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Arnold McCuller

About: Arnold McCuller

Arnold McCuller is an American vocalist, record producer, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. While establishing his own career as a singer, and working as a very busy session musician, McCuller has become best known for his work as a back-up singer for famous artists with long careers, including Phil Collins, Beck, and Bonnie Raitt, and Todd Rundgren. He has toured for thirty years with James Taylor and is an audience favorite for his featured vocal parts on the songs "Shower the People", "I Will Follow", and "Is That the Way You Look". He has also toured extensively with Collins and is one of the main lead vocalists on the live version of "Easy Lover". McCuller has had numerous acting parts in films; in particular he has gained notoriety in movies with musical roles. In 2010 McCuller joined the Troubadour Reunion Tour supporting James Taylor and Carole King.


McCuller appeared in the film The Sum of All Fears singing the "The Star-Spangled Banner". Although he did not appear onscreen in Duets with Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow, his vocals were blended with those of actor Andre Braugher to make a composite singing voice for the character "Reggie Kane". In the film, Reggie Kane sang with Paul Giamatti on "Try a Little Tenderness" and performed a acapella version of "Freebird".

McCuller also performed the song "Nowhere to Run" for the 1979 film The Warriorsand was one of the four singers in the "guitar duel sequence" on the 1986 film Crossroads.


  • Part of Me That's You (1984) with David Benoit
  • Exception to the Rule (1990)
  • You Can't Go Back (1999)
  • Exception to the Rule (2000) reissue (with fewer songs)
  • Back to Front (2002)
  • Live at the Baked Potato (2002)
  • Circa 1990 (2003)
  • Hairspray [Soundtrack to the Motion Picture] (2007)
  • Sabor (2009)
  • Soon as I Get Paid (2011)

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Bill Bourne

About: Bill Bourne

'Canadian Folk Shaman - Magical Mystery Bourne' - Kitchener/Waterloo Echo

"Bourne flows with this almost indescribable soul infused with a lonesome strain of blues... This man was put on this earth to play music." - Crossroads Magazine - Tuscon, AZ

Bill was raised in a musical family in rural Alberta. When he was 2 years old, he was known to sleep behind the piano at country dances. His parents played dance music in community halls in beautiful farming country. The love of nature and of music and of people gathering for celebration has been with him for his whole life.

Bill loves to collaborate with friends (musicians). His most recent collaboration is with Jasmine Ohlhauser and Wyckham Porteous in the band “Bop Ensemble”. Previous to bop ensemble, Bill collaborated with Eivør Pálsdóttir from the Faroe Islands. He produced and performed on Eivør's third solo CD, 'eivør'. The recording won double at the Danish Music Awards Folk in 2006. Other collaborations: with Alan MacLeod, Shannon Johnson, Hans Staymer and Andreas Schuld, and Lester Quitzau & Madagascar Slim, as well as his solo projects, have all attained award status in Canada.

A multiple Canadian Juno Award winner, Bill has received international acclaim for his recordings and live performances. A mainstay on the international roots scene, life on the road is reflected in Bill's music - powerful rhythms and soulful songs, steeped in World Beat, Blues, Cajun, Celtic, Folk, Flamenco, Funk, Poetry and more... - Beach House Arts Co-op

"Music is a dance; a happy heart. Music is the great teacher. The life in Music is its power of transcendence: Music is a healing force that benefits all living things." - bill bourne

"Never have I heard an  Artist blow a Genre of music out of the water quite like Bill Bourne has with his 2011 album Bluesland. Bill has mastered the blues from delta to boogie woogie and does it with such ease. Bluesland is pure gold and should please every Blues fan." ~ Stewart Brennan ~ World United Music

Press: Felicia Mancini -
Booking: John Fielding -

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Art Bell

About: Art Bell

The blues genre and form is omnipresent, and like a womb it has nurtured and given birth to distinct genres and sub-genres urban styles, delta blues, Chicago blues and boogie-woogie, to name a few. Many musicians are known to play a form, or a sub-genre, that has spawned from the blues, but very rarely do you stumble across a true blues musician, like Art Bell, who embodies the genre and form of the blues in its entirety.

Art Bell has had music in his soul since he was five-years-old. At the age of 12, after cutting grass all summer, Art saved up enough money to purchase his first guitar from a jazz musician, named Fleet Green, who owned a music store. I never go anywhere without a guitar these days, says Art while sitting across from me in a local Thai restaurant, in Charlotte, NC. Art has since lain to rest his first guitar and now performs with three friends he likes to call, Miss Fender, Miss Gibson and Miss Rickenbacker. Besides for being a guitarist, Art is also an accomplished vocalist, bassist, percussionist and keyboardist.

I have been a performer for about 45-years, and through the years I have become a better listener and a well seasoned musician, song writer, lyricist and composer, says Art who has composed over 300 original tracks.

Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, to name but a few.

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Tinsley Ellis

About: Tinsley Ellis

Hard-rocking blues-soaked guitarist/vocalist/song-writer Tinsley Ellis sings and plays with the energy and soul of all the great Southern musicians who have come before him. Ellis attacks his music with rock power and blues feeling, following in the tradition of Deep South musical heroes Duane Allman, Freddie King, Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes. His live shows feature extended fretwork filled with melodic and rhythmic experimentation, in the spirit of jam bands like his friends Widespread Panic and The Allman Brothers. Atlanta Magazine declared Ellis "the most significant blues artist to emerge from Atlanta since Blind Willie McTell."

Since first hitting the national scene with his Alligator Records debut, GEORGIA BLUE, in 1988, Ellis has toured non-stop and continued to release one critically acclaimed album after another. His stellar guitar work, always a staple of his live shows and CDs, is matched by his strong songwriting and powerful, soulful vocals. Tinsley's hometown paper, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, calls his music, "a potent, amazing trip through electric blues-rock."

Ellis made five critically acclaimed albums for Alligator between 1988 and 1997 before recording for the Capricorn and Telarc labels. His high-energy LIVE-HIGHWAYMAN, the long-awaited live album his fans have been demanding for years, marked his return to Alligator records. "Tinsley is one of the finest younger generation blues rockers. He's made great albums for us in the past, and we're excited to have him back in the Alligator family. He's great in the studio, but even better live, so I'm really excited about this recording," said Iglauer.

Ellis' latest release on Alligator, MOMENT OF TRUTH, captures all the power and energy of his legendary live performances. His vocals reach new heights of soulfulness and expressiveness; his guitar playing is ferocious and relentless, but, when the mood calls for it, gentle and moving. What really sets the album apart, though, is the depth of Ellis’ songwriting. The material deals in matters both personal and universal and runs the gamut of human emotions. MOMENT OF TRUTH is Ellis’ most wide-ranging and inspired recording.

Born in Atlanta in 1957, Ellis grew up in southern Florida and first played guitar at age eight. He found the blues through the backdoor of the British Invasion bands like The Yardbirds, The Animals, Cream, and The Rolling Stones. He especially loved the Kings--Freddie, B.B. and Albert--and spent hours immersing himself in their music. His love for the blues solidified when he was 14. At a B.B. King performance, Tinsley sat mesmerized in the front row. When B.B. broke a string on Lucille, he changed it without missing a beat, and handed the broken string to Ellis. After the show, B.B. came out and talked with fans, further impressing Tinsley with his warmth and down-to-earth attitude. By now Tinsley's fate was sealed; he had to become a blues guitarist. And yes, he still has that string.

Already an accomplished teenaged musician, Ellis left Florida and returned to Atlanta in 1975. He soon joined the Alley Cats, a gritty blues band that included Preston Hubbard (of Fabulous Thunderbirds fame). In 1981, along with veteran blues singer and harpist Chicago Bob Nelson, Tinsley formed The Heartfixers, a group that would become Atlanta's top-drawing blues band. Upon hearing LIVE AT THE MOONSHADOW (Landslide), the band's second release, The Washington Post declared, "Tinsley Ellis is a legitimate guitar hero." After cutting two more Heartfixers albums for Landslide, COOL ON IT (featuring Tinsley's vocal debut) and TORE UP (with vocals by blues shouter Nappy Brown), Ellis was ready to head out on his own. Ellis sent a copy of the master tape for his solo debut to Bruce Iglauer at Alligator Records. "I had heard COOL ON IT," recalls Iglauer, "and I was amazed. I hadn't heard Tinsley before, but he played like the guys with huge international reputations. It wasn't just his raw power; it was his taste and maturity that got to me. It had the power of rock but felt like the blues. I knew I wanted to hear more of this guy."

GEORGIA BLUE, Tinsley's first Alligator release, hit an unprepared public by surprise in 1988. Critics and fans quickly agreed that a new and original guitar hero had emerged. "Dazzling musicianship pitched somewhere between the exhilarating volatility of rock and roll and the passion of urban blues," raved the Los Angeles Times. Before long, Alligator arranged to reissue COOL ON ITand TORE UP, thus exposing Tinsley's blistering earlier music to a growing fan base." The Chicago Tribune celebrated the release by saying, "Ellis takes classic, Southern blues-rock workouts and jolts them to new life with a torrid axe barrage."

Tinsley's next release, 1989's FANNING THE FLAMES, further expanded the guitarist's hero status. By now his talents as a songwriter equaled his guitar prowess. Guitar World shouted, "Ellis stands alongside Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Winter, and that ain't just hype." 1992's TROUBLE TIME added guests Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and keyboardist Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones), and brought even more critical acclaim Ellis' way. The song >Highwayman received airplay on commercial rock radio stations across the country. "Alive, kicking and drenched in sweat," declared The Washington Post.

1994's STORM WARNING was Ellis' true breakthrough. Recorded live in the studio with his road-savvy band and produced by Eddy Offord (John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Yes), the album was a tour-de-force of smoking guitar workouts and radio-friendly blues rockers. Features and reviews ran in Rolling Stone, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, and in many other national and regional publications. His largest audience by far came when NBC Sports ran a feature on Atlanta's best blues guitarist during their 1996 Summer Olympic Coverage viewed by millions of people all over the world.

FIRE IT UP followed in 1997. Produced by the legendary Tom Dowd (Allman Brothers, Ray Charles), the album featured Ellis' blazing guitar playing and expressive, soulful vocals in better form than ever. With Dowd's deft production touch--along with Tinsley's fiery road band and a host of talented musicians, including famed bassist Donald "Duck" Dunn on seven songs--Ellis reached new heights, coming up with some of the best performances of his career. The Associated Press called the CD, "A solid heaping of blues...a mixture of well-written originals and covers all held together with scorching guitar and a big voice to carry his sharply written lyrics."

A move to Capricorn Records in 2000 saw Ellis revisiting his Southern roots with KINGPIN. Unfortunately, the label folded soon after the CD's release. In 2002, he joined the Telarc label, producing two well-received albums of soul-drenched blues-rock, HELL OR HIGH WATER and THE HARD WAY. All the while, Ellis never stopped touring. "A musician never got famous staying home," he's quick to note.

Ellis has played in all 50 states, as well as Canada, Europe, Australia and South America. Whether he's out with his own band or sharing stages with The Allman Brothers, Robert Cray, Koko Taylor or Widespread Panic, he averages over 150 performances a year, bringing his fast-moving, high-energy, guitar-drenched performances to fans all over the world. Live, there's simply no one better at igniting a crowd, jamming with focus and purpose...

Moment of Truth 2007 (Alligator)
Live-Highwayman 2005 (Alligator)
The Hard Way 2004 (Telarc)
Hell Or High Water 2002 (Telarc)
Kingpin 2000 (Capricorn)
Fire It Up 1997 (Alligator)
Storm Warning 1994 (Alligator)
Trouble Time 1992 (Alligator)
Fanning The Flames 1989 (Alligator)
Georgia Blue 1988 (Alligator)
Cool On It 1986 (Landslide/reissued on Alligator)

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Eddie Martin

About: Eddie Martin

With 12 rave-reviewed CD releases and constant globe-trotting since turning professional in 1995, London-born Martin has been called "The Ambassador of British Blues". As adept on acoustic instruments as electric, and as a soloist or band leader, he ranks amongst the most successfully versatile bluesmen in the world.

Nominated best UK Blues Guitarist, Best Harmonica Player, Best Band, Best Acoustic Artist and Best Blues CD release many times, his songs have made it onto TV and film soundtracks and to the song stable of Alligator Records. He has been broadcast live on international radio and TV with 3 sessions for BBC Radio 2, including at the famous Maida Vale Studios.

He is now touring internationally with Trio and Big Band to promote his new rave-reviewed cd "Looking Forward Looking Back" ("this album is special" Blues and Soul "Excellent" Blues News) featuring Pee Wee Ellis (ex James Brown) and the Little Big Horns (ex Mick Jagger), and as a one man band to promote his 11th cd release "Folk and Blues", ("Superb" fROOTS, Brilliant" GUITARIST, "masterpiece" by Blues in Britain).

There is no doubt that Martin's quarter century career of recording and performing has established his reputation as one of the most exciting and accomplished Blues Men alive today. He has invested most of his life in studying and contributing to the blues legacy. The impressive fruits of his considerable labors are plain to see – and hear - for those interested, but his determination to remain his own master, releasing his work only on his own label (Blueblood Records) may have kept his name below the radar for many.

Martin honed his skills touring the US, and lived for a while in Texas. Following his first acclaimed USA tour he was befriended by the Dallas/Fort Worth Blues community and toured and recorded with the "Texas Blues Kings" formerly with Smokin’ Joe Kubek. Cutting his playing teeth on the "chitlin circuit" he has had one-man band residencies on Beale St in Memphis and in the Jook Joints of Clarksdale, Mississippi.

As well as being recognized as a leading acoustic and electric guitarist he was also lauded as an Innovator for his rack-harmonica skills by the World Harmonica Festival in Germany where he performed solo, held a Master-class and judged the World Blues Harmonica Competition.

He continues to record live and studio sessions for National Radio program’s (BBC Radio 2 in the UK) of his own music. He has also been in demand as a guest session player, for example he played National Steel Slide guitar on the WC Handy Award-nominated “Blues and Beyond” cd by Dick Heckstall-Smith. (A founder member of John Mayalls’ "Blues Incorporated", Dick Heckstall-Smith described Eddie as “the hottest blues musician to come out of Britain since the 60s”). He has also been a guest harmonica player on live shows with the-late Honeyboy Edwards, Guy Davis and Larry Johnson.

His live performances have always attracted accolades, for example. "The stuff of legend" said Guitarist Magazine last year, "a live act not to be missed" said Blues Revue USA.

His acoustic style has developed into a percussive blend of traditional blues slide and fingerpicking styles. These he combines with rack harmonica playing and foot percussion in the style of the one-man-blues bands such as Duster Bennett, Joe Hill Louis and Dr Ross and is considered “the leading one man band in the UK” by the European Blues Association.

His Electric and Slide guitar-playing has seen his cd work commended by the Guitar Press all over, receiving "excellent" tags from "Guitar" "Guitarist" in the UK, “Vintage Guitar USA”, and "Guitar and Bass" in Germany.

A master songwriter, acoustic and electric guitarist, harmonica player and powerful singer, Eddie Martin has been described as "the most remarkable blues man of his generation" by Blues in Britain.

The biggest circulation blues magazine in the world, Blues Revue, concurred: “One of the UK’s best, whether solo/acoustic or loud/electric, he’s a master of both…years of experience separate him from pretenders. An exceptional guitarist he’s also been gifted with a most expressive blues voice. His greatest skill, however is his slide-playing. Add to that standalone harp skills and Mr. Martin’s ability to coin a phrase and build a song, distinguishes him from others. Songs like the haunting “Kind Lady Moon” underline his storyteller abilities…completing the spell with his guitar mastery.”

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JP Blues

About: JP Blues

JP started playing guitar at age 8 by age 10 it was clear that playing was his calling. This "Something Special" was recognized by legendary bluesman Sam "Bluzman" Taylor.Sam took JP under his wing and began to school him on the blues.At 11 JP progressed to the point where he was ready to play festivals,and play he did! JP began playing throughout the country with Sam Bluzman Taylor, Phil Grande and Caroline Aiken. Supporting stage at age 16 for artists such as Derek Trucks,Johnny Winter,Robin Trower,Joe Bonamassa,Cactus and many more.Opening for Sean Chambers 2010 Riverhead Blues Festival and playing lead guitar for Frank Latorre and the King Bees. 2010 played the Hoopee Festival in GA sharing the stage with Caroline Aiken, Charlie Wooton, Jeff Sipes( Widespread Panic) special guest Kofi Burbridge from Derek Trucks. The JP Blues Band New CD "I Will Not Go Quietly" has made 20 weeks on the National Roots Music Charts, as well as hitting #4 December 26th, 2010. Look for JP new CD mix of traditional blues/contemporary blues and of course some rockin soul comes out spring of 2013.

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Tim Halperin

About: Tim Halperin

Singer/songwriter Tim Halperin is a native of Omaha, Nebraska where his love of music began with piano lessons at age six. His extensive performing, song-writing, and roles in a prestigious high school show choir cemented Tim’s plans to consider music as a career. As a Texas Christian University Business School Honors student, Tim majored in marketing to develop skills for promoting his music and his brand. During college, Tim made a name for himself with original songs on itunes, the release of an EP, and by garnering MTV recognition.

After TCU graduation in 2010, Tim’s fan base rapidly grew with the debut of his first music video for the hit song “She Runs”. With a budget of $500 and a cast of volunteers, the video went viral with over 100,000 views and drew the attention of Jimmy Kimmel for its creative continuous set format.


Tim got connected with Susan G. Komen for the Cure in 2010 when he wrote a song for a TCU mentor and breast cancer survivor who organizes TCU’s Frogs for the Cure program. Completed in just five days, Tim’s “We Fight Back” song has been showcase at halftime football game tributes to breast cancer survivors as seen at The inspiration for the song lyrics came from the words of breastcancer survivors about their fight and hope for a cure.

Komen has adopted Tim’s song as its anthem of hope, featuring it in their international publicity video. Tim is an official partner of Komen and is in demand to perform at races and cancer events across the country. Appearances include the Michigan Race for the Cure, the Dallas Race for the Cure, the Global Race for the Cure in Washington, DC and the largest race in St. Louis with 67,000 67,000 registrants.

Tim performed the national anthem at the Texas Rangers “Frogs for the Cure” game and at the Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints Breast Cancer Awareness game where he was also the featured halftime entertainer. In October, he appeared in a debut of a 1500 person flash mob dance for Komen for the Cure in Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Starring in the video with Tim are Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Pat Green, country-western music singer plus 75 groups of dancers including 150 breast cancer survivors. Through Tim’s generosity, Itunes downloads of “We Fight Back” continue to benefit Komen for the Cure through December, 2011. Komen Corporate Sponsors Belk, Inc. and General Mills are featuring “We Fight Back” in national commercials.


Recognized as one of the Top 12 Males in this year’s American Idol competition, Tim beat out a field of more than 125,000 contestants who auditioned for season 10. His Los Angeles audition singing Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” gained nationwide attention when judge Jennifer Lopez was captivated by Tim’s voice. Tim’s duet with contestant Julie Zorrilla on Beatles “Something” earned rave reviews. And with a showcase of “The Last Song”, Tim was the first ever competitor to perform an original song on Idol to qualify for the Top 24.

During his time on Idol, millions of viewers were introduced to Tim’s fun-loving and genuine personality. His sincerity and warmth was not lost on the media either. Countless interviews followed Tim’s exit from Idol. And Kidd Kraddick on 106.1 in Dallas, one of the most influential syndicated radio personalities in the nation, heard Tim on one of their syndicated shows, and decided that his talent had not been given enough of a showcase on Idol.

So Kraddick created an “Idol Got It Wrong” segment to prove to America that Tim should have been the winner of American Idol. Each week Tim learned a song overnight performed by an Idol contestant, and then performed it live the next day on the radio. Voting audiences declared Tim the winner over the actual Idol contestants during the nine remaining weeks of the show. By then, Kraddick had become a huge fan of Tim’s and welcomed him on the morning radio show for multiple appearances, a coveted spot that built Tim’s fan base in Kraddick affiliated markets across the country.

Kraddick continued to promote Tim by featuring him at performances in San Antonio, New Orleans and Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Tim served as mentor and original songwriter for Kraddick’s Summer Rock Camp and performed in Disney World at Thanksgiving for the Kidd’s Kids Charitable Foundation. His original song “All You Got” benefits the Kidd’s Kids Foundation.


Coldplay, Ben Folds, The Fray, OneRepublic, John Mayer, Billy Joel, Elton John, Dave Matthews, James Taylor

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Stephen Gordon

About: Stephen Gordon

Growing up in Memphis, Stephen Gordon settled on a career early on. He planned on being a professional basketball player, and at 6’4″, it seemed like a logical choice. Still, music was always there, weaving itself into his life.

His parents bought him his first guitar when he was eleven and he still looks back on those early days as a burgeoning musician with fondness. “I was introduced to the music of Chuck Berry, and I just lost my mind. His were the first songs I remember learning and singing.” His passion continued to grow, and in his sophomore year, the deal was sealed. “My first performance was in the tenth grade at the school talent show. We put a band together and played a song that I wrote. I still to this day cannot describe that exhilaration.”

Stephen began pursuing music in earnest. His grown-up musical palette expanded beyond Chuck Berry, with new favorites like Neil Young, Ryan Adams, and Josh Ritter.

Stephen’s first record was I Have Seen Your Shining Spirit in 2009. Showing an intensity and maturity beyond his 22 years, it established him as more than just another kid with a guitar and a microphone. It was just a taste of things to come.

Stephen was building a career in the brave new world of a post-iTunes music industry. The time was ripe for artists to forego the traditional attachment to a record label, and Stephen took advantage of that. Spreading the word of his unique musical sensibilities via word of mouth and social media, Stephen quickly had a full schedule of touring and making new music.

Still, he faced many of the challenges unique to independent artists. “The tough thing is that every day there are seemingly a thousand different things I could do… each of which could potentially be beneficial or futile. Making all these little decisions and following through with no one looking over my shoulder saying, ‘make this happen,’ has taken a lot of practice. I’m still learning to keep a good pace.”

Stephen released the four-song VA in 2010. The brevity seemed to add to the brilliance of songs like “Letterboxes” rather than burying them amid a dozen mediocre tracks. It leaves one wondering if things would have sounded the same under a record label contract. “The great thing is that I have all the freedom in the world to make art and to keep learning how it can best serve people—without the weight of the bottom line. I am growing as an artist and musician well beyond just being a singer/songwriter at this point, and I don’t know that that would have happened had I not had the freedom to explore my gifts and passions on my own.”

His 2011 full-length album, So Young Now, was another brave step, but this time, Stephen took his fans with him. Joining the ranks of an increasing number of creative professionals, the record was crowd-sourced through a Kickstarter campaign. This solidified the connection between Stephen and his loyal fans, ensuring that his creativity could continue to enrich their lives in new ways.

Would he trade it all in? If he could go back to middle school Stephen, would he tell him to stick with basketball and never listen to that first fateful Chuck Berry tune? “I make music because I love it. I’ve seen the deep down good it can do for people and relationships, community and comfort. I don’t presume to understand all of the ways that it works and moves, but I’m dedicated to learning and using that to bring folks something worth listening to.

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