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The members of Capitol 3 found each other in the band Blackberry Wednesday. In the fall of 201l Blackberry Wednesday came to an end, and three of the members, Rod Henson (singer), Lucien Croy (guitarist), and David Wade (Drummer) came together to form Capitol 3, with a new concept.

In the summer of 2011 while on a short tour that include playing at the Florida Music Conference, we had one of those "on the road" moments that would change everything. While sitting at a bar in Jacksonville Beach, FL, the 3 of us were forced to ask ourselves what if?

So over the next couple of months we worked on the recordings and presented the idea to our label. The label strongly objected to our new concept, and sense we had fulfilled our contact, we parted ways. Unsigned and Loving it! Within a few weeks we were able to streamline the music by putting the bass and rhythm guitars on tracks , and took the show on the road. As it was, due to the abrupt end to our last project, we still had some dates to fulfill and after a brief tour as a 3 piece we new this was the proof that the jam is really still the jam.

Capitol 3 is currently working on our debut album that is due out in September of 2012, and is planning a pre and post release tour. Stay tune for schedule updates and exciting news from Capitol 3. wasssaaaHH!!!!

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