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Nemrud: Unbelievable Progressive Rock Album from Turkey

Progressive Rock! It is my passion. Although I write some articles about world music, I am a progressive rock fan. Pink Floyd, Eloy, King Crimson, Yes, and Jethro Tull are some my favorites. But, Pink Floyd is different for me. They are the best. Anyway, why I write article about progressive rock in this music blog? Progressive Rock groups are generally from England, the United States and some European countries such as Germany, Italy. Nemrud comes from Turkey and their musicality is very high. It is a good reason to talk about Nemrud.  We are not accustomed to hear a professional progressive rock group from Turkey. Although there are so many neo progressive groups such as Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, Riverside, but I could not catch 70’s progressive taste. It doesn’t make them bad groups and I like them. Anyway, today we will know more about a Turkish Progressive Rock group Nemrud.
To be supported by Frank Bornemann who is founder of one of the most famous progressive band Eloy makes Nemrud’s music in a perfect sound and make Nemrud known in Europe. Frank Bornemann followed up album stages respectively, and introduce to the band to European and world music market. Nemrud’s music is mostly inspired by Eloy. Furthermore, Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson and Camel’s music affect their music as well. We also can hear some Jazz and Avant-garde elements.

They have only one album named in The Journey of the Shaman. This is also the first concept progressive album in Turkey. The album’s concept is inspired by Turkish mythology. It is an epic story about Mitos who is a Shaman lives in Middle Asia. Mitos got a message from the other world and have a physical and spiritual journey at this. Old Turks’ religion was Shamanism before they believe Islam. Turkish mythology contains Shamanic items and elements.

There are three songs in the album and those three songs represent three different worlds in Shamanism respectively. Earth people lives, underground where people go after die, and sky in spiritual meaning. A person cannot go to the sky without going underground. Album concept is Mitos’ journey from the earth to the sky. You can get more information about shamanism and its spiritualism after listen the album. The album’s motto is “You come from the sky, and you will go back to the sky”.

nemrud-Journey-of-the-shaman-albumLet’s see those three songs and their sections.
Part 1 (15 min.50 sec.)In the World of Dreams
Beginning of Divine Inspiration
A Stone in the Ocean

Part 2 (12 min.)A Farewell to Sun
Fly to Underground Without the Past
Fight With The Evil Spirits

Part 3 (17 min. 20 sec.)A Journey to Inner self
Scourge of Nemrud
In All Stages of Immortality

Jump to Final Dimension Through the Seventh Sky

The album recorded by using analog methods. We can say it is Eloy oriented music with Eastern melodies and mythology. Sound is very close to Eloy’s Dawn album’s sound. The Journey of the Shaman album must be listened if you like Progressive Rock. If you do not like this kind of music, you should also listen to the album for impressive story and concept. Sound is perfect, concept is perfect, and story is perfect. It is a musical feast from Turkey. Buy the album to support them for their following project.

You could visit the band’s website and their MySpace page. You could listen to preview of the album and evaluate their musicality.

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