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A Ton of Blues

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BIO: A Ton of Blues

Taking a modern, aggressive approach to the old school blues format, A TON OF BLUES burst onto the New England Blues Circuit in the summer of 2010. With a sound reminiscent of Buddy Guy backed up by the Fabulous Thunderbirds, they play with a passion and drive that makes you rumble like a runaway freight train while you fumble to buckle your seat belt. They were voted the Best Blues/R&B Act at the 2011 & 2012 Worcester (MA) Music Awards, won the 2011 Boston (MA) Blues Challenge and were invited to compete in the 2012 International Blues Challenge on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. The band has made it a priority to create quality Blues music, emit a positive presence among the Blues community and rekindle the support for American Blues and Roots music. A TON OF BLUES has shared the stage with noted blues greats such as Johnny Winter, Guitar Shorty, Joe Lewis Walker, Ronnie Earl, Jerry Portnoy, Sugar Ray Norcia, Dana Fuchs, Sax Gordon, James Montgomery, members of Roomful of Blues, the J. Geils Band, the Blues Brothers and many more. The band's newest CD, "Crooked Avenue", was released in March, 2012 to rave reviews. Look for a Northeast tour this summer (2012) as well as a European tour (2013) in support of of the album.

**Voted BEST BLUES / R&B ACT at the 2011 & 2012 WORCESTER MUSIC AWARDS
**Winners of the 2011 BOSTON BLUES CHALLENGE
**Represented Boston Blue Society at the 2012 INTERNATIONAL BLUES CHALLENGE in Memphis, TN (Jan/Feb 2012)

Members: Scott LeBlanc (Guitar, Vox) Jeff Lorenzen (Bass Guitar) Al Clark (Drums), Mike Kelly (Vocals,Harp.)


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BIO: PacificUV

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, by way of Augusta, the space rock outfit Pacific UV formed in 1998 under the auspices of Clay Jordan and Howard Hudson. Almost immediately after the duo began mixing song ideas together, drummer and keyboardist Lucas Jensen dove into the mix and the trio began honing their sound and planning their debut album. The group sequestered themselves in the studio with Andy LeMaster (Azure Ray, Bright Eyes) and David Barbe (Uncle Tupelo, Sugar, the Drive-By Truckers) assisting behind the board and cut their debut, finishing it in 2002. Before the album was officially released in September 2003, Jensen left the band to attend grad school and was replaced by drummer Stephen James.

Though the album was eventually released under the title Pacific UV on Warm Records, the initial promotional copies went out to press under the title Longplay One, causing the first item of confusion over the band's history. The second piece of controversy, a purposeful ruse on the part of Jordan and Hudson, came when Pacific UV issued a statement within their promotional campaign which boasted the addition of two brand new mysterious Swedish members, Sven and Piotr. The press, including the All Music Guide, heartily supported this claim as an interesting fact of Pacific UV's history and one even further swallowed the joke when the band announced Sven and Piotr changed their names to Jorge Torres and Shane Davis to sound "more American." While bassist Torres and keyboardist Davis are indeed genuine members of Pacific UV, it shouldn't be surprising that Sven and Piotr never existed in the first place.

The group worked sporadically throughout the coming years, releasing a self-titled EP in 2006 and second full-length Longplay, Vol. 2 in 2008. In the early part of the 2010's the band released a string of free mp3s of new tracks via their blog, and delved into a darker, more electronic sound with their Chrysalis EP. Third full length Weekends was slated for release in early 2012.


Heather Christian & the Arbornauts


Heather Christian & the Arbornauts – Official Website
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About: Heather Christian & the Arbornauts

Heather Christian & the Arbornauts is the music-brainchild of Heather Christian, the daughter of a blues musician and a go-go dancer from backwoods Mississippi and 4 of the most virtuosic boy prodigies she could find. Primarily known for her eccentric voice, Miss Christian is part blues musician, part pixie, part old lady and pulls from the traditional gospel canon in tandem with circus music, folk music and noise rock to romp stomp and screech her dream-hymnal stories of heart-ache, time travel, space-travel, blubbbering, blustering, and good old fashioned feeling good.


(Christian’s) voice catches you off guard perfectly, like a haunted old record player crackling away in some dusty gin parlor. ~ The Aquarian

"Christian's voice is like a crazed rubber band — its capacity to bend, stretch, and
snap is consistently surprising. Her five-piece band is reassuringly confident, performing Christian's strange and special new-music compositions with the stage chops of a seasoned rock band." ~

"Singer-songwriter Heather Christian has a haunting way with lyrics, an unforgettable voice that somehow bridges Carol Channing and Joanna Newsom, and a wise-waif presence that ambitious performer.” ~ Time Out NY


Dimitri & Josephine

Dimitri & Josephine – Official Website
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About: Dimitri & Josephine

Dimitri & Josephine’s music encompasses a myriad of ideas, taking inspiration from Buddhist philosophies, Sufi poetry, Russian classical music, the folk glitter of XXI century and most importantly, the duo's personal life experiences.

Dimitri & Josephine have been working together under different names for the last 12 years. Their debut album as KINZAZA duo was released in the US and worldwide by Narada/Virgin/EMI in 2001. The album reached number 2 on the World/New Age/Ambient radio charts. Also, music videos shot by the duo won 7 platinum awards in Salt Lake City Aurora festival and climbed to 4 on Bravo TV.

Now they confidently return as Dimitri & Josephine with live shows and an upcoming album tentatively titled as "Cloud on a leash" and is currently preparing a world tour to include Europe, US and Russia.

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