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About: Laztozia

Laztozia (Ian Gordon) is a Musician, writer and amateur filmmaker with a passion for travel. Ian Gordon is from Bolton, UK.


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About: Zemmy

Zemmy puts her own unique twist on the pop genre, writing songs filled with rich, instantly memorable melodies and smart lyrics. Influenced by artists such as Sade, Lauryn Hill, Sia, Dido and Imogen Heap, she creates intelligent pop songs which span across the wide spectrum of the genre.

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Alexander Harmer

About: Alexander Harmer

Alexander Harmer is a multi-instrumentalist, musician, producer, engineer based in Christchurch NZ. Harmer has just finished his debut album; an album which is full of lush arrangements and concise catchy songs. Heavily influenced by the music of the Beatles, Queen, and the 70’s, Harmer’s music touches a wide variety of sounds. The new album “Eliptical” will be released in May 2013.

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About: Thrillionaire

In Thrillionaire, Jen Turner, formerly of Here We Go Magic, picks up the guitar again, revisiting her days with Natalie Merchant, with Henrietta Tiefenthaler on bass, programming and sound design, & Nate Walcott from Bright Eyes on keys. Henri and Jen sing lush, polyphonic melodies over hard motorik beats drawn from classic Krautrock bands like Can and Neu! ...with a touch of Stereolab and Pink Floyd thrown in the mix.
Their highly anticipated debut album will be finished by the end of this year with its release scheduled for summer 2013.

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Soul of the River

About: Soul of the River

Making listeners slap themselves black and blue out of pure eargasmic joy since your momma was born.

Created around freestyle songwriting sessions around a fire pit, Soul of the River was formed in June 2002, out of Southern California, Soul of the River has a unique sound coupled with great songwriting is guaranteed to make even the harshest critic get down with the get down.

Soul of the River completed their first full length album late 2011. Soul of the River were voted “Best Roots” at the 2010 Inland Empire Music Awards and “Best Classic Rock” band at the 2009 Inland Empire Music Awards. Soul of the River have been featured on X-103.9 Alternative Radio, KUCR Good Morning San Diego, and the Internationally syndicated “On the Horizon” Radio Show.

Soul of the River are strong supporters of the American Cancer Society, and perform at several “Relay For Life” events every year as well as hosting and performing their annual “Rock for the Cure” concert to raise funds for the Riverside, Perris, and Hemet Relay for Life events.

“A three-piece progressive (yet chill) rock band, with sounds best heard with a drink in hand (whether it’s a diet coke or a margarita) gets the hips swaying and the feet tapping”
-Tina Bold - The Vinyl Hours, IE Weekly

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Ian Thomas

About: Ian Thomas

Ian first hit internationally in 1973 with "Painted Ladies". With a Juno award, four SOCAN classic awards for Painted Ladies, Right Before Your Eyes, Hold On and Pilot, a UNICEF Danny Kaye Humanitarian award, Juno and Gemini nominations,15 albums and nearly as many top twenty records later, Ian has now added author to the mix with two novels, Bequest (Manor House 2006) and his latest The Lost Chord (Manor House 2008).

Ian’s lyrics have been utilized in English textbooks while his songs have found international success with many artists such as Santana, America, Manfred Man, Chicago, Bette Midler and Ann Murray. He also records and tours the country regularly with good friends Murray McLauchlan, Marc Jordan, and Cindy Church in a band called Lunch At Allen’s. From 1990 to 2000, Ian wrote &recorded four albums and toured with his band “The Boomers” who were comprised of some of the Canada’s finest musicians - Peter Cardinali, Rick Gratton and Bill Dylan. When you add twenty movies as a film composer, six seasons on the Red Green Show as character Dougie Franklin and over a thousand commercials voicing characters from Clive Firkin of Firkin Pubs to Snap the Rice Crispie, the credit list starts getting ridiculous.

2009 saw Ian touring both as a solo artist and with Lunch At Allen’s, while completing the music for the animated series The Adventures Of Bob and Doug McKenzie and scoring two Hallmark Movies, The National Tree and Fairfield Road. With the new Lunch At Allen’s CD completed and 2010 underway Ian is currently writing and recording a long awaited new solo album. To hear him live is to spend time with a master songsmith and humorist. Ian lives with his wife of nearly 40 years in the Niagara wine region of Ontario because he likes both wine and his wife.

Contact: Robert Wilson:

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Mayd Hubb

About: Mayd Hubb

From the beginning, awakening a curiosity without border, the theme of travel is for him a scouring inspiration source.

His discography comes like a zoom starting with India in 2007 (“Linga Yoni, The Dub Paradox”), then all around the world in 2009 (“The Blue Train”), until the moon in 2012 with Joe Pilgrim (“Mellowmoon”). As this structure ever widening, his music is characterized by a search space, a mystical experience in the depths of the underground. Constantly pushing the frontier of kinds, he’s creating a recognizable sound, adapted to the power of broadband sound like a shockwave.

In this logic of expansion, contact with public soon became one of the essential point of his creativity. Contrasting with the intimacy of his solo studio work, his live performances reveal a breathtaking energy and run without compromise, accompanied by a massive bass played by Zeuspi. In this respect, we could say that 2009 is revealed as the year of live concretisation. The release of his album “The Blue Train” led him to perform on the internationnal stage, USA, Canada, Europe, amounting him to the rank of unavoidable artists of the French Dub scene.

In 2011, his band TelDem Com’unity released an album “Ground Zero” very welcomed by critics and concert halls. Even today, his life is divided between these two projects, sometimes punctuated by amazing colaborations, espacially with Shanti D (“Politik”) or the label Jarring Effect (compilation JFX 100).

2012 will be the year of many surprises because he released with the singer Joe Pilgrim the ambitious “Mellowmoon”. Dedicated to the moon, this new album turned to the earth on one side and to the stars on the other promises to be a first step towards a much greater dimension. A music from elsewhere for a live all in power, that you will find on stage in March.

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Gabriel Redding

About: Gabriel Redding

GABRIEL produces invigorating pop/rock and adventure party events. These events feature a zipline, fire pits for s'mores, a scavenger hunt with a grand prize of night vision goggles, and a massive rock concert featuring GABRIEL's custom stages and drum flipping platform!
Gabriel Redding has opened for Boys Like Girls, Hinder, Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean, Jason Mraz, Bo Bice, Joan Jett, Gin Blossoms, KC and the Sunshine Band, and has performed in the middle-east for the troops on a USO tour. He performs at colleges and military bases all over the US, coffee shops and movie theaters, and where ever else he finds to play.
From June 29th to August 10th, 2009, GABRIEL bicycled across the continent, from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Seattle, Washington, totaling 43 days and 3204.3 miles to raise money and awareness for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
GABRIEL is also an official endorser of Earthworks High Definition Microphones.

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