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About: BunChakeze

Odin, a great band in the 80s. But! Wakeman had been replaced by synth players with interesting hair, Bonzo&Bruford by a tiny machine thing & guitarists were uncool!
London pubs swapped live music for disco tv pool tables.

The true potential of Odin never came to fruition. It couldn't! We were too late and then again, too early.

Odin had a magic mix of writers, lyricists and players. A good balance clearly heard on Alcatraz. A fully formed piece worked on by all 6 of us. A real band with all of it's imperfections and individuality. Many know John Culley, a supreme professonal with a Strat. Colin Tench just had to keep up with him! Cliff Deighton, an audience favourite and a maniac. He often would complete a song before the rest of us.

Gary Derrick, lyricist, good looker and musician on bass kept things SO solid.
Derek Sanderson(keys) could rustle up a tune while I was tuning my twin-neck. Luke, a great frontman on vocals.

Tough decision to fold the band but it was inevitable. There were no gigs any more!
Derek & John quit the London scene. Odin was done for. Cliff, Gary & Colin decided to form Bun Chakeze. We needed a singer. Not easy! It took 6 months but we landed Joey Lugassy. Like us, he had little time for mindless drivel oozing out of the radio all the time. An amazing voice & depth of feeling plus alot of imagination. We knew we'd never get a decent gig/record deal whatever we did so we just wrote to please ourselves. The album was completed in 1986, then we ceased to exist too! Now we are back and the album is released.

Members: Colin Tench, Gary Derrick, Cliff Deighton, Joey Lugassy, John Culley, Derek Sanderson, Luke Tony

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Andrew Belle

About: Andrew Belle

Andrew Belle is a new artist on the pop singer/songwriter scene. Residing in both Chicago and Nashville, he is currently a member of the critically acclaimed national tour Ten Out Of Tenn. Andrew released his debut EP All Those Pretty Lights in 2008, containing songs featured in hit TV shows including “90210” and “The Real World.” His song “I’ll Be Your Breeze” garnered nationwide airplay including Los Angeles tastemaker station KCRW. Andrew recently was named “Best Breakout Artist, Chicago” by MTV. His music and vocal stylings draw comparisons to Coldplay, The Fray, and John Mayer. Fans and critics often refer to his songs as “smart pop”—nuanced melodies and contemplative lyrics coupled with bold, infectious hooks. Look out for his debut full-length album The Ladder, released in February 2010.

“Since I was a child, I’ve always been around music; taught to appreciate the art form but only at a reasonable distance. My parents never let me listen to the radio or any kind of secular music until I was well into High-school. Before that, in Junior high, I recall making mix tapes from local radio stations during the day, and then lying in bed at night listening to all the pop hits of that time through a small, plastic walkman that I had received a few Christmases earlier. Third Eye Blind, the Counting Crows, the Verve Pipe…these were the artists that first welcomed me into the world of meaningful pop-music. The first album that I ever bought for myself was the Counting Crow’s ‘August and Everything After’ when I was a Sophomore in High-school. It had already been out for several years at that point, but I can still remember sneaking it up to my room and listening to it very softly out of the dusty sony boombox in my bedroom; pouring over every melody and marveling over the lyrical genious in Adam Duritz; thinking, ‘maybe I can do this someday?’. Not that I think of myself now as important to music as Adam Duritz or the Counting Crows have been, nor do I even dare to compare myself to such talent, but thinking back on my earliest experiences with music, there is no doubt that those quiet moments spent alone in my bedroom shaped my desires and passions and gave me the hope to make my small mark on this world, one song at a time.”

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Rod Fritz

About: Rod Fritz

Tassie band "FRITZ", is having an impressive impact on the global music scene, with well over 200,000 listens on the net and being No.4 on the Aus rock charts on ReverbNation!

Fritz is the creation of singer songwriter Rod Fritz, a Hobart based musician who is currently studying a bachelor degree in music at the Hobart Conservatorium!

Fritz is a performing three piece band with Rod on vox and acoustic guitar, Richard Salter on drums and David Dixon on bass!

Fritz is riding high with a great deal of success from their debut 17 track album released early 2011! With a solid track record of CD and merchandise sales plus a great deal of success on on-line promotion and live performances Fritz has left listeners wanting to hear more from this band! With well over 100,000 listens on MySpace and over 53,000 listens on ReverbNation Fritz is happy to be sitting in No.4 spot on the National rock charts on Reverbnation in Australia.

Fritz also has a solid international following which continues to gain momentum by achieving music awards and airplay in Germany, US, UK, South Africa and many more countries including being nominated as a finalist in last year’s Independent music awards in Hollywood! Rod completed a six week solo tour of the US in 2010 playing at various venues throughout the West Coast including the Viper Room in Hollywood!

Here in Australia Fritz has had several No.1 positions on the tripleJ Unearthed Indie charts and was a top ten finalist in last year’s MusicOz awardes at the Sydney Opera house! Fritz has performed at such venues as The Espy in St Kilda, The Brunswick Hotel and The HiFi Bar in Melbourne alongside many venues throughout Tasmania and Victoria!

Fritz’s music is difficult to categorise and borders on rock, folk, country, pop and Indie! Fritz has a unique yet uncomplicated style with strong story line songs, melody’s and hooks! You will be immersed with a variety of topics from love, break-ups, drug use and pick me up type songs! A song for almost all occasions!

Fritz will be releasing a new album in 2013 and looking at extensive touring nationally.

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The Right Ons

About: The Right Ons

The most American sounding Rock n' Roll band isn’t from America -- The Right Ons, are in fact from Madrid, Spain - and sing entirely in English. Drawing heavily on the Detroit Garage Sound, as well as funk and soul from the 60's and 70's, the band's energetic live show has become legendary on the festival circuit in Spain.

“The quintet from Madrid, Spain is like a party in a box. They’re well-studied students of the classic Detroit garage rock sound, with bits of Jimi Hendrix and Sly and the Family Stone thrown in as well. - TWANGVILLE

The band got together in 2006 and made their recording debut a year later with the record 80.81, named after the years that they were born. The Right Ons are: Alvaro Guzman (vocals, guitars), Rams Nieto (vocals, drums), Rafa Fernandez (guitars, vocals), Utah (bass, vocals), Martin Muniz (keyboards, percussion, vocals). The band has played nearly every festival in Spain, including Rock In Rio and Primavera Sound, and has toured with Reigning Sound, Ken Stringfellow, and The Bellrays, as well as an 8-week European tour supporting Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves.

Band Members:

Alvaro: vocals/guitars,
Rams: vocals/drums,
Rafa: guitars/backing vocals,
Utah: bass/backing vocals,
Martin: keyboards/percussion

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Flav Martin

About: Flav Martin

FLAV MARTIN (pronounced Flahv) is dedicated to writing eclectic acoustic music. Flav has appeared on The Morning Show (NBC) and has been the primary composer for Rhode Island's Shakespeare in the Park Festival held in Westerly, R.I. every summer for the past seven years.

Throughout his career he has played with and/or opened for David Crosby, Al Stewart, Jefferson Starship, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Suzanne Vega, Aztec Two-Step, Denny Laine (Paul McCartney and Wings), Leo Kottke, Pete Best (The Beatles,) Davy Jones (The Monkees,) Cry of Love, Tommy Emmanuel, Chad and Jeremy, The Radiators, Wide Spread Panic and Steve Morse to name a few. Flav's many writing credits include Saturday Night Live, PBS, Canon Films and New York-based off-Broadway productions and various independent films.

His music has been acclaimed by the media and some very well-known celebrities:
David Crosby -- "Excellent material and player!"
David Santaniello -- Executive with Sony/Columbia -- "A tour de force ... packed with talent!"
Tommy Emmanuel -- "Great stuff! I was jammin' along with him on the side of the stage."
Chad and Jeremy; "Flav is the 21st centuries Richie Havens"
Tina Schafer-Bitter end Songwriters circle-"The real deal"

Credited as one of the most innovative acoustic guitar players on the scene today, Flav blends beautiful melodies with intricate technique, voicing, and a percussive style that leaves people saying "How does he do that?"

Flav has been called "the guitarist's guitarist; soulful, sarcastic, funny, and at times romantic" all in one. He is a unique, approachable player who has performed at The Bitter End, The Spotlight, The Narrows, Stone Soup, Newport Yachting Center, Folk City, The Knitting Factory in New York, The Nassau Coliseum, The Bluebird in Nashville and other various cities north, south, east and west. Flav has also appeared on the Martin Stage in Austin, Texas, the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival in Mexico and the Misquamicut Music Festival in Rhode Island. and many more venues throughout the country.

Flav's shared love is screenwriting which prompted him to open up a small project studio called "Mojo", a creative arts studio. It is a 1,200-square foot space in downtown Westerly with a small stage suitable for small film projects, talk show-type film interviews as well as audio pre-and post-production. He is currently available for scoring independent films/projects. Mojo is an active art gallery as well, fueled by the artistic vision of artist Wendy Gencarell.


Independently distributed CD's with former band Arrowhead.

Music for PBS and Saturday Night Live,and many more.
Rhode Island Shakespeare In the Park festival composer since 2002.
Flav Martin-"Stages" Vol 1-3 will be released throughout 2012- 2013.

CD debut events are scheduled in the United States, Amsterdam, Italy, Germany and France

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About: LoNero

What is Guitarcore? The answer is simple……J.F.L.!!
LoNero gave birth to Guitarcore with their first release “Relentless” in 2007. Fourteen tracks of punishing rhythms and strong melodic hooks. From the time “Relentless” was released, musical barriers were not only broken, but shattered! Fans of nearly every genre responded with more enthusiasm than the band could have ever imagined which gave even stronger resolve to LoNero’s idea that the melody and song should be the most important aspect whether it’s instrumental rock or not. Guitarcore is about the song, the band and the fans! No limits, no borders, no nonsense. Unlike most instrumental rock artists whose songs are a seemingly endless display of solos, LoNero chooses to focus on rhythm, groove, verse, chorus and melody. Their songs are constructed as if a vocalist is going to sing over them. As Guitar Player magazine stated “(LoNero) claims to have invented Guitarcore so you should really hate them! But you can’t because they’re just so damn good!”.

LoNero’s vision and drive is evident in their 2011 release “J.F.L”. This time with the talents of Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Michael Rosen (Metallica, Joe Satriani, Santana, Papa Roach, Rancid, Testament, Todd Rundgren and many many more). Recorded entirely at LoNero’s rehearsal/recording studio, J.F.L takes Guitarcore to an even more refined level. With such songs as “Little Bastard”, “Eden”, Downside” etc, LoNero proves groove and melody are still king. Not only has LoNero created Guitarcore, but with “J.F.L.” they introduce “Punkstramental”. With a nod and wink to bands such as The Ramones and Social Distortion, the punkstramental songs “Fat Tat” and “Good Luck” keep the punk vibe alive within an instrumental format. Something truly unique within the instrumental genre.

With “J.F.L.”, LoNero continues to move forward and forge new ground while still retaining integrity and honesty in their music. Something that is tantamount to what Guitarcore stands for.
2011/2012 had LoNero as main support on tour with legendary guitarist Pat Travers. The end of 2012/2013 has LoNero on tour with original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Dianno, says Bill Lonero. “I’ve had the privilege of playing or recording with the likes of Cliff Williams (AC/DC), Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Gigi Gonaway (Mariah Carey), Mike Mangini (Extreme and Steve Vai) and Polo Jones (Zucchero and Whitney Houston) so I understand what hard work is and am prepared to do what it takes to build our fan base. We love playing live because we can connect with our fans.”

Band members:

Bill Lonero – Lead/Rhythm/Harmony Guitar
Brandon Hayes-Rhythm/Harmony Guitar
Mike McKaigg-Bass
Marco Bicca-Drums

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Christy Jefferson

About: Christy Jefferson

For the past 10 years, singer & songwriter Christy Jefferson has made her living as a full time performer & recording artist domestically and abroad, with 8 self released CDs to her credit -- all released through her own record label.

Christy lives in Bucks County, PA (USA), and has diligently toured in her region and along the east coast of the US for 10 years, performing at colleges, festivals, arenas, reputed listening rooms, and house concerts. In 2011, Christy enjoyed a very successful international tour to the Falklands Islands, and then headed to England to perform at the Dale Road Music Club the night of the Royal Wedding.

Christy has her BA in Vocal Performance and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Kutztown University. She has opened for national acts including Kansas, performed for live audiences of 10,000 people, sang her way out of a speeding ticket, been on TV (10! Show, Tuned In, 69, etc.) & radio (WXPN, Pandora) in the US and abroad, won international song competitions, performed at notable venues (Musikfest, Reading Sovereign Center, Coca-Cola Park), worked with well known producers (whose credits include John Lennon, U2, Stevie Nix, Tom Petty, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, etc.), is signed with a music publisher, was signed with a college booking agency (up until 5/12), and has had notable names perform on her recordings, including Blue Oyster Cult’s Buck Dharma.

In addition to performing, writing, and recording, Christy has offered private music instruction on and off throughout her professional career. Over the past 2 years, she has increased her focus on teaching private vocal instruction, guitar instruction, piano instruction, songwriting, and music career mentor ship.

Jefferson is also a certified Reiki Master and Teaches Reiki I, II, and III certifications in addition to giving Reiki Healing Sessions.


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Fallen Riviera

About: Fallen Riviera

Will Parry and Steve Ornest formed Fallen Riviera while attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston. After making the move to Los Angeles, the band hit the local club circuit hard, gradually building a loyal fan base. They released an EP called "Six Mines", which was ranked Album of the Year by Music Connection Magazine and awarded them the 2011 Lauren Picard Emerging Artist of the Year Award at Cornell University. After receiving an artist endorsement from Casio, Fallen Riviera released a music video for their song “This Is Who I Am”. They returned to the studio with legendary Beatles producer Ken Scott and recorded “Somebody Take Me”, earning the band a full page artist profile in Music Connection Magazine. "Somebody Take Me" is now in rotation on terrestrial FM radio programs such as KWSS, KTHO, and KRHV. Fallen Riviera has finished work on their debut full length album 'Another World', which is set for a 2013 March 9th release date.


Artist Management: Francine Davis
(310) 766-5865

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About: Peter D Harper

An amalgamation of blues, rock, funk, soul and world music, Australian singer/ songwriter "Harper" creates a heady mix of roots music through his creative use of the harmonica, and the haunting drone of the didgeridoo. By combining traditional and modern influences, borowing from Western and Aboriginal music, Harper has created a highly original take on the roots genre which many have labeled "World Blues". His innovative use of electronic enhancement and feedback, breaks the traditional boundaries of the harmonica, giving his music its distinctive harmonics and effects. The powerful guitar sounds and the unique drone of the didgeridoo create raw yet eerie sonic textures, some how sounding primal and contemporary at the same time. No Depression Magazine,'s Rod Ames, adds that Harper " has written and arranged some of the most soulful blues rock filled music I've heard in quite sometime".

Harper's new CD “Live at the Blues Museum” (Release date, April 16, 2012- PdHarp Records) was recorded on a cold wintery night on Saturday December 17, 2011 at Canada’s only Blues Museum, Place, Concorde, Windsor, Canada. This was a very special evening for Harper as he was inducted into the Blues Museum Hall of Fame before a packed house of rabid music fans. This is also Harper’s first live CD in 10 years and it has proven to be worth the wait. This new CD features 15 original tracks, over 75 minutes of playing from his three Blind Pig Releases “Stand Together” (2010), “Day By Day” (2007), “Down To The Rhythm” (2005) and his two independent releases: “Way Down Deep Inside” (2003) and “Glass On The Stepping Stone” (2000). “Live at the Blues Museum” gives the listener a portal to the magic that happens at a Harper concert. Rambles Magazine describes Harper as “a master Chicago-style harmonica player“. His extraordinary harmonica skills demonstrate electric ferocity to gentle acoustic finesse. Harper’s powerful soulful voice rips through this 15-song set with passion and integrity. His use of the deeply spiritual didgeridoo is definitely not a gimmick, but an extension of his song writing and arrangement skills. Harper’s unique sound is reflected in his use of rhythms and a tribal spirit he experienced growing up in Perth, Western Australia. The listener also catches a glimpse of Harper’s sense of humor and his depth of character. Harper loves to perform and we feel his joy! Harper’s non-stop touring schedule is self evident in the tightness and ease of performance. He is backed by his incredible Michigan based band “Midwest Kind” which features: Matt Besey on Guitar, Chris Wiley Smith on Bass Guitar/ Djembe and Scott Key on Drums. Their familiarity with the arrangements and with each other's abilities allows them to elongate the groove giving Harper a great backdrop for his unique songs. "Live at the Blues Museum" got to number 1 on the XM/Sirius National Radio Charts, USA/Canada. The new CD received "Best Live Recording" award by Blues411, USA. 2012. Windsor, Canada's Television network- CFTV 34 plan to air "An Evening with Peter Harper" in the winter of 2012/13

Harper's 2010 release "Stand Together" (Blind Pig Records) reached number 10 on the Billboard Charts and the US Roots Music Charts. "Stand Together" also reached number 2 on the XM/ Sirius Bluesville national Charts, USA. 2010. "Stand Together" was also nominated for "Most Outstanding Recording" by The 2011 Detroit Music Awards. Harper and his band Midwest Kind were listed in the "Top Concerts of 2011 for the City of Chicago" by Chicago Concert Goers Ezine. Art Tipaldi, editor of Blues Revue recently described Harper as "a singer with the deep soul of Motown, a harmonica player who can graft Sonny Boy II and Little Walter with John Popper, a songwriter who tells his own compelling stories in an unhurried, J.J. Cale-like manner, and a musical visionary who is unafraid to mix the didgeridoo, an important part of the Australian indigenous culture, with infectious modern percussive rhythms.”

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BIO: Harper

Born in the United Kingdom, Harper’s musical journey began early, performing in brass bands playing the trumpet and euphonium. At the age of ten, his family moved half way the world to Perth, Western Australia, and his father introduced Harper to the harp. In Perth, one of the most isolated cities in the world, there was a thriving blues and folk scene. The blues had a rawness, an honesty and a passion of the soul which spoke to Harper deeply. Then, like every blues lover, Harper began his journey backwards to discover the deeper roots of the music.

"I think Muddy Waters really hit me hard. There was something incredibly special about his sound, his powerful voice and his songs. I would sing his songs constantly. I also really dug Sonny Boy Williamson II as well. I loved his rhythmic use of his harp. I was also inspired by a pretty wide range of players and styles like Little Walter, Sugar Blue and Stevie Wonder who guide me in my harmonica playing. "But Harper did not stop his search with the blues. It was a chance meeting with a Hopi "Dan Running Bear" in Silverton, Colorado, that led him down the path to rediscovering the music of his homeland. Fascinated with the spirituality and culture of the American Natives, he found the same qualities present in the Australian Aborigines of his homeland. On adding the native didgeridoo to his music, Harper says "It is a sound I grew up with, so it seemed natural to add it to my songwriting particularly when the lyrics related to the plight of the Aborigines in Australia. When I added the didgeridoo to the more traditional blues instruments, it worked. The deep woody qualities and its haunting drone seemed to enhance the emotional quality of my stories. The didgeridoo is a spiritual and healing instrument, and it seemed blues music accepted it with open arms. I also owe my life to a tribe of nomadic Aborigines who saved my father and I from starvation when we were trapped at The Fitzroy Crossing, between two fast flowing river torrents. They gave us enough food and water to last us until the flood had subsided”.

Prior to his introduction to American audiences, Harper released six albums to great acclaim in his homeland of Australia. Harper received a Gold Record for "Sailing Australia" (America's Cup Theme). In 1994 he moved to Melbourne, Victoria and released his first album, "Tears of Ice". This was followed by "Yesterday Is Over" in 1996 with his band Blue Devil and "Live At The Soup Kitchen" in 1997 as a soloist. In 2000, he released "Glass on The Stepping Stone" and "Live At St. Andrew’s" in 2002. In 2003 he released "Way Down Deep Inside", for which he received two harmonica awards and “Album of the Year” honor from US Magazine's Guide to the Best of the Blues Harmonicas & Beyond. Over the years Harper has received multiple Australian Blues Awards for “Male Vocalist of the Year,” “Song of the Year,” and “Acoustic Artist of the Year.”Harper was also invited to perform at a Royal Gala Performance for the Queen of England in Perth, Western Australia.

His prolific recording career and memorable stage performances allowed Harper to take his music beyond Australia. He’s played in the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and France. He first started performing in the United States in 1996, and has toured here regularly since. It was on one of these tours that he caught the attention of Blind Pig, which made him their first international signing. With a home at a U.S. label and growing appreciation for his music from American audiences, Harper made the permanent move to the U.S. His animated shows have been well received at blues festivals, world music festivals, and by fans of jam band music.Harper has become a huge favorite on the world wide festival scene with an average of 20 to 30 festivals and 200 club dates per year. . It was during one of these recent festival appearances that Chip Eagle, Publisher for Blues Revue/ Blueswax enthusiastically offered "Harper is the most exciting act on the live scene today". He was also invited to perform harmonica on stage several times with US super group- "Journey".

Harper’s first Blind Pig release and American debut, 2005’s Down To The Rhythm, won accolades from the press for its unique sound and virtuoso performances, coupled with Harper’s compositional skill. “Harper is a crack harp player and he plays the instrument with both speed and efficiency, but it would be a mistake to pigeonhole Harper as just an impressive instrumentalist. He is also a solid songwriter, and a soulful singer with a knack for impassioned sincerity,” said All Music Guide. BluesWax noted, “There is much to enjoy here: clever songwriting, top-notch guitar, powerful rhythms, and some great Harper harp!

”Harper’s second release from Blind Pig Records, Day By Day (2007), provided fans wih another prime example of why his unique roots music style occupies a category of its own. Ramble Magazine raved that Harper's harp and lyrics have " depth of feeling and thought that is unusual in today's music ..Harper's music is essential. It should be widely heard". Downbeat Magazine added "Harper uses his trump cards- a strong and direct singing voice, a stirring harmonica out of Sonny Boy Williamson 11 and Little Walter , a droning didgeridoo - to give his melodic tunes an excitement that suits his intelligent use of blues rock and soul forms". Blues legend John Mayall loved Harper's songs so much so, that he included " Just What Your'e Looking For" as track 2 on his new CD "Tough" (Eagle Records)

Harper is at the top of his game on "Stand Together" (2010) and his new Live CD "Live at The Blues Museum" (2012). Both CDs showcase his trademark powerful soulful voice, virtuoso harp playing, haunting didgeridoo, deeply, soulful grooves and unparalleled songwriting and compelling lyrics. With his chops at their best and his band "Midwest Kind" sharing his vision, Harper will continue to turn heads of audiences who are looking for orginality, honesty, passion and skill in modern roots music.


Magic Slim & The Teardrops

About: Magic Slim & The Teardrops

Magic Slim is a living blues legend who migrated from the South to Chicago during the 40s and 50s. Slim plays raw intense blues, a style that uses no pedals down on the floor, just him. Slim has paved the way for rock as well as modern blues. Slim has been busy traveling to the juke joints in Mississippi to the nightclubs in Chicago and to concert stages throughout the world, he has built up a die hard fan base within it, and with his release on Blind Pig, "Raising The Bar," on CD, it has been receiving immense reviews and overwhelming recognition. Slim and The Teardrops performances have become legendary, and they play the blues with an undeniable intensity that will leave you out of breath on the floor and in need for more. This is a look into a man that's from the country and plays to audiences on stages all across the world.

This big man of the blues was born Morris Holt in Torrence, Mississippi on August 7th, 1937. His mother and father were sharecroppers; they lived on a farm and they all would get up early in the mornings and slop the hogs, feed the chickens, catch the mule and go out into the fields. "I still had to go to the field until I got age enough to leave home. I got little jobs around there when I was 13 and that was when I got my hand hurt. I hurt it in a cotton gin. I was at the gin and my hand got caught on a piece of wire going up in there, and I grabbed it and before I could turn it loose, I lost my little pinky finger." Slim showed his musical talents early, singing in his church choir and playing piano. After his accident he couldn't play the piano anymore because he didn't have that little pinky finger so he picked up the guitar. He made his first guitar out of bailing wire from a broom, which he nailed to a wall. "My Mama whopped me when I tore up her broom," he said, "but she let me keep on using it. My Mama said later that if she had known what I'd be into later, she wouldn't have given me a whopping."

It was in 1955 when Slim made his first trip to Chicago, to play for Magic Sam, a friend of his from home. Magic Sam also gave Slim tips on playing the guitar, and it was Sam who called his bass player "Magic Slim," because back then Slim was lean and tall and he learned from Sam quickly. Sam told Slim to develop his own guitar style. "Magic Sam told me, don't try to play like him, and don't try to play like no one else; he said get a sound of your own." Slim did get a sound of his own; his guitar tone is tough and cutting, united with a virbato formed by his fingers against the strings to reproduce the sound of a slide guitar while still being able to bend the note. Slim said, "I slide with my finger. I use nothing on my finger, a lot of players try to get a sound like me and I play the same guitar everybody else plays."

Slim's take on writing songs. "I just think of some words and write them down, think of some more and write them down, and then when I get enough words together I take out some and put some in there and make them rhyme together and then I learn them, then I put music to them." "My songs are either telling a story or asking a question. It's just a feelin'." I understand you do not practice or rehearse. "No, I don't." How do you make up your set lists for your shows? "I see what kind of crowd it is, I play a few songs and see how people react and just see if they are a dancin' crowd or an older crowd and go from there." Do you have a favorite CD? "No, I like them all." What about a song to play? "I don't know, I like to play all of them." "And I like to listen to blues, jazz, bluesgrass and country and western." Some of Slim's favorite places to play are Brazil, Paris, Russia and here at home in the U.S.

What accomplishment stand out in your mind? "I've done so many things that make me proud, for one I like to make the people happy when I''m playing on stage and two, when I won the Handy for "Best Blues Band."

Where do you think the blues is headed? "I think the blues is coming back now, there are a lot of these kids reading up on the blues and now they know where the blues came from. Some of them can play too; I don't know how they feel, because the blues is a feelin'. You have to feel the blues to play it." What advice do you have fo aspiring young guitarists? "If you want to play the blues, play the blues. If you are goin' to play rock, play rock. I didn't say not to learn everything else, whatever you want to be, be that."

Magic Slim is a man that came from the country; he was slim and tall trying to play the blues, now he can play the blues. And like Slim says, "If you want to play the blues, play the blues, if you don't feel the blues, leave it alone, cause you can't be playin' it if you don't feel it."

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Kenny Neal

BIO: Kenny Neal

Kenny Neal is an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and is widely renowned as a modern swamp-blues master. His new release, Hooked On Your Love, follows the triumph of his multi-award winning 2008 comeback album, Let Life Flow. An outstanding success, the CD raked in the accolades: three prestigious Album Of The Year awards, two Song of The Year awards for the title track, and Kenny himself garnered two Artist of the Year honors.

It was clear that Kenny touched something deep in the blues community with his soulful guitar playing and uplifting songwriting, and his hot streak continues with a batch of new songs. Hooked On Your Love covers the plethora of accomplished roots styles Kenny has become known for. The tasty musical gumbo of swamp-boogie, jazz, R&B, and straight-ahead blues all swirl together on this new CD.

Kenny Neal was born in 1957 in New Orleans and raised in Baton Rouge. He began playing music at a very young age, learning the basics from his father, singer and blues harmonica player, Raful Neal. Family friends like Lazy Lester, Buddy Guy and Slim Harpo also contributed to Kenny’s early musical education. In fact, it was Harpo who gave the crying three-year-old a harmonica to pacify him. Kenny stopped crying that day, and eventually learned to play the harmonica. Along the way, he also mastered the bass, trumpet, piano and guitar. At 13, he joined his father’s band and began paying his musical dues. Four years later, he was recruited and toured extensively as Buddy Guy’s bass player.

Following Buddy's advice to concentrate on his guitar playing, Kenny relocated to Toronto, and along with his brothers Raful, Jr., Noel, Larry and Ronnie - formed the Neal Brothers Band, honing his chops backing up visiting blues stars. Through the years, he has shared the stage or worked with a who’s-who list of blues and R&B greats at one time or another, including B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Muddy Waters, Aaron Neville, Buddy Guy and John Lee Hooker. Later, he fronted Canada's Downchild Blues Band, before returning to Baton Rouge to begin his solo career.

Signing with Alligator Records in 1988, Kenny began releasing a series of consistently lauded albums featuring his laid-back, Baton Rouge blues, with a modern spin on the Louisiana sound he grew up with. Throughout this period, Kenny distinguished himself as one of the brightest prospects of the contemporary blues scene, receiving great critical acclaim in the process. The Chicago Tribune pegged Kenny as “one of a mere handful of truly inventive young contemporary guitarists, Neal has something fresh to say and the chops with which to say it,” while AllMusic said his “gruff-before-their-time vocals retain their swamp sensibility, while assuming a bright contemporary feel that tabs him as a leading contender for future blues stardom.” Blues Revue agreed, calling Kenny "one of the brightest young stars on the blues horizon, and a gifted artist."

In 1991, Kenny branched out into the world of acting when he starred as the lead in the much-acclaimed musical, Mule Bone, a lost play written by the famed African-American poet Langston Hughes and folklorist Zora Neale Hurston in 1930. Featuring music written by Taj Mahal, Kenny’s performances garnered a prestigious Theater World Award for “The Most Outstanding New Talent On and Off Broadway,” and he concurrently set two Hughes poems to music on the album Walking With Fire

After his impressive run with Alligator, Kenny switched to Telarc, and continued to release albums highlighting his developing skills as a songwriter, as well as interpreting songs from musicians as diverse as Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, and Nick Lowe. His 2004 release with Billy Branch, Double Take, garnered Kenny a W.C. Handy award for Best Album. More recently, Kenny released A Tribute to Slim Harpo and Raful Neal, which pays homage to blues harp icon Harpo as well as Kenny’s father, who passed away as the album was being completed.

After relocating to the Bay Area in 2004, Kenny began hosting his own local cable TV program, “Neal’s Place.” The show features Kenny jamming and talking with the many international blues stars he has met and performed with, as well as local artists he has spotted at festivals and clubs. Filmed in front of a live studio audience, “Neal’s Place” has a relaxed, informal atmosphere that brings out the best in the artists, while giving an unscripted, improvisational edge to the performances.

In 2005, health problems forced Kenny to completely stop performing and recording for a few years. And, within an eleven month span during this recovery period, Neal lost his dad, sister, and brother. In the best blues tradition, Neal took the tragedies, adversity and heartbreak of those years and turned them into great songs and performances.

Writing, playing, and singing with a renewed sense of purpose and energy, he used the time to craft an inspired collection of songs that make up Let Life Flow. Released in 2008, the CD met with immediate critical success. Vintage Guitar said, “Kenny Neal’s new release is full of blues and soul music of the highest standard. While Neal’s always been one of his generation’s finest bluesmen, Let Life Flow helps push him into the upper echelon of the genre. His maturity, mastery of the music, and sheer determination show it, making this one of 2008’s best.”

Living Blues magazine added, “His latest effort is a resounding affirmation of his talents as a musician, songwriter, and singer,” while offered that “Kenny Neal’s Let Life Flow album should be considered a masterpiece.”

The critical acclaim and passel of awards that followed are testament to not only the album’s soulful grooves, but also to the deep, emotional resonance in Kenny’s perseverance in face of life’s trials.

Kenny was able to return to the scene and the stage with a new vigor and outlook on life. With these, he entered the studio to whip up the good time gumbo of Hooked On Your Love.

The new album casts that potent Neal spell of deep grooves and deep feelings that put him where he is today. With tunes like swampy Louisiana look-back “Down In The Swamp,” the funky shuffle of Memphis in his take on “Blind Crippled Or Crazy,” or the soul searching blues of “Bitter With The Sweet,” Hooked On Your Love extends the spirit of his acclaimed Let Life Flow.

Take a listen and prepare to be hooked


Kenny Neal-Vocals, lead guitar, lap steel, harmonica Darnell Neal-Bass Frederick Neal-Keys Brian Morris-Drums


Raful Neal, Slim Harpo, Muddy Waters, Big Mama Thornton, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Lazy Lester, to name a few.

Sounds Like:

The Blues: Past, Present and Future!

Record Label:
alligator records

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