMaria’ production at the Megaro Mousikis with Maria Farandouri, working alongside singers such as Karen Solomon (whom she had trained with for 3 years as a modern vocalist). She then sang as a lead jazz vocalist for the Gypsy Swing Quintet ‘Hot Club de Grece’, and soon after for a short but productive period worked and recorded and collaborated with the indie band Leon as a singer-orchestrator, guitarist and pianist. Simultaneously taking harmony lessons at Odeo Mousikis Praxis with George Argyropoulous (Berklee College of Music) and training classically with Nina Kaloutsa, (National Conservatory of Russia) she decided to put together whatever she learned throughout the years and start her own project, working alongside musicians who share her love for variety.

Her music is folk based blending Celtic, folk rock, and eastern folk elements.
She also gigged as a solo artist acoustically around Athens, and it was then she started writing her own songs, and compositions. She currently composed music for Aliki Tsilgari’s Short Animated entry into the London Film Festival, as well as her song, “Refuge”, that is to be used for a national Greek environmental campaign (Militos Technologies.
She recently performed at the Vinifest of Beirut Lebanon in October 2011, where she was happy to share the stage with great musicians such as renowned guitarist Guilio Tampalini, the Lebanese-French Choir group En-Fa-Mi, (led under the French Director Oscar Sisto). She performed, accompanying herself on the piano and guitar, works from the 60’s folk and blues scene (Dylan , Gershwin) up till the 90’s classic rock (Chapman, Dion).

She also gave a New Years concert with a jazz trio, as part of the ongoing Athens Christmas Festivities.

Finally, she gave a small recital as part of a workshop for musician and composer Maros Theodorakis, at her Vocal Studio.

She then took on one of her most important projects to date, which led to the culmination of her debut 4 track EP, titled “Little People”, together with guitarist Fivos Zitis and cellist Stavros Parginos. Lara performs vocals, piano and acoustic guitar on the track, and has performed as the closing act of the Athens Fringe Festival in June 2012, and is giving her second concert at the same arts Venue, Vrysaki, on September 25th, where her album will be available for purchase.

Lara Eidi – Official Website
Lara Eidi – JumpingFish (Greece)
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Tatiana Moroz

About: Tatiana Moroz

My name is Tatiana, and I’m a singer-songwriter. When it’s late, and I realize that there is truly nothing or no one around to save me but myself, I pick up my guitar. I pour everything into the music, and as cliche as that sounds, it really does make everything all better. It is my best friend.

I grew up in North Jersey (first Clifton then Wayne) and I started singing when I was 10. I always knew I wanted to perform.

I loved words, and grew up listening to Phantom of the Opera, Cat Stevens, Carly Simon, Bob Dylan, and Madonna. Even though I wasn’t the coolest kid on the block, when I went to Poland (which I did every summer since I was 5), I was a rock star. One time, I was at a camp, and people literally crowded around the cabin chanting, “We want the American girl! We want the American girl!” Yes, I had my own friggin band o’ groupies.

Back in NJ, my social life blossomed. I kept performing in the school choir and musicals, and I took guitar lessons. I listened to Nirvana, Guns and Roses, Fiona Apple, Jewel, Alanis Morissette, the Indigo Girls, Beatles, Doors, and Janis. I rocked out at Phish, NIN and Pink Floyd concerts.

At Berklee College of Music, I studied jazz vocals and music business. After I graduated, I returned to NYC, where I immediately began working in some of the top recording studios, using my music business background. Really, I just wanted a place to figure out where I was headed, and a studio was still a more creative place than a label job.

That’s where I fell in love twice, with mixed results. The bad romance left me heartbroken, but with the record as my motivator, my escape from the sadness, I completely finished my first album. It is my sparkling indie debut of 12 songs, “Tatiana” written, sung, and produced by yours truly.

Nowadays, I find myself with an even stronger conviction that music is the right path. I am an active member of the Liberty movement, and have had wonderful opportunities to perform and meet inspiring people from all different backgrounds. I see a light of hope for us all, and I feel closer to my fellow man than ever. I find myself able to do something I have always dreamed: mix my love of humanity, my desire to make the world a better place, and my music into one.

I’ve said this before, but music is the one sure way I can turn anything horrible into something of beauty. The control I have over at least that one thing gives me peace and a sense of purpose. I love knowing that others can share in this – it’ a brief, but true, solution to loneliness, heartache, and all that. It can also be a great motivator, and bring about great change. Now after a few sad years, I finally can write some happy and hopeful songs…life is a roller coaster I guess and I am so grateful to be on it!

Whatever people think of me (and I know the Liberty movement for some strange reason can be a source of division- something I plan to fix!), I am very happy with where I am in life. I feel good knowing that I am working toward something positive, and getting to use music as a vehicle for that is an added bonus. I know that with my ’67 Gibson acoustic guitar and my hopeful heart, the world of possibilities is wide open %Album Release Party

Write more soon!
Peace, Love, and Liberty,

Tatiana Moroz – Official Website
Tatiana Moroz – Same Side Entertainment
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Additional Info:

My name is Tatiana Moroz and I am a singer-songwriter. I also have a background in music business. I have worked in the top recording studios in NYC, have a diverse background in sales, distribution, promotions, and events in the music industry, as well as a degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Throughout the year, I have been fortunate enough to take part in a lot of liberty events such as P.A.U.L Fest, Liberty Fest, Liberty Love Fest, the Philly Phreedom Rally, and the Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops March on Washington, as well as various Gary Johnson appearances.

This has been the best year of my life, filled with inspiring moments too numerous to count. That’s why I was quite saddened when I saw the liberty family fractured and riddled with infighting around the time that Rand Paul came out in support of Mitt Romney.

I decided to write a song called “Same Side,” which encompassed the important message that “we’re all on the same side”. I hoped that that song would unify us in time for the election. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite reach that goal. We found ourselves with Ron Paul shut out, and the same seems to be following for Gary Johnson.

There continues to be a rift in the movement. However, in a strange way, it has also left a lot of people in the base reinvigorated. Each and everyone of us is ready to take up the mantle to spread the message. I found so many people reaching out and enthusiastically inviting me to perform. That’s when I started to think a little more about the future.

I figured (with a little help from Gigi Bowman) that maybe I could book shows for not only myself, but other liberty minded musicians and speakers. Also throughout the year, I noticed that there were often certain pitfalls that would plague the organizers. Because of my experience and from talking to the planners, I was able to identify certain holes in the procedure of putting on these functions. I felt like I could improve them and streamline them.

That’s when Same Side Entertainment was born. A talent booking and event marketing and promotions company for the freedom world! I have very quickly assembled an all-star team of amazing sales people and consultants.

Our talent roster has grown quickly in the short time we have been in existence, and continues to multiply. I also want to expand our movement and reach out to other groups, people who we really are more similar to than the establishment would like us to believe.

At the end of the day, we really are all on the same side (except for the ruling elite banksters haha!) I hope to connect with each and every one of you to help bring about a massive awakening in this world with the goal of peace, love, truth, prosperity, and freedom.

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