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Johnny Cooper

About: Johnny Cooper

It seems to have been written in the proverbial stars that Johnny Cooper would dedicate his life to performing and entertaining crowds. Since birth, Cooper has been immersed in music of all kinds, and encouraged to pursue his dream. He started performing music in February 2004 at the age of 15 and turning 24 in September 2012, he will have chalked up almost 9 years of professional touring.

Johnny Cooper has accomplished more than many musicians twice his age. Having recorded two critically-acclaimed, full-length studio albums (and another in the works) and not one, but two live albums under his belt – the total album sales of which have eclipsed 50,000 – Johnny Cooper’s career trajectory cannot be stopped. He recently had two songs included on the soundtrack for the independent movie, “Deep in the Heart,” which also includes tracks from Charlie Daniels, Larry Gatlin, Wade Bowen, and others.

Gifted with a rich emotive voice that illuminates his lyrics, Cooper says that each album “is another chapter of my life, every song is a short snippet of all the things I have encountered over the years, good times... bad times... and everything in between. I believe the music has evolved because I have evolved... the older you get, the less and less you are scared to try new things, branch out and test your limits.”

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The Wendy Woo Band

About: Wendy Woo

As Colorado’s music scene has exploded over the past few years, one of its mainstays has been Wendy Woo. Her energetic personality, musical skills, and spirited songwriting have made her a media and fan favorite and have taken her to venues across the country including the Fox Theater and Red Rocks in Colorado, the Bitter End and the Living Room in New York, the Hotel Cafe in Los Angles, the Bluebird CafĂ© in Nashville, Sweetwater in Mill Valley, and Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia.

Anticipating the rise of the independent artist, Woo formed her own corporation, Woo Music. Through that she runs her own record label (eight albums), publishing company, booking agency, and management company.

Woo was born in New York and moved to Boulder as a toddler when her parents Jane, an artist, and Bataan, a poet, became founding faculty members of Naropa University. The Faigao home was a gathering spot for such literary icons as Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, Merry Prankster Ken Kesey, and 1960s chronicler Norman Mailer.


Woo has released eight CDs, displaying a wide variety of styles. Angels in the Crowd (1997) is a collection of mellow jazz and folk-inspired ballads. Wide Awake and Dreaming (1999) is a full band production with funk and jazz rhythms. Ecolalia (2000) features Woo’s songs and acoustic guitar interwoven with her father’s poetry. Gonna Wear Red (2002) is a tightly produced series of rock tunes with touches of funk, blues, and folk. Walking the Skyline (2004) has songs in three genres: intimate solo acoustic; expansive upbeat pop/folk; and full band funk. Angels Laughing (2005) is a live solo acoustic album. Luxury (2007) is a mix of power pop, arena rock, and even some electronica influences. Saving Grace (2009) is an album of acoustic duets with Roch Hoch


Interested in having Wendy Woo at your next event?

Whether she’s performing solo acoustic, duo acoustic with Robin Hoch or with her full band, here is how to get in contact with her:

Wendy Woo
303-506-9999 (phone)

Charles Snyder

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Among Woo’s many accolades:

• Five-Time Winner Best Singer/Songwriter (Denver’s Westword) (Now in Westword’s Hall of Fame).
• One of Denver’s Top Five Bands, Channel 7 A-List (2009).
• Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Competition Top Four (2004).
• Independent Artist of the Year (2003) (Hapi Skratch Entertainment).
• Best Boulder Musician (The Boulder Weekly).
• Best Singer/Songwriter (The Boulder Daily Camera).
• Best Local Artist (Colorado Daily).
• Winner of the Colorado Lilith Fair Talent Search (sharing the stage with Sarah McLachlan and The Indigo Girls).
• Named to music critics’ “Best Colorado CDs of the Year” lists: Ecolalia (The Denver Post and Westword) and Gonna Wear Red (DenverLocalMusicScene).

In addition:

• Woo’s song, “Walking the Skyline,” was used by HDNet as its promo song for the 2008 season.
• She and her band performed a two-hour concert broadcast nationally on Altitude Sports and Entertainment Network.
• She sings the theme song for Good Day Colorado, the weekday morning show on Denver’s Fox affiliate.
• She has been part of national sports retailer Title Nine’s Emerging Women Artist series.

Her music has been featured in:
Uncommon Goals, a Discovery Channel documentary about the gold medal-winning U.S. women’s soccer team.
Mountain of Dreams, a documentary about Mt. Everest.
The Food Network’s FoodNation with Bobby Flay.


Robi S.O.

About: Robi S.O.

I went to music when I was eleven. My fun was building drums with recycled leather and old pots. Their sound intrigued me, so I decided to
build rods cork to begin the first steps.

At the age of thirteen I met my first classical guitar. She was beautiful, the smell of wood made me mad. So I started playing the first chords. My teacher was a simple guide by the newspaper found. Soon the first songs I played.

The thing that distinguishes me from many experienced players had little appetite for cover. My goal was to study to create music, sounds and noises.

At seventeen I learned the midi from there on it was a continuous discovery.
At nineteen years, the first band J.R.P. (Mamis-voice, piano and drum machine-Fabry, Mark-bass, Helium-guitar, Robi-guitar) formed by five elements, still friends.
With the band began my first concert.

In subsequent years, I continued to play using the Atari and Cubase and a Yamaha synth. New Group O.B.E. of (Mamis-vocals and bass, Robi-guitar and synth). Often there were two and rarely joined us on drums (Alexander-drums) and guitarist (Helium-guitar).
Finally the last group the Anniluce (Mamis-voice, Andrea-bass-guitar George Antonio-drum, Robi-guitar) had a good repertoire and sound like supporters of Movida.
About a couple of years ago was born the projectRobi s.O. Collaborations with various artists and studios allowed me to create and edit music and sound for film and documentary productions.

I am currently working on their video of a 3D design

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Azrock and Pogo

About: Azrock and Pogo

Launched in 2009, Azrock and Pogo is a musical duo represented by the characters Azrock (an eccentric inventor and musical genius) and Pogo (a homeless orphan girl with an angelic voice). It is not known if there is any autobiographical element to the characters in relation to the actual musicians behind Azrock and Pogo.

The characters and story behind them are delivered through their website, where chapters of the book are posted one at a time, along with illustrations from acclaimed artist Meredith Dillman.

The music straddles multiple genres and could arguably be classified as pop, rock, electronica or dance. It also can include strong elements of classical or operatic vocals and arrangements, trip-hop beats and basslines, and a definate retro vibe in various incarnations.

They also boast a unique music industry assault strategy which takes the form of encouraging fans to invest in their productions in return for owning a stake in all Azrock and Pogo profits and assets.

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The Happy Fallen

About: The Happy Fallen

We are a two -piece electro/guitar band with two live guitars, vocals, backing beats and samples. We like Suicide, BJM, The Church, Velvet Underground, Primal Scream, Neil Young, Dead Skeletons, The Kills, Jesus and The Mary Chain, and many more noisy/mellow sounds.
We are busy rehearsing for upcoming live shows and recordings.
All tunes will be posted on reverbnation for free download.
Press Contact:

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About: Promize

Promize® was formed in early 2000 and has several albums and movie sound tracks to their credit. They have been featured multiple times in Rolling Stone magazine turned down a deal with Sony! They blew away sound scan and hit the CMJ charts without a record deal with their first CD! They’ve had national air play and were recently named Best New Alternative Artist. They have opened for such acts as Smile Empty Soul, Bush, Poison, Peter Wolf, George Lynch, DOKKEN, LA GUNNS and many other major label acts.

Although their line-up has changed over the years, their dark and melodic sound has only gotten better with age. Promize has been working on their major label debut album for Universal Music Group with original founding members Dave Manning on drums, Leslie on vocals, long-time keys man Rob Sweeney, Scotty on bass/backing vocal, new comer Jon boy Zera on guitars and Kelly B on guitar/Vocals.

The new album entitled REASON features such ground-breaking tracks as Big Blue & Stronger than You which promises to be the album of their careers and the album that breaks the mold & changes the way people think of Modern/Alternative rock. Producing and mixing Promize’s new album is Grammy nominated producer Glen Robinson who has worked with Metallica & the Foo-Fighters. Mastering the album is the famous Howie Weinberg! The Grammy Winning master has mastered such epic albums as Nirvana’s Nevermind, Tool’s Undertow and multiple albums for The Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and Helmet to name a few.

With a planned spring 2013 release date and world tour to follow, watch for Promize in a town near you! ***The Reason for Expectation Album - vocals and lyrics by Leslie Pasco & D. Manning. Music by Promize except fly and Hardly wait c/o PJ Harvey Broadcast music BMI lyrics on Fly and D. Manning Promize CD Twilight-vocals and lyrics by D. Manning music by Promize. All music ©2004, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012

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Jen Gloeckner

About: Jen Gloeckner

All things beautiful are destructive, too, and musician Jen Gloeckner provides a taste of both in “Mouth of Mars” (2009), the long-awaited follow-up to “Miles Away” (Gloeckner’s debut album released in Europe through One Little Indian Records UK in 2005). MOJO Music Magazine in London has described Gloeckner’s sound as “spell-weaving…different, dark, ethereal, funky; an alluring big-sky, small-room mystery.” As in “Miles Away,” Gloeckner home-recorded “Mouth of Mars” in her bright orange upstairs-bedroom-turned-studio, and its “big-sky” themes are evident in more than the album’s title. Her new release is an instinct-driven exploration of primal emotion, where minimal lyrics and layers of sound evoke a universal, gut-level knowledge of desire, separation, and the sacred connection of souls.

For better or for worse, Gloeckner’s music seems to say, this is the human condition as revealed through sound—raw, dirty, brutal, healing, serene, and sacred all at once. Gloeckner describes her artistic inspiration in connection to moods and images that she receives in dreams, and her fans, too, perceive a kind of mythical, collective-unconscious underlying the music that she creates—songs that can be as unrelenting as your darkest nightmares and as redemptive as your purest desire. Gloeckner is indeed a fearsome seductress—masculine in her lyrical directness and often aggressive, driving rhythms, yet at other times as delicate with longing as a Victorian on a fainting couch. Like “Miles Away,” “Mouth of Mars” has coherence in the tightness of the oppositions it balances, and Gloeckner appears again in the persona of an ancient goddess whose scythe clears the field with one hand while it heals with the other. Pick your poison; Gloeckner’s intensity will not release you from its grip.

Attesting to this is the growing recognition of Gloeckner’s powerful sound and unique appeal within the US music industry. After releasing “Miles Away” through One Little Indian Records in 2005, Gloeckner received rave reviews worldwide in several major music magazines including MOJO Music Magazine UK, Classic Rock Magazine, and Blitz Magazine in Portugal. In 2006, the late French musician and record producer, Hector Zazou (Bjork, Suzanne Vega, John Cale, Jane Birkin, etc.) heard Jen’s song “Only 1,” and contacted her to record vocals on a song for one of his upcoming releases. Zazou traveled from France to Jen’s home studio and together they recorded his rendition of the old French pop song “O’Biche Oh Ma Biche.” In 2007, American artist Joseph Arthur heard Jen’s songs on her MySpace site and was intrigued. This led to Arthur appearing on two tracks of Jen’s new record: “Die” and “Sleep to Dream.” At the same time, acclaimed record producer, Brian McTear (Espers, Apollo Sunshine, BC Camplight, Danielson, Woven Hand, etc.) heard tracks from “Miles Away” and requested to collaborate with Jen from his Miner Street Recordings Studio in Philadelphia on what would eventually become “Mouth of Mars.” In the winter of 2008, Gloeckner traveled to Philadelphia where McTear mixed 15 of Gloeckner’s home-recorded songs and in the process, introduced Jen’s new work to Espers cellist Helena Espvall (Vashti Bunyan, Bert Jansch, Espers), who fell in love with the tracks and played on several songs for the new album including the title track “Bailing Water” and “Come In My Garden.” Canadian electric violinist Joel Zifkin (Rufus and Martha Wainwright, Emmylou Harris, Townes Van Zandt, Elvis Costello, etc.) also contributed to several tracks on the new record.

Gloeckener continues to write and record music from her home on the shores of the Mississippi, which cuts through the heart of the America and situates Jen quite aptly on the brink between light and dark, dream and wake, destruction and healing. From little room to big sky and back again, we await “what dreams may come” to this intensely powerful young musician.

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3rd Echo

About: 3rd Echo

Former schoolmates Manny Reyes and Vinny Manno formed 3rd echo in 1992 as a vehicle for their mutual admiration of rock. With the help of former bassist/keyboardist Billy Madere 3rd echo was able to record two CDs, and tour non-stop for several years while garnering many friends and fans both at home in New Orleans and throughout the southeast US. But then the unexpected happened, and her name was Katrina. The fallout from the storm resulted in Billy leaving the band, and 3rd echo going into indefinite hiatus. With Billy's blessings Manny and Vinny decided to press on. Enlisting guitarist/keyboardist Mike Massel, and most recently bassist Rod John Vedros proved to be a winning combination.

The newly re-tooled powerpop foursome are creating infectious pop/rock melodies that are the product of muscular rhythms, inventive riffs, and tasty vocal harmonies - certainly a musical blend thats ethereal, yet uncompromisingly sonic.

3rd echo, think about it. Isn't it the one you anticipate the most?

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Motel Motel

About: Motel Motel

Motel Motel was an indie folk/rock band based in Brooklyn, New York, with roots and influences from Denver, Colorado, Captain Cook, Hawaii, Richmond Virginia and elsewhere across the United States.

The band members were Eric Engel, John "Mickey" Theis, Timothy Sullivan, Jeremy Duvall and Erik Gundel. Motel Motel were self-described as "shwag rock" but their distinctive style had also been called "rattling, old-timey country" and "garage-Americana".

The band often played live with a string quartet.

In 2007,The band released the EP "Old York". The single "Coffee" first appeared on this EP. Coffee went on to be featured in a commercial for Crown Royal.

In 2008 they self-released their debut LP "New Denver", which NY Press named as NYC's best debut record of 2008. It was re-released in July 2009 via the record label The Rebel Group. Their last album "The Big Island" was released on August 24, 2010.

Years active: 2006 - 2011

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About: SideSteps

It’s All About Passion

The whole idea behind the creation of an art project was conceived in Greece in 2009. A big spectrum of ideas was stuck in the mind of Mr. SideSteps, creating a new world with its own rules, gravity and emotions. What dominated this world was passion and creativity, combined with a sense of independence. Everything was so intense in his mind it could be nothing but real.

Your Heart Is Always Telling The Truth

So, SideSteps is a brainchild of Mr. SideSteps, in a music project where music is alive. Probably that’s because the creator has studied neither music nor notes, but artistically manifests, accompanied by a keyboard and some beats in his mind, completing the whole experiment following the voices inside his heart.

The Team Always Makes It Better

One year later he moved to Belgium, where he met his two producers, Gaetan & Justin, who happen to be his fellow band mates currently. The chemistry of the team was obvious and the project moved to the next level: became capable of performing live. February - August 2010 the recording sessions of their first, self-titled EP.

First Steps

The first achievement came in September 2010, SideSteps were the winning entry for Belgium in EuroDemo Santander2016 pop/rock competition, a european contest organized by the spanish city Santander, the cultural capital of Europe for 2016. The news came out while the band was shooting the music video for The Heartbreak Song, which took place in Oslo, Norway.

It’s Nice To See It In A Video

The video for “The Heartbreak Song” was shot in Oslo, Norway by Mats Kokvik, and received plenty of compliments about its professional approach and mysterious ambient, which matched the band’s music style.

The Official Counts

March 22nd, the band officially launches the physical release of their debut, self-titled EP. Made available through an independent record shop, Lotus, everyone around the world is now able to hold something of SideSteps in their hands.

The Final Cuts

Right now, the band is preparing for live performances, receiving great comments and love by fans, building a small but loyal army, serving nothing but art.


Mr. SideSteps          (composition, lyrics, electronics, programming, vocals)

Justin Gistelinck       (production, bass)

Gaetan Vandamme   (production, drums, guitar)


SideSteps – Official Website
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The Dodos

About: The Dodos

The Dodos began playing music together in 2005, when musician Meric Long, who had been gigging steadily in San Francisco as a solo singer-songwriter, was introduced to Logan Kroeber through a mutual friend (a college acquaintance of Long's that happened to be Kroeber's cousin).

Meric Long self-released a solo EP titled Dodo Bird in March 2006, in which Long played all the instruments. While they performed the songs from this release, Long and Kroeber met and started playing together. They worked to blend Long's training in West African “Ewe drumming” and Kroeber's experience in metal bands to create music in which "drumming could be a center role and help bring out the syncopated rhythms coming out of the acoustic guitar."

The duo released the 2006 album Beware of the Maniacs, which was self-released under the "Dodo Bird" moniker. In support of the album, Long and Kroeber toured relentlessly for most of 2007. The band began to receive critical attention and developed a growing fan base. Fans began referring to Dodo Bird simply as "The Dodos", and the band decided to change their name accordingly.

In December 2007, the Dodos were signed by Frenchkiss Records and they released their second album Visiterin March 2008, to critical acclaim.

In an April 2008 interview in the L.A. Record, Long revealed the origin of the name of Visiter. "The reason it’s misspelled is because it’s from a drawing this kid gave us. We played a show for a bunch of kids in South Central L.A.—Dorsey High. A friend’s sister [Barbara Lempel] is a special-ed teacher there, so we went down there to her class and we played for the kids and it was super fun. Then it came to the kids asking us questions and then one of the kids came up to us and he gave us a drawing with that written on it. The drawing is the cover actually of the album, and just—I dunno we liked it. Actually we used all of the drawings that the kids made in the artwork on the album. It was definitely a fun, interesting venture for us. We’d never played for kids before—we didn’t know what to expect but they were clapping and dancing."

In 2009, the song "Fools," also from the Visiter album, was featured in an advertisement for Miller Chill.

After the release of Visiter, the band included Joe Haener (formerly of The Gris Gris and Battleship) in its touring line-up, playing xylophone, toy pianoand additional percussions.

Their album Time to Diewas released for digital download on July 27, 2009 in the UK and July 28, 2009 in the US. The physical LP release was on August 31, 2009 in the UK and September 15, 2009 in the US. Joe Haener was replaced by Keaton Snyder during live performances.

Copies of Time To Die were sold at The Dodos' August 14 performance in Seattle, WA.

The Dodos' fourth album, No Color, was released on March 15, 2011. It features vocal contributions from Neko Case. Vibraphonist Keaton Snyder is featured on this record, but is not part of the band. As of March 24, 2011 the album has peaked at No. 70 on the US charts. The band was chosen by Les Savy Fav to perform at the ATP Nightmare Before Christmasfestival that they co-curated in December 2011 in Minehead, England.

The Dodos are known for using an alternate instrumental approach. Logan Kroeber plays on a drum kit without a bass drum, playing often on the rims of the drums, and also uses a tambourine taped to his shoe. During live performances they have a third member playing a vibraphone, a drum, and two cymbals placed on each other (like a hihat). Meric Long plays mainly acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars during performances, but he also owns a Springtime and a Tafelberg drum guitarbuilt by Yuri Landman. Long has been known to favor using his fingertips instead of a guitar pick

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Of Former Fame

About: Of Former Fame

Of Former Fame began in early 2007 in the ubiquitous suburbs of Portland, Oregon. Hopping from suburb to suburb, the band's location is constantly morphing as needs arise while keeping PDX as its main stay. Falling into the Modern Rock, Alternative and even Metal categories, Of Former Fame blends heavy riffs, enveloping melodies, and catchy vocals for a blend of rock that is unique and familiar at the same time. With influence from superstars such Chevelle, Foo Fighters and The Devil Wears Prada, O.F.F. has created a delicious mix of tasty goodness. Steve belts out the head spinning gasps while alternating between rhythm and "trinket" sounds on his guitfiddle. Omni (Joel) instigates the composition and drops main rhythm and lead strings in an appropriately chaotic fashion. Brent lays the foundations with metallicious beats like a artisan concrete salesman at a do it yourself expose. Thump is brought to you by the letter "Jason" where all your dreams of long thick strings can come true. All purchases final. Refunds only provided in cases of defective materials. Not available in all states. Line up ladies for your collection of masterpieces of the male persuasion. You're about to get O.F.F.!

Starting from a solo project Omni hit up the old craigslist and began to pull in some good friends. After meeting a singer on craigslist, Omni started refining some tunage. While at work, Omni met Brent. Immediately he knew he played drums without even talking to him. He asked him to come jam and after 6 months of obnoxious harassment Brent finally bought a kit to replace his former stolen drums and they were half way there. Omni and Steve began a friendship at Baker High School and slowly wafted over to the PDX area. Back in the day Omni helped Steve learn some guitar and decided to reconnect and pull Steve in to play "second string" (pun intended). Over time a new singer was crowned and a plethora of bass players have sifted through the works like driftwood in the sea. Still short a bassist they set out on a noble quest to find the perfect low end emphasizer. Many have come and many have fallen with Jason currently picking up the slack. Will he remain and prove worthy of the O.F.F. experience? They truly hope so because training is a bitch. During the early days of garage bandery, the cops were called in to investigate the racket. Shortly after the Roland TD3 v-kit was obtained and now practice is hi-fi low volume in various bedrooms while barely disturbing the picky neighbors. Thank God for Line 6 Pod technology.

Of Former Fame has been gathering steam in the PDX area and is currently marketing online with a vengeance (read Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation, MySpace, your mom). You can hear O.F.F.'s self recorded EP on a variety of online radio shows including Jango on a regular basis and occasionally on PDX's own Rock 101 KUFO. With over ten thousand fans on MySpace, their online fan base is growing with a determination only a B list celebrity on a reality TV show can appreciate. Despite all this, Of Former Fame is just getting started with the end game goal of rocking the undies off of every man, woman and child in this little 3rd rock from the sun.

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