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The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble: Dark Side of the Jazz

Have you ever seen Jazz’s dark side? If your answer is no, you will meet with an interesting and scary band named in The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble from Holland. The sound is tense, fearsome and interesting. You will be in an atmosphere that you are a movie star in a horror movie from silent cinema like Nosferatu. The group performs experimental music merging jazz, ambient, electronic, and dark jazz. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble was founded as a project to compose new music for movies from silent cinema time. Some movies like Nosferatu and Metropolis’ soundtracks rearranged by founder of the band Jason Kohnen and Gideon Kiers. We also know Jason Kohnen as Bong Ra the breakcore artist. The group also has a collateral project named in The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation. Both of those projects create likeable and scary concepts.


New members joined the band and they released their first studio album. It is a self-titled debut album The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. Very successful debut album contains some extremely recommended songs like The Nothing Changes, Parallel Corners, and Solomon’s Curse. The experimental music based album contains jazz, ambient and electronic elements. In 2009, Here Be Dragons album was released after new members joined the band. From the Stairwell album was released in 2011. Cocaine and Celladoor are the best songs in the album I think. The album contains more jazz and electronic music elements. They also have an album consists of live record named in I Forsee the Dark Ahead- If I Stay.

                                    the-kilimanjaro-darkjazz-ensemble-album       the-kilimanjaro-darkjazz-from the-stairwell-album-ensemble

The band’s collateral project The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation also perform same kind of experimental music contains ambient, jazz and electronic items. Some of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble members and some guest performers played together in this band. It’s possible to see some drone and doom item it this project’s albums as well.

In 2007, Doomjazz Future Corpses; in 2009, Succubus, and finally in 2011, Anthropomorphic albums were released by The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation. Succubus album is an extremely suggested album that it makes your feel scared. Don’t hesitate to buy this album.

                                       the-mount-fuji-doomjazz-corporation-succubus-album      the-mount-fuji-doomjazz-corporation

Both The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation perform music with unusual elements. Maybe, you will not like their music when you listen first time, but their music will take you after several times. You will really like them. Their experimental music will bring you into an horror movie. It is not a music for getting relax, it’s a music to be tensed and scared with enjoyable sound.

You could The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble’s website and MySpace profile to listen to some preview songs, and to buy albums. You also could find the same items for The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation. I believe that you will enjoy the music.

Wish you happy New Year,

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Hadouk Trio: Ethno Jazz and World Music’s Shining Star

Recently, I like to listen to Ethno Jazz ensembles that they bring me to the other places. I appreciate ethno jazz bands give us cheery music and take us to a journey. Today we will talk about Hadouk Trio from France. I can say Hadouk Trio is the best ethno jazz band I have ever heard. I cannot describe their music as only jazz, world music, fusion, or chill-out; I think their music is total of all. The group consists of three multi-instrumentalists. They play unusual folk instruments beside modern jazz instrument. Variety of instruments, proficiency of the band members, harmony between instruments and band members, and improvisation of music make them the best in their world music class. Recline and shut your eyes, let Hadouk Trio’s music makes you tipsy.


Didier Malherbe founded Hadouk Trio. The group was a duo with Loy Elrich. In 1999, American percussionist Steve Shehan joined the group and the duo became the best world music trio. Didier Malherbe is able to play duduk, flutes, ocarina, soprano saxophone, khen and similar wind instruments. Loy Elrich plays gumbass, sanza, hajouj, kora, and keyboard. Steve Shehan plays modern and folkloric percussion. It is very interesting that I do not know many instruments I wrote. You could check from Google like me. Various instruments make their music enjoyable and impressive.

The band released Hadouk and Desert Lands albums as a duo in 1996 and 1998. After Steve Shehan joined the band, they released Shamanimal album together. It is the first album of the trio. In 2002, Now; in 2003, Live a FIP; in 2006, Utopies; in 2007, Baldamore; in 2010, Air Hadouk albums were released by Hadouk Trio.

hadouk-trio-shamanimal-albumBoth Shamanimal album is the first album of the trio and easy listening album, I can suggest this album for beginning. Actually, this is my favorite album and it is extremely suggested album. Hadouk Blues and Shamanimal songs affect my feelings! Baldamore and Air Hadouk albums are also highly suggested. Each album is a different taste. It is the band that you will never feel regret if you buy all albums. Hadouk Trio albums are an impressive combination of modern jazz elements and unusual folkloric instruments.

hadouk-trio-baldamore-albumAlthough Hadouk Trio is a successful band with their album, live performance is a good criterion to evaluate an ethno jazz group. I suggest watching their live performance. Live performance is awesome. Harmony and improvisation are perfect and cheery. They came to Istanbul for a concert and I watched their live performance. They also played a Turkish folk song perfectly. Jazz lovers should see their performance on the stage. Hadouk Trio also have DVD’s you should buy. Baldamore album also released as a DVD, and there is one more concert DVD name is En Concert au Satellit Café.

Hadouk Trio is a band that satisfies your expectations from music. I am impatient to have their new projects and to see them in my hometown Istanbul again. If you want to listen to quality, don’t lose it!

You could have more information about Hadouk Trio. You also could listen to some previews; watch their performance in their website and last fm profile.

Bye for now


Warsaw Village Band: Polish Folk Music with Modern Elements

Do you like folk music modernized with contemporary elements? Today, we will know more about modernized folk music band Warsaw Village Band. It is funny, polyphonic, and high quality band from Poland. The band makes polish folk music with traditional and modern elements. There are such groups make the music in world music market, but many of them are not successful or their musical vision is very poor. In this blog, I always write articles about the most successful ones. Warsaw Village Band is one of them. They describe their music as hardcore folk. Some music authorities awarded the band several times. The most important one is BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music as newcomer in 2003. The band also awarded by European Broadcasting Union in for the best folk music recording.


The band consists of seven talented persons. Instrument variety is setup very well. Warsaw Village Band uses such traditional instrument as hurdy gurdy, dulcimer, a unique fiddle suka, and frame drums. In addition, it is possible to find modern music elements like violin, cello, and bass. Vocal understanding is very rich, almost all members sing in the band with main vocals. Band members travelled to discover Polish musicians, listen and record local musicians, and consider local experience and intelligence to use in their musical themes. They are very successful to incorporate traditional and folk music with their musicality.

Let us see Warsaw Village Band’s discography given below,

  • Hop Sa Sa (1998)
  • People’s Spring (2002)
  • Uprooting (2004)
  • Upmixing (2008)
  • Infinity (2008)

They start their international adventure after their People’s Spring album released by Jaro Records from Germany. In 2004, Uprooting album released to world music market and important music authorities awarded the band. BBC and EBU awards made them well known in the world music stage. The band also was awarded in their hometown Poland. In 2008, the band released two albums. Upmixing is a remix version of Uprooting album.


I like vocals in Hop Sa Sa album, sound in People’s Spring album, and progressive line in Uprooting album. All the albums of the band are highly suggested albums. It is not only folk music, but is also modern music inspired by traditional Polish elements, and local musicians’ intelligence. Warsaw Village Band is an impressive band interact your feelings. Of course, live performance is very good for band makes music with polyphonic musical structure. They joined concerts, festivals, and organizations in innumerable countries.

It is a perfect, funny, polyphonic and high quality band. Do not lose it! You could visit the band’s official website and MySpace profile to listen to preview songs, watch their live performance and look at their pictures.

Bye for now

Mad Manoush: Gypsy Jazz with Rock and Pop

Think about a band that its member consists of jazz performers and they perform gypsy jazz oriented pop and rock. From the beginning of millennium to today gypsy music is very fashionable and so many performers and groups released millions of albums. Some of them perform pure gypsy music like Fanfare Ciocarlia, and Taraf de Haidouks, some of them perform gypsy music by fusing with the other music styles. Today, we get to know one of the most interesting one Mad Manoush created by Egon Egemann who is a jazz violinist. Mad Manoush style is very interesting that they perform gypsy jazz fused with pop and rock elements. I have sent a post about similar group Erika and Emigrante, you could read it if you like this music style. Those groups made gypsy music as world music.


Mad Manoush founded by Egon Egemann who is a gypsy origin jazz violinist. We know him from 1990 Eurovision Song Contest. He represented Switzerland with the song Musik Klingt In Die Welt Hinaus. Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt influence his music. He met with Robin Nolan who is one of the symbols of gypsy jazz in Django memorial. It changes Egon Egemann’s idea about music to make music fusing with gypsy jazz and the other modern world music elements like rock and pop. Robin Nolan involved in this project and they released Mad Manoush’s first album.

mad-manoush-gadjo-albumThe group’s first album is Gadjo (means foreigner in gypsy language) made in 2006. We could listen to Robin Nolan’s guitar in the song named in Django. Gadjo is a good debut album to expect their musicality in the future. The album consists of some funny songs; you could also find some romantic songs. In the debut album, gypsy jazz combined with some modern styles like pop, hip-hop, reggae and rock. Rock influence is a bit less in this album. On the Road Again, Tango, Cry of the Gypsy and Django with Robin Nolan are favorite songs in the album.

mad-manoush-gypsy-revolution-albumThe group involved in so many world music festivals in Europe. In 2009, Mad Manoush released Gypsy R-Evolution album. In my humble opinion it is the best album of the band and I expect new albums from them. Although we could see influence of reggae, pop, hip-hop and gypsy jazz in the album, rock’s influence is very high. Guitar put in the front and it made their music better and better. Their music is growing continuously with gypsy jazz and the other modern world music elements.

The album placed in top ten lists of European world music charts with the song Not Wearing Dimonds. It is extremely suggested album that you could have fun with this combined music. Banana Republic that they describe themselves they come from there, The Gypsy R-Evolution, Don’t Let me Down, Back Home, Some Kind of a Gypsy, Start it up, and Odessa songs should be listened. Don’t hesitate to buy this album, it will make you feel good. Believe me!

Mad Manoush is one of the best group in this combined gypsy music. Gypsy R-Evolution album deserves your attention. If you have never met gypsy music oriented music styles, do not lose the album. Please visit the band’s official website and official profile on MySpace for evaluating their music. You could find some sample songs and videos.

Bye for now

John Berberian: Ethno Jazz and Rock Dance with Middle East Music

john-berberian-oud-virtuosoIf I say Middle Eastern music, oud, psychedelic rock and jazz, do you say he must be kidding us? Of course, I am not kidding. Today I introduce very impressive world music project from John Berberian who is one of the best oud virtuosos of the world from Armenia. You will not hear only Armenian music on rock and jazz, you will hear melodies and rhythms from Middle East. Turkish and Arabic melodies dance on rock and jazz. This kind of fusion albums could be very impressive if songs and musicians consist of reputed ones. A small mistake can drive the album poor quality and sound. However, today you will get to know a perfect world music album. If you like, those kinds of East and West concept albums, you can click here to read about an ethno jazz album from a Turkish jazz ensemble Hijazz.

Let us know more about John Berberian and oud. Oud is a stringed middle east instruments shaped like lute. Its sound is clear and impressive. He is one of the main instruments of Middle East music. John Berberian from Armenia is one the most famous oud virtuosos on the world. He lives in the United States and he had some Middle East based albums recorded by reputed music producers. He performs Arabic, Armenian, and Turkish music successfully in his albums. Many of lyrics are in Turkish language. Armenian musicians are very important persons in Turkish music that there are so many Armenian composers making music in Turkey even today.

John Berberian has some albums like, Ode to an Oud (Oud Artistry of John Berberian), A Mid Eastern Odyssey. Each album is such a good albums to know more about Eastern music and Berberian’s virtuosity on the oud. He had some concept albums integrating Middle East music on Jazz and Psychedelic Rock with some American musicians. This world music concept was very fashionable in the middle of 60’s. Those three albums Expressions East (1964), Music of the Middle East (1966), and Middle Eastern Rock (1969) contain the fashionable concept but one of the most successful ones. They are very good psychedelic rock and ethno jazz oriented Middle East music albums and extremely recommended by music authorities.

johh-berberian-ethno-jazz-middle-eastern-rock-with-oudMy favorite Middle Eastern Rock released in 1969. This album recorded by John Berberian and the Rock East Ensemble with jazz-based rock guitarist Joe Back. I could say it is a real masterpiece. Sound and harmony between rock, jazz and Middle East music elements are perfect and flawless. Instrument variety is also wide. Although the oud is the major instrument in this album, other local instruments make the musicality higher with eastern instruments and elements.

There are seven perfect songs in the album. The track list of the album given with explanations below,
  • The Oud and the Fuzz is one of the best songs in the album. The song begins with eastern melodies and suddenly turns to oud rock.
  • Tranquility is a nice eastern music oriented ethno jazz song.
  • Chem-oo-Chem is an eastern rock.
  • Iron Maiden is a perfect fusion. I remember Iron Maiden the heavy metal band necessarily.
  • Flying Hye contains excellent eastern melodies, and a bit rock element.
  • 3/8 + 5/8 = 8/8 is a nice rock oriented song.
  • The Magic Ground is a perfect jazz fusion.

Finally, perfect album fuses ethno jazz and psychedelic rock elements successfully. I believe that it is a good discovery, if you have never listened to John Berberian and the Rock East Ensemble. This album really deserves your attention. Do not lose it and buy the album. You will never feel regret. Believe me!

Bye for now

Danney Alkana: Classical Music Loves Rock

In this post, we will review an album from a multi skilled rock guitarist from the United States. I like to write about this kind of albums and artist on the world music blog. If you listen to his guitar, you feel harmony between Classical Music and rock. I like Classical Music featured rock albums and this one is one of my best. There are some good examples in world music. Everybody knows Yngwie Malmsteen the virtuous guitar player. He has two albums played in this sound. Nonetheless, many of famous rock groups have albums with classical music orchestras. It is a good evidence to show rock loves classical music. I also introduced a band named in Ulytau like that in my previous posts. All guitarists could play classical music, but to find original ones are very difficult. Therefore, in this post, we will get to know Danney Alkana the guitarist plays classical music.

Danney Alkana had a rock band in early 80’s and the band was broken up. He used to work in a music market without making music. One day his customer requests him to play his music and it rekindles him to make music once again. Finally, he decided to make an album in a unique concept. Although he is a rock music player, his world music journey began with classical music and piano when he was a child. He is very skilled musician that he is able to play some instruments.

Musicians must be careful when they blend music styles. If they make a mistake, the mistakes make their music ordinary and low-key. There are so many scandal albums on world music market. Danney Alkana is a multi talented musician that he played almost all instruments like guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard in his album.


He has only one album that classical music and rock merged professionally. His musicality influenced by Baroque period music and he made an album, song chosen from this period. The album’s name is Rock the Bach and there 10 memorable compositions from Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Paganini. Rock the Bach is a very good album that all collectors should have. He made a technically perfect album that it does not disturb its listener.

Let us see the track list of Rock the Bach album,

1. Ludving van Beethoven's fifth Symphony
2. Antonio Vivaldi’s Spring
3. Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto for Strings
4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s A Little Serenade
5. Johann Sebastian Bach’s Sleepers Awake
6. Niccolo Paganini’s Sonata Concertata 
7. Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto in B Minor 
8. Peter Warlock’s Basse Danse
9. Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings
10. Ludving van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony Complete

Almost all tracks of the album are fascinating and made diligently. You will never feel regret if you get this album. Danney Alkana brings you to baroque period by fusing classical music and rock. This is one the most important rock based classical music album on the world music.

Do not forget to buy Rock the Bach album to support him to provide us new tasty projects. Please find his official profile page given below. You could listen some of his songs on the profile. It is a good opportunity to understand his musical background.

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Erika and Emigrante: Gypsy Music with Rock in Parisian Music

erika-and-emigrante-gypsy-french-bandDo you like multicultural bands merge different music styles? If your answer is yes, there is a band for you to know. I always like bands like this, because it is very good to listen to different tastes together. In addition, if bands members are from different countries, to listen to their music is more interesting and pleasurable. To make the music by blending wide range of styles with musicians from different countries make Erika and Emigrante’s musicality very high. Erika and Emigrante is a Paris based gypsy music band. The band’s main lineup consists of a Syrian Italian guitarist Serigo Leonardi, a French drummer Francois Laizeau, a jazzy bass player from Cameroon D.D. Bell, an Indian tabla player Latif Ahmet Khan, and some guest gypsy and French performers. All of them are entertaining musicians and they reflect their soul to the music.
This video is under Creative Commons License.

Did I forget one of them? Yes, I forgot the vocalist of the band Erika Serre. She is a Hungary origin French gypsy singer. Her story is interesting. Emir Kusturica and Tony Gatlif noticed her. I have sent a post about Emir Kusturica before that you could read to click here, but I am thinking to send a post about Tony Gatlif too. He is not only director, but also musician. His movies smell gypsy music. Anyway, Erika Serre was involved in some of Kusturica and Gatlif projects. Finally, she found her own band with Emigrante its lineup consists of immigrants and French musicians.

 Do only they perform Gypsy Music? If I say yes, it would be a big mistake. They perform music in very wide range from east and west. They play sometimes Rock, sometimes Reggae, sometimes Balkan and Gypsy music, sometimes music from Middle East, and many of times those styles varieties.

The band has two studio albums. The first album is Tzigane Experience. It is a good debut album but it is not as good as the second album. Therefore, we are going to talk about the second album named in Tzigane from Mars. 2009-released album includes more Rock elements that Sergi Leonardi’s guitar put in the front deliberately. Each song has different music taste beside Rock. Let us see the album’s track list and talk about some highlighted songs. You could find some notes near song names.

Satore: It is a good introduction. It is highly recommended.
Jaipur: An African oriented Reggae.
Johnny, Tu n'es Pas un Ange: Perfect Gypsy song.
L'amor Senza Pace: A good ballad. Listen it. You will feel good.
Bismillah: It is a nice Middle East oriented Rock that it is extremely recommended.
Kashmir: Yes, you are right! It is Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. It is a good cover.
: It is nice African oriented Ska.
Tzigane from Mars
Te Vas Sukarije
: It is a good cover of a Balkan folk song.
: She could be a good Rock singer. It is a nice cover of a Balkan song.

Tzigane from Mars is very good album that give us taste of various kinds of music. It is a good sound for a person who likes Rock as me. We could describe the album as Rock based Gypsy music oriented by multicultural taste. It was also very good to hear Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir in the album. Of course, we cannot compare their performance with Led Zeppelin. However, it is a good cover that I like it.

I believe that you will feel very good after you listen to funny, multicultural and likeable band Erika and Emigrante. Do not forget to buy their album to support them.

Finally, I will give their official My Space page link. Please, find some of their songs and videos on the website.

Bye for now

Hijazz: Jazz Meets Classical Turkish Music

I write some articles about Jazz recently. Today, I will review a Jazz album combined with Turkish Classical Music elements. There are so many ethno jazz albums which combines eastern music and Jazz. Although many of them are average, there some perfect arranged albums including Hijazz Project. Everybody knows some eastern albums such as Mozart Oriental, Beatles A la Turca, Bach a L'oriental. Those albums and similar ones are good albums technically but they are not as polyphonic as Hijazz Project’s album. If an archivist is reading article, I suggest this album extremely. It is not and average west meets east synthesis album. It is a masterpiece. Official MySpace page of Hijazz will be given in the end of the article. You can listen to some previews. There is an Arabic band name is Hijazz Band. Hijazz Band and Hijazz Project are different bands. Please, pay attention for confusion. hijazz-project-turkish-jazz-groupEverybody knows more about jazz. Let’s get closely acquainted with Turkish Classical Music and let’s see how Turkish Music makes Jazz interesting and likeable. Turkish Classical Music consists of various forms, notations and scales known as Makam. Actually Hijazz name is a word game comes from Hedjaz Makam. A wide range of instruments such as oud, the qanun, tanbur, nay, kemenche, double drum are used in the music. I don’t write all instruments in Turkish Classical Music, otherwise this article will be extremely long. Some western style of instruments like violin, cello, harp, clarinet, and flute are used too.

Hijazz is a project and the project consists of some Turkish artists. Artist and performers are well-known, reputed and virtuous artists. Erkan Ogur, Aziz Senol Filiz, Birol Yayla and Alper Berksu are some of them. You could check their names from Google to see their musical background. Hijazz blends jazz with this wide range of notation system in the album. We will not only listen Jazz with Turkish music elements, we will also listen some composition from Mozart, Bach and Hasselmans.

Performers’ own compositions, Classical Music arrangements, and Classical Turkish Music composers’ music were performed by merging those music styles. The album consists of 2 CD’s and its track list is given below. You could see some information written in song names.


Turku (Turkish folk songs are named in Turku)
Alfo La Source (Alphonse Hasselmans)
Air (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Lau date Dominium (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Yuzundur Cihani Munevver Eden (music, Ismail Dede Efendi, intro, Itri)


Sohbet-i Visal
Nikriz Dirto (Tamburi Cemil Bey)
Bab-i Esrar
Segah (Tamburi Buyuk Osman Efendi)
Saba Pesrevi (Nayi Osman Dede)

 All songs’ musical background was arranged successfully. There are some vocals in songs. Especially, vocal in Saba Pesrevi (CD2) contains elements from Sufism. Sufism is Islamic mysticism. The song named in Segah also contains some Sufism elements. The album is a perfect album gathering the most famous performers. If you are an archivist, don’t lose Hijazz.

Main performers of Hijazz Project Birol Yayla and Senol Filiz perform mystical music with guitar and nay. Their group name is Yansimalar. I can suggest their Bab-i Esrar album as well.

Please find their official MySpace link to listen to Hijazz Project’s music.

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Nemrud: Unbelievable Progressive Rock Album from Turkey

Progressive Rock! It is my passion. Although I write some articles about world music, I am a progressive rock fan. Pink Floyd, Eloy, King Crimson, Yes, and Jethro Tull are some my favorites. But, Pink Floyd is different for me. They are the best. Anyway, why I write article about progressive rock in this music blog? Progressive Rock groups are generally from England, the United States and some European countries such as Germany, Italy. Nemrud comes from Turkey and their musicality is very high. It is a good reason to talk about Nemrud.  We are not accustomed to hear a professional progressive rock group from Turkey. Although there are so many neo progressive groups such as Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, Riverside, but I could not catch 70’s progressive taste. It doesn’t make them bad groups and I like them. Anyway, today we will know more about a Turkish Progressive Rock group Nemrud.
To be supported by Frank Bornemann who is founder of one of the most famous progressive band Eloy makes Nemrud’s music in a perfect sound and make Nemrud known in Europe. Frank Bornemann followed up album stages respectively, and introduce to the band to European and world music market. Nemrud’s music is mostly inspired by Eloy. Furthermore, Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson and Camel’s music affect their music as well. We also can hear some Jazz and Avant-garde elements.

They have only one album named in The Journey of the Shaman. This is also the first concept progressive album in Turkey. The album’s concept is inspired by Turkish mythology. It is an epic story about Mitos who is a Shaman lives in Middle Asia. Mitos got a message from the other world and have a physical and spiritual journey at this. Old Turks’ religion was Shamanism before they believe Islam. Turkish mythology contains Shamanic items and elements.

There are three songs in the album and those three songs represent three different worlds in Shamanism respectively. Earth people lives, underground where people go after die, and sky in spiritual meaning. A person cannot go to the sky without going underground. Album concept is Mitos’ journey from the earth to the sky. You can get more information about shamanism and its spiritualism after listen the album. The album’s motto is “You come from the sky, and you will go back to the sky”.

nemrud-Journey-of-the-shaman-albumLet’s see those three songs and their sections.
Part 1 (15 min.50 sec.)In the World of Dreams
Beginning of Divine Inspiration
A Stone in the Ocean

Part 2 (12 min.)A Farewell to Sun
Fly to Underground Without the Past
Fight With The Evil Spirits

Part 3 (17 min. 20 sec.)A Journey to Inner self
Scourge of Nemrud
In All Stages of Immortality

Jump to Final Dimension Through the Seventh Sky

The album recorded by using analog methods. We can say it is Eloy oriented music with Eastern melodies and mythology. Sound is very close to Eloy’s Dawn album’s sound. The Journey of the Shaman album must be listened if you like Progressive Rock. If you do not like this kind of music, you should also listen to the album for impressive story and concept. Sound is perfect, concept is perfect, and story is perfect. It is a musical feast from Turkey. Buy the album to support them for their following project.

You could visit the band’s website and their MySpace page. You could listen to preview of the album and evaluate their musicality.

Bye for now!

Kiosk: Underground Blues from Iran

kiosk-world-music-groupNowadays, we heard so much news about Iran from television. We know that Iran is an Islamic country that Islamic regime’s chronic surveillance and strict censorship understanding prohibit people terribly. Although Iran people live in these conditions, they are willing to have a life standard as western people. I have been to Iran and see that public understanding is not very bad as we know. Because of government’s harsh control mechanism, they do everything such as music, parties, drinking, and so on in underground.

Anyway, we are not interested in governments’ policy. Our passion is music. Today we will talk about Iran Underground music and Kiosk which is one of the most important bands in Persian underground music. The band was founded in 2003 by Arash Sohbani who is guitar player and singer in the band in Iran, Tehran. He and his friend set up their studios in underground basement because of Iran governments’ restriction policies. Kiosk’s lyrics are humorous but political. Every part of their music makes a criticism about government and its policies. Finally Arash Sohbani moved to the United States in 2005 to able to make his own world’s music without any restriction. They stayed underground until they decide to move overseas.

Eventually, they are in the United States. Some members of the band live in the United States; some of them live in Canada. They released their first album Ordinary Man (Adam e Mamooli) in 2005. We can say it is a Persian blues with political, social, and humorous lyrics. Aadame Mamooli (Ordinary Man), Ghaanoune Kham Shodeye Blues (Bent Rules Blues), and Taraane (Song) must be listened in this album.

kiosk-ordinary-man-iranian-blues-albumIn 2007 they released Eshghe Sorat (Amor de la Velocidad). We can find some rock elements with blues in this album. So, we can say it is an underground blues rock band. Afsoos (Regret), To Kojayee (Where Are You), Amoo Asadollah (Uncle Asadollah), and Eshgh e Sorat (Love of Speed) are highly recommended songs. Both of those albums contain slow songs. But they are fluent and listenable songs.

The band had a tour and they had some concerts in some countries like Australia and Germany. They also joined some music festivals. One of the most important one is Tribute to Bob Dylan Concert in Los Angeles. Their music is a bit inspired by Bob Dylan I think. Some riffs and guitar sound make me feel like that.

kiosk-global-zoo-iranian-blues-albumIn 2008, they released Global Zoo album that is my favorite album of the band. There are some guest performers in the album. The most important one is Mohsen Namjoo. He was described as Iran’s Bob Dylan by New York Times. His music is recommended too. His voice and his music’s sound are very good. Livanha, Botriha, Galonha (Glasses, Bottles and Gallons) song resembles a tango that I enjoyed it. Gerogangiri Dar Bagh e Vahsh (Hostage Crisis in the Zoo) and Agha! Nigah Dar (Hold On, Sir) songs are fascinating songs as well. And, Yarom Bia (Come my love). It is a Tajik singer’s song originally. Kiosk and Mohsen Namjoo had rearranged this song and made it better than original one. It is extremely suggested. You should listen it.

The band released 2 more albums in 2010 and 2011. They are Triple Distilled-Live At Yoshi's (Se Taghtireh) and Natijeh e Mozakerat (Outcome of Negotiations). Their sound and style are similar with the other albums. Don’t forget that many of lyrics are political but humorous.

Visit Kiosk’s website. You will find some videos, preview songs, lyrics in English, chords and more information about the band. I believe that you will like Kiosk. Don’t forget to buy their albums to support the band.

Bye for now.

Katuner: Perfect Ethno Jazz from Armenia

Do you like cats? I can hear that you asked yourself what is the connection between music and cats. Today we will know more about Armenian cats Katuner. Katuner means cats in Armenian language. Many of people think Jazz is a boring music. Actually, I think in the same way sometimes. Ethno jazz is a bit different. You could some local instruments formed in Jazz music. Ethno jazz is one of the most famous members of World Music. Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, Trilok Gurtu, Ravi Shankar and Ian Garbarek are reputed performers in this kind of music. Modern music forms, local instruments, and successful blending of those items make the music different.
There are so many groups and performers in Ethnic Jazz. We will know some of them which their musicality is very high. Katuner is one of them. Group members consist of Armenian Navy Band members. So, musical infrastructure was affected by Armenian Navy Band. We should talk about Arto Tuncboyaciyan. He is an Armenian musician lives in Turkey. He and his brother worked with some famous Turkish singers. He also supported Armenian music groups or artists who live out of Armenia. He is founder of Armenian Navy Band. Actually it is very ironic that there isn’t any sea and navy in Armenia. You could read my article about Armenian Navy Band, if you click here

Katuner is Arto Tuncboyaciyan supported project founded by Vahagn Hayrapetyan, is one of the most famous and popular jazz musicians performing in Armenia. The group integrates some local instruments like Duduk, Zurna, Blul to modern instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone and percussion. They perform instrumental music the all the musicians in the group are reputed musicians in Armenia, Yerevan.

They have two albums arranged by Arto Tuncboyaciyan named in Norevan. Although the group joined some festivals in different points of the world since 2005, the album was released in 2007. There are seven instrumental songs in the album. Each songs are more beautiful than each other. This album and group is extremely recommended group. Please see the track list of the album.

katuner-norevan-jazz-albumWelcome Back - December 23
New Ballade
After The Phone Call

Welcome Back - December 23 is a typical jazz session without some local instruments. We can say it is a very good introduction. Norevan is also typical Jazz, but long music contains local instruments like Zurna. Zurna is also one the most typical instrument of Turkish music. The song is very fluent and easy listening. My favorite song is Oror in this album. A nice introduction by cello and piano bring me to the another world. In the middle of the song Duduk’s sound makes me feel very good. It is extremely suggested. Listen it one time. It is a satisfaction guaranteed song. The song’s video clip is a very nice animation. Cats are playing instruments in some places and they look very cute. You will enjoy with the music and video clip. You can watch it on any video sharing website.

They also have an album named in Red Sun was released in 2009. The album contains more modern jazz elements although it contains some local elements. It is highly recommended album that Ani song must be listened.
Katuner is really valuable and high quality group that it deserves your attention. Listen them enjoy with Armenian cats. Don’t forget to buy their album to support them.
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Ulytau: Classical Music meets Folk and Rock

Have you ever listened a group makes Rock music blended with classical music and local elements? There are some rock based classical music albums from famous singers and groups such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Danney Alkana. This kind of music is one of my favorites, I will post some reviews about this kind of albums in my following posts. Today, we will know more about a group Kazakhstan which performs metal music combined with classical music and local music elements.ulytau-kazakh-metalThe group was founded on 2001 to merge Western and Eastern music with some traditional Turkish instruments. Their music combines the sound of violin and electric guitar with the Dombra. It is a traditional two stringed instrument from middle Asia which made by the old Turkish civilizations in Middle Asia.

We can say Ulytau is a trio including violin, dombra and electric guitar. The group performs instrumental music. Although their music is Heavy Metal, the music is easy listening, likeable and beautiful. Alua Makanova plays violin, Maxim Kichigin plays guitar, and Erjan Alimbetov plays Dombra. And, there are some guest performers who play bass, drum, keyboard and so on. They only have one album released in 2006. The group also released a video DVD in 2009. The group had some concerts in Germany, England, Scotland, Poland, USA, Turkey, China, Japan and Russia.

Their album Jumyr-Kylysh was released in 2006, the same album released in Germany in 2009 named in Two Warriors. Let’s know more about the album.

ulytau-jumyr-kylyshTrack list of the album is given below. 

  • Adai
  • Winter (Four Seasons)
  • Kurishiler
  • Jumyr-Kylysh
  • Ata Tolgauy
  • Toccata and Fugue
  • Turkish March
  • Yapyr-Ai (folk song)
  • Teriskakpai
  • Kokil

At the first sight to the track list, we can see some acquaintance songs. Winter Four Season is the Winter section of Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Turkish March is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s famous march, and Toccata and Fugue is Johann Sebastian Bach’s immortal composition. They perform those compositions very well and harmony between guitar and violin is perfect. They are extremely suggested songs in the album.

Adai is their awarded song. They were awarded the Golden Disc for this song. Jumyr-Kylysh is a perfect song with Dombra, Violin and Guitar. You should listen Dombra’s sound especially. Two stringed instruments made the music likeable.

They only have one album and this album deserves your interest. Buy it to support the group to get new albums. I believe that they will carry their music to higher levels. Finally, the group’s website is given below. You can listen some of their songs on their MySpace profile.

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Brooklyn Funk Essentials: Funk from the West to the East

Every time, I like funk music groups from 70’s. In early 90’s, world music understanding has changed and so many alternative styles were released. We knew so many Funk groups and performers that they released some albums in early 90’s. Funk is funny enough, but it is not enough to make likeable and listenable music. So, many of them were erased from the music industry without making their mark on fans. I would like to introduce a funk band from the United States named in Brooklyn Funk Essentials which is one of the best groups in early 90’s.

Brooklyn Funk Essentials is a New York, Brooklyn funk group. Why this group is different? I can say that many funk performers are described as only music group, but Brooklyn Funk Essentials can be described as a musical collective. We can say it is not ego-driven music group, creativity and control are shared and contribution is flexible. Guest performers from the other countries make their music very interesting and fluent. They have some albums from musicians from Turkey, Latin Countries, and so on. Funk and Jazz elements were blended with local music such as Turkey, Brazil.
The group’s original lineup consists of vocals and some western instruments like drums, keyboard, trombone, bass, saxophone, percussion, trumpet, flugelhorn, and clarinet. When they perform music with the musicians from other countries, local contribution carries their music to higher level.Their debut album Cool and Steady and Easy was released in 1994. It was scored with The Creator Has a Master Plan song made by an old jazz artist Pharaoh Sanders. The following album In the Buzz Bag was released in 1998. I want to talk about this album below, because, this album is very different from the other albums. It deserves a special introduction in this music blog. The group made two more albums in 2000 and 2008. Albums names are Make them Like It and Watcha Playin. Last two albums also contain some foreign contribution such as Latin, Turkish and oriental ensembles.

So, we are in 1998 again. We should keep In the Buzz Bag album separately. It is a project album which included Turkish rhythm, melodies, and instruments. They came to Turkey, Istanbul for this project and worked together with Turkish clarinet performer Husnu Senlendirici and his band Laco Tayfa. Laco Tayfa contains typical Turkish instruments such as oud, baglama, zither, oriental percussion instruments, and so on. Some western instruments including violin, clarinet, and guitar are used in Turkish Music, and Laco Tayfa also has performers who play those western instruments. It is a musical project with a Turkish orchestra. Turkish music was blended with modern funk, jazz and ska elements.

laco-tayfaI would like to introduce some songs from the album. Many of them are Turkish Folk songs originally. Istanbul Twilight is a classic funk song combined with jazz and Turkish traditional music. It is very funny and fluent song. It is extremely suggested song that you can understand the album’s musical structure. Following songs Magick Karpet Ride, In The Buzz Bag, Selling Out, and Freeway To Uskudar are traditional Turkish songs well known in Turkey. Definitely, Funk and Jazz elements are interspersed into the music successfully. Ska Ka-Bop is a funny ska song. Ska is a funny music but, Turkish instruments make a ska song funnier. And, the final song of the album Zurna Preserve is totally traditional arranged song. Zurna means a traditional Turkish wind instrument.

Please find their music on video sharing websites and listen. They deserve your kind interest. Do not forget to buy their albums to support them. You could find songs on their website links given below. Listen it and enjoy!

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Kultur Shock: Gypsy music meets Punk and Rock

Have you ever heard anything about gypsy punk? When I heard this style, it made me feel very good. I like gypsy music that I will introduce some gypsy bands in my next posts. Absolutely, it is not pure and noisy punk music, and we can find some rock elements. It makes this kind of music better and listenable. There are some good gypsy punk bands like Kultur Shock, Gogol Bordello, Russkaja, Visa and so on. Today, we will talk about very funny and interesting group Kultur Shock.


It is Seattle based gypsy punk group. Kultur Shock members are immigrants come from different countries such as Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the United States, Indonesia, and Japan. Lyrics are concerned with immigrants’ problems like integration, having job, and so on. They describe themselves as a live band of blue-collar immigrants. Actually, Japan seems a bit freak among those countries, but there are some Japanese groups perform gypsy music.

This video has been created with Creative Commons License.

Their music is rock music integrated Balkan Music. If you like Balkan Music, you will like Kultur Shock. Songs are rearranged Balkan Folk songs, and lyrics are written for immigrants’ problems. Oriental elements are also used in their music. The band’s musical lineup consists of violin, tabor, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, drum, bass, and electric guitar mainly.

Their first album is a concert album released in 1999. In 2001, they released Fucc the Ins album. In my humble opinion, this album is the best album of the group. It is extremely recommended album. Buy it and listen. You will never feel regret. Mastika, Backdoor Boyz, and Nadjia are my favorite songs in the album. How to Fucc Songs and Irritate Musicians is the best performance in the album.

In 2004, Kultura Diktatura album was released. It is very funny album and highly recommended. We could see the group’s improvements in music very well. Tutti Frutti, Mustafa, Hashishi, and Too Late to Fornicate songs are attractive songs of the album.

In 2006, new album We Came to Take Your Jobs Away was released. Kultur Shock improves their music year by year. Do not forget to listen God is Busy, May I Help You?, Istanbul, Tango la Victoire, and Sarajevo. You could find their album and songs on their website.

In 2007, the group released a live album named in Live in Europe. After that, Integration album was released in 2009. Instruments’ harmonies, lyrics quality, integration of local elements are very successful. Balcchanalia, Country Mohhamed, King for Today songs must be listened. Gore Gore! It is the best song in the album and it can make you a bit sad.

In this year, 2011, their last album Ministry of Kultur was released. Although it is a very good album technically, we expect better albums form Kultur Shock. Revolutionary Song, She Works in a Coal Mine, Choko Ko Ko and Don't Shoot Me are the most listenable songs in the album.


If you hear Kultur Shock’s music, you will feel very good. I really appreciate this band. If you have an opportunity to see their live performance, do not be late to see them. I watched them in Istanbul in 2011, April. Their live performance is perfect. It is valuable and listenable group from Seattle. Buy their albums to support them. You could visit their official website and listen some of their song. If you like, you can buy their albums from the website.

Bye for now!


Pentagram: Progression of Turkish Heavy Metal

pentagram-turkish-heavy-metal-groupToday, I would like to introduce a heavy metal group from Turkey. Actually I do not want to introduce any Heavy Metal groups, because, you could find so many sources to find information about Heavy Metal bands. Moreover, I would like to introduce Pentagram. This group is a milestone of Turkish Metal. Pentagram’s music is very original, high quality and multicultural. Do not think that it is a satanic metal group considering group’s name. There aren’t any satanic elements in their music and lyrics. There is a Black Metal group named in Pentagram in another country. Pentagram is known as Mezarkabul in Europe. Mezarkabul is a Turkish word but, there is not any English meaning or description. It is a kind of ritual.

This video has been created with Creative Commons License. Pentagram sings a Turkish song. (Live)

In 80’s, there were some new Turkish Heavy Metal bands, but their musicality was very poor and primitive. Although there were some famous Rock singers in Turkey, Turkish listener meets Heavy Metal in early 90’s. in 1993, Metallica came to Istanbul first time. I can say that it was a dream. We were hungry for heavy metal, and Metallica made us honored. So many groups in Turkey followed some trash and speed metal groups like Metallica and Megadeth.

In 1990, Pentagram released first album named in Pentagram. It is a speed / trash album. Sound is very primitive but, it is very good album. If you compare with the last albums, you could see Turkish Heavy Metal’s progress. I do not suggest this album to listen, because, it is an ordinary small band album. You could not get any idea about Pentagram.

pentagram-anatolia-albumThe group released new album in 1993. The album’s name is Trail Blazer. I can say, it’s the first milestone of Turkish Heavy Metal. Although, album’s sound, riffs, musicality is a bit poor, it was a milestone. There weren’t any band made the music in this way. When I listen this album, I see that sound is primitive. But, in those years, it was an unbelievable album. At least you should listen, Secret Missile, Fly Forever, Living on Lies and Vita Es Morte songs from video sharing websites. East melodies and heavy metal was blended in this album. It was primitive, but it was a good signal for future creation.

About five years, the group did not make any album or demo. But they were known as the best Turkish metal band. Finally their album released in 1997. Anatolia is the new album’s name. This album is the other milestone of Turkish Metal music. Sound, vocals, and musicality were not primitive and poor anymore. Pentagram gave us a professional heavy metal album. Anatolia album is highly recommended. East melodies and folk were put into the music successfully, and we listened east and west at the same time. They also made some Turkish songs although they make lyrics in English. 1000 in the Eastland, Dark is the Sunlight, and Anatolia are the masterpieces of the album. Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayım is a Turkish folk song, but it was combined with Heavy Metal successfully. Time is an instrumental song. I can say it is the best music in this album. You will listen east in west forms. You will never feel regret if you listen this album.

pentagram mezarkabul unspokenIn 2001 they made a double album. Albums name are Unspoken and Bir. Unspoken released was released world wide in 2001, Bir was released in Turkey. Those albums sound is impressive. Pentagram’s music and sound are very professional. First time I listened those albums, I supposed that I listened albums from the United Stated or England. Bir consists of Turkish songs, Unspoken consists of English songs. And they have two common instrumental songs named in Mezarkabul and For Those Who Died Alone. You will see that Anatolian and Turkish elements were integrated into the music perfectly.

Bir, Seytan Bunun Neresinde, Kam, and Tigris songs are extremely suggested songs form Bir album. Bir means one in Turkish. In Esir Like an Eagle, Lions in a Cage, Unspoken, and We Come from Nowhere songs are suggested from Unspoken album.

After 2002, they did not make album. They released some live records and DVD’s. But, they are working on their new album. It will be released soon. You could listen their new song on group’s website given below. Please, listen their songs and see Turkish Heavy Metal’s progress. If you like them, buy their album to support.

Bye for now!

Vagabond Opera: New wave of the Cabaret Music

Recently, Neo-Cabaret music is rising. So many bands, singers, dancers perform this kind of music. There are millions of boring groups and singers. Although I like classical style of cabaret music, I will introduce a neo cabaret group. It is Vagabond Opera from the United States, Oregon. Their music is really original, fluent, and likeable.

Eric Stern has founded the group in the beginning of 2000’s. He was trained in Europe that his musical background is opera. Sometimes, cabaret and opera words could be heard as boring. However, this group brings new understanding to cabaret music. Their music is combined with some kind of Eastern Europe music such as Klezmer, Russian and Ukrainian folk, gypsy music, and some Oriental items. Their music also contains some kinds of modern styles like Jazz, Swing and Tango.vagabond-opera
The group’s vocal lineup is highly rich and interesting. There are four vocals, and some of them were trained as tenor and soprano. And musical lineup is as interesting as vocal lineup. There are accordion, tenor saxophone, clarinet, cellos, contrabass, and drum performers. Sometimes, we can see some guest dancers and musicians.

Vagabond Opera’s website is very good. You could listen many of songs, listen their live performance, and buy their albums. To visit the website is highly recommended.

the-zeitgeist-beckons-albumThey have released four studio albums. Get on the Train is their first album and released in 2003. Go to the group’s website and listen Reine de la Rocca, Leyla and Chaplin Nonsense Song and Bei Mir Bist du Schone. You have an idea about Vagabond Opera’s music now. I hope you enjoyed by funny songs, and feel better after some romantic songs. Second album was released in 2006. The album’s name is Vagabond Opera. Description of this album is more Eastern Europe and more Orientalism. Hijazz is their Arabic song. The Transformation into Marlene shows their Marlene Dietrich passion. Svi Te Terren is a Balkan folk song called as Hederlezi. Manayunk, Ich Hob Dikh Tsu Ful Lib, and Merci Django songs are successful songs in this album.The Zeitgeist Beckons album was released in 2009. This album is one of the best album of the group. It is highly recommended. New Year’s Eve in a Haunted House, Welcome to the Opera, Russian Jazz Waltz, Ganef, Tango til, They are Sore and Goodnight Moon are fascinating songs in the album.In this year, Sing For Your Lives album was released. I can say that it is a gypsy music based album. It is fascinating and fluent album. All songs are very good. It is one the most listenable album of the group. Spirit Dances Evermore, King of the Gypsies, Sing For Your Lives, and Beard and Moustache songs must be listened. 
Finally, I can say Vagabond Opera is one of the best groups in Neo Cabaret Music. Using different features make their music likeable and fascinating. Please visit their website and listen their songs. Do not forget to buy their albums to support the group.

Bye for now.
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