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Tarantella: Gothic Influenced Folk Music

Tarantella-Kal-Cahoone-and-John-Rumley-gothic-folk-musicTarantella! You think that it is an Italian folk dance or a Chuck Mangione album, right? I would like to introduce a great band from America. I have met with this band several months ago. Hearing talented female vocal, amazing musicality and sound made the band one of my favorites. The music contains American folk, gothic, indie, and rock elements with a perfect sound. We also could hear Latin and Spanish inspired melodies. If you like to find a unique sound and musicality, do not hesitate to buy a Tarantella album. Their melancholic and moody melodies with a dark sound will fascinate you. Watch the video I gave below to discover a great band Tarantella’s gothic influenced folk music.

Tarantella Dame Fuego video has been added upon permission of the band. Buy the album from Amazon.

Kal Cahoone met with multi instrumentalist John Rumley and they decided to start a band together. Tarantella’s original lineup is Kal Cahoone, John Rumley, Chad E. Johnson, Robert Ferbrache, Kelly O’Dea and Daniel Grandbois. Some members are from Slim Cessna's Auto Club that it is also the great American folk band. Tarantella combines American folk, Latin folk, gothic, indie and rock elements with English and Spanish lyrics. You should hear Kal Cahoone’s excellent vocal with the dark and melancholic sound. Instrumental variety is also very good that it is possible to hear banjo, accordion, violin, guitar, Jew’s harp and the other instruments used in folk music.


Tarantella has only one album named in Esqueletos. The album was released in 2005. I do not know why they did not make more albums. I hope we could hear more albums from Tarantella with Kal Cahoone’s fascinating vocal. She also has other projects with different musicians. Gothic atmosphere, moody and melancholic songs, Latin inspirations, good combination with American folk made Tarantella a high quality band. All the songs in Esqueletos album are suggested extremely. They are perfect songs that I especially suggest Dame Fuego, Southern Cross, Chi Sa Dove Sara, and Mexican Wine songs.

tarantella-esqueletos-gothic-folk-indie-albumTarantella is a great band combines folk and gothic elements successfully. Do not lose the album named in Esqueletos. I have checked some music forums that some writers suggest the band to Mazzy Star and Calexico fans. Please visit Tarantella official MySpace to listen some of their songs. I believe that the dark atmosphere will affect your feelings and you will buy the album to support them so that they make new albums.

Bye for now!

Two Steps from Hell: Epic Music from Trailers

two-steps-from-hell-epic-music-trailer-catalog-hellDo you like trailers’ music? Sometimes, we see movie or game trailers and hear their magical and epic sound. Last year, I met with Two Steps from Hell on Youtube. After I heard their music first time, I though it was a part from Hans Zimmer soundtracks. If you are a fan of epic music and movie or game trailers, Two Steps from Hell performs music satisfy your expectation from epic music. Actually, it is not a music band. Two Steps from Hell is a music production company founded by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. Los Angeles, California based company produces trailer music for movies, TV series, computer games, and so on. The name of the company resembles a rock or heavy metal band’s name. After you meet their magical music, you will feel the atmosphere from ancient era.

This video has been created with Creative Commons License. Reissue is allowed by the owner.

Their music used in trailers for some movies like Star Trek, Prince of Persia, Pirates of the Caribbean, No Country for Old Men, The Fighter, X-Men: First Class, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, X-Men, The Town, Matrix, Inception, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Dark Knight, 2012, Avatar, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. It is a successful list, right? We also heard their music in trailers for some TV shows like Game of Thrones, Frozen Planet, Merlin, Doctor Who, and Blue Mountain State. And, computer games! I am a fan of computer games soundtracks. Hearing their music in some perfect games’ trailers fascinates me. You could hear their music in trailers for Mass Effect 2 and Killzone 3.

The company does not produce albums for public. They only have two public albums under the name Two Steps from Hell. They also released two public albums under Thomas Bergersen’s name. The company has many music catalogs used by film producers. Although they are not public albums, it is easy to find them on the internet. Their public albums are compilations of those catalogs. Their public discography is;

  • Invincible (2010) is the first compilation. You should hear Protector of the Earth, Freedom Fighters, Heart of Courage and 1000 Ships of the Underworld are my favorites. I suggest the album extremely. Do not lose the magical album.
  • llusions (2011) is an album published under Thomas Bergersen’s name.
  • Archangel (2011)
  • Sun (2012) is an album published under Thomas Bergersen’s name.


I suggest all albums of Two Steps from Hell and albums under Thomas Bergersen name. Epic music, choir, and fascinating atmosphere will take you to another world. If you are a fan of epic music, Two Steps from Hell creates music for you.

You could visit their official website to watch trailers they provide music. You also could get more information about their demonstration albums and music catalogs.

Bye for now!

Figli Di Madre Ignota: Balkan Music Meets Funny Italian Ska

figli-di-madre-ignota-spaghetti-balkan-musicToday, I would like to write about funny bands. I checked my list and I saw one of my favorites Figli Di Madre Ignota. It is a band from Milano, Italy. Their sound is interesting that it is mixture of Balkan and klezmer rhythms with rock and ska. If you like Eastern Europe rhythms and Balkan music with funny guitar sound, Figli Di Madre Ignota will be an exciting band for you. They describe their music as Spaghetti Balkan. They really have a unique sound that elements of Balkan music, klezmer, polka and the other eastern and middle Europe fused with modern elements successfully. I could say that they reflect Italian energy to their music. You could hear hot guitar riffs and Balkan brass rhythms with funny vocals. Click here to listen some of their songs.

This video has been added upon permission of the band. visit for more items.

Figli Di Madre Ignota’s original lineup is Donato Brienza (guitar), Massimo Predda (trombone), Fabio Cardullo (saxophone), Stefano Iascone (trumpet), Massimo Marini (vocal), Marco Pampa Pampaluna (guitar), Andrea Castelli (bass), and Cristiano Novello (drum). The eight funny men perform crazy music with some guest performers. Combining elements of ska, punk, rock, swing, gypsy jazz, and Balkan brass music, make them cut across styles, genres, decades and continents. Their live performance is also perfect that I saw them in Istanbul in 2008. Actually, it was a wrong place to play, although their performance was perfect. I believe that we could have great time with them and their crazy music, if they choose a better place.

Figli Di Madre Ignota has four studio albums. They also appeared in some compilation albums like Balkan Fever and Balkan Beats. Let us see their discography and see my suggestions.

  • Kanakapila (2001) is a funny album that you could find songs mixture of Balkan music and ska. Some Italian ballads will fascinate you. You will enjoy hearing the unique sound. Il Gitano Elettrico, Baci Da Taormina, L'ultima Notte A Brooklyn, Kanakapila and Rumba Del Capitano are my favorites.
  • Tamboo Tamboo (2004) is a perfect album that we could see improvement in their sound. Polka Della Polizia, Café Turco, Ohi Marie, Tamboo, and Caccia Alle Streghe are my favorites in the album. It is highly suggested album.
  • Fez Club (2007) is my favorite album of Figli Di Madre Ignota. Sound and combination with the other styles were arranged perfectly. They also added Balkan brass rhythms to their funny music. Fanfara Mocvara is my favorite song in the album. I believe that you will be willing to dance after listening it. Ole Ole, Fantapolitika, Dady Lolo, Nema Problema Tourist and Falafel Express are my favorite songs in the album. I suggest this album extremely. Do not lose it!
  • Combat Disco Casbah (2010) is a special album that it includes some musicians like Tod Ashley, Uri Brauner from Boom Pam, and Tamir Muskat. Some musicians from Middle East also attended the album as guest performers. Senor Columbo, Combat Disco Casbah, Exxxotica, (Tromba Ignota Vs.) Bruce Lee, Drop the Rock and Spider Rumbita are my favorites. I suggest the album extremely.


Figli Di Madre Ignota is a unique and funny band to satisfy your expectation from a band performs mixture of Balkan music and rock elements. I suggest the band extremely to have a great time with their amazing music and hot rhythms. You could buy their albums from their official website.

Bye for now!

Animal Confession: Perfect Alternative Rock from Canada

animal-confession-and-andrew-gharib-alternative-rockEveryday, I meet new groups from all over the world. Today, our guest is Animal Confession from Ottawa, Canada. If you like, alternative and hard rock influenced by 90’s sound, the exciting band will fascinate you. They describe themselves that their music combines Deftones’ toughness with Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure’s moodiness. There are many bands describe themselves as this way. Animal Confession is one of the bands deserves this description. I heard many ordinary bands’ music in alternative genres that they ape well-known bands from past and present. The band is not a band performs the same lack of creativity. Animal Confession has a unique sound that they show difference between influence and aping. You could listen to a song from their upcoming album. If you visit their official website, you could find more songs to listen.

Ottawa based group Animal Confession original lineup is Andrew Gharib (vocals, guitar) and Patrick Quesnel (bass). They are very talented musicians that they will carry their sound and music to higher levels. You will enjoy hearing Andrew Gharib’s unique riffs and vocal. Andrew gives credits Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), The Edge (U2), Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) for creating their sound. Their music also resembles A Perfect Circle to me. I am happy to discover a group performs their own unique sound with perfect vocals. One of the best elements in their music is using psychedelic elements. I expect to hear many songs include psychedelic riffs and vocals. I believe that the band will be a big band in the future. I hope I can see them in Istanbul.


If you are fan of alternative music, if you try to find new and fresh sound, do not lose Animal Confession. Their 90’s influenced unique sound will fascinate you. Please visit the band’s official website to listen more songs. Do not forget to buy their upcoming album. You will meet with a unique band.

Bye for now!

Special note: The song named in Epidemic has been added upon permission of Animal Confession.

Patrick Joseph

About: Patrick Joseph

Patrick Joseph is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Joseph got his start in music performing in and out of various bands in the Pittsburgh area and collaborating with different songwriters before finally finding his own path as a solo artist at the age of twenty-one, playing acoustic gigs in and around the Pittsburgh region while writing and recording demos of his original material.

With the help of social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook, Patrick Joseph’s self-recorded demos circulated the internet, receiving positive reviews and gaining a steady internet fan-base which inspired him to release a compilation of these demos in 2007 entitled The Basement Tapes EP. The Basement Tapes EP was distributed through indie music site where it received top-ratings from fans and is now sold out and out-of-print. “I never intended on putting those songs out there as prematurely as I did,” he explains, “But it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Those songs were all just sketches of my early moments as a songwriter, the first steps of exploration.”

After nearly two years of playing shows and writing in the Pittsburgh region, Joseph decided it was time for new horizons. “There’s a certain ceiling you feel that you hit in the smaller cities,” he explains. “Even if you don’t actually hit the ceiling full-on, you can see it and become aware of it and it makes you anxious, nervous, a little antsy. I saw the ceiling of Pittsburgh from below and thought maybe I should plant my roots someplace a little bigger, a little brighter.” Taking his own advice, in the fall of 2008 he replanted himself across the country in Los Angeles, California and currently resides in the neighborhood of Los Feliz.

During August of 2009, Patrick Joseph’s song “Arsonist Blues” was featured in an online contest at indie music website Sponsored by Spin Magazine, Hennessy, Epic Records and Gibson Guitars, the contest was based on fan voting and boasted a recording contract as top prize. Amongst two-thousand entries, “Arsonist Blues” won first prize in the fan head-to-head competition, receiving praise from both fans and judges such as acclaimed singer-songwriter Butch Walker and current editor of Spin Magazine Doug Brod. This prompted an offer to sign with budding indie label Original Signal Records (Ingrid Michaelson, Butch Walker), but after careful consideration Joseph declined to sign. “It wasn’t the right thing, the right time. I was just in the process of moving cross-country and I really wanted to keep my options open.”

A gifted composer, arranger, songwriter, performer and producer, Patrick Joseph even adds recording his own material to his list of tasks. “I never really wanted to be my own recording engineer or producer,” he muses. “It just kind of fell on me and now I’m stuck under it, it’s something I’ve always done though. I guess it just came out of necessity. Once you get the reigns of a certain degree of power it’s hard to get used to letting go though, manipulating the songs and not having to run ideas through another filter before they hit the tape. There’s only a certain amount of processing, a certain number of tasks that can travel through the human brain at any particular time at once and if you don’t delegate or organize those tasks then you’re due for some kind of a meltdown.” When asked about the idea of collaborating with a producer in the future he responded, “Oh absolutely yes, that’s the goal, I suppose - to find someone I really respect musically and can operate on the same page with. I look forward to the day when I can bounce ideas and create a chemistry with someone in the studio. Or having someone to hit ‘record’ would be a nice start, too.”

In November 2010, Joseph released his debut full-length album Antiques.  "It's been a long time coming, but it feels great to get those songs off of my conscience and out in the open air breathing on their own instead of living off of digesting the gray matter in my own head," he explains.  "I spent some good time mixing them, re-treating some old tracks and adding some new ones and I think it's a pretty great little record.  Adam Ayan (Foo Fighters, Incubus, Rolling Stones) at Gateway Mastering mastered it up over there in Maine and did a phenominal job - it sounds superb."

In January 2011, Patrick Joseph was nominated for The Deli Magazine's "Top Emerging Artists of 2011," a fan-based voting poll that was held on their website,  Joseph finished as the runner-up vote recepient for the city of Los Angeles.

2011 offered Joseph's Antiques multiple placements in TV and film, namely features on MTV, FuseTV On Demand, and select tracks from the album featured in the 2012 Sundance Film Festival submission The Boys of Abu Ghraib starring Sean Astin.

When he's not touring or recording, you can catch Patrick Joseph performing live around Southern California.  Keep an eye out for upcoming tour dates as well.
Currently, Joseph now has his sights set on tracking his second full-length studio album entitled Moon King, release date TBA.

He is also working on a brand-new EP release of select cover songs entitled Stranger's Shoes with Lucas Martinez, release date TBA.  Each track from Stranger's Shoes will have its very own YouTube video posted, including already-popular covers he's performed such as Radiohead's "Idioteque" and "Feeling Good."

On November 22nd, 2011, Joseph released an EP entitled Relics, an acoustic interpretation of select tracks from Antiques.  The EP embodies the live acoustic sound he cultivated while performing at venues around Los Angeles in 2011.

2012 brought Patrick Joseph around the continent from the Temecula Valley and Burbank International Film Festivals, SXSW 2012 Music Festival in Austin, TX, CE Cutting Edge Conference in New Orleans, to the NXNE 2012 Music Festival in Toronto, CA and CMJ 2012 in New York.

Antiques and Relics are available on iTunes and Amazon, as well as virtually every digital distribution outlet on the web and of course, hard copies are available here at

Patrick Joseph is currently unsigned.

Patrick Joseph – Official Website
Patrick Joseph - MySpace
Patrick Joseph - Reverbnation
Patrick Joseph - Soundcloud
Patrick Joseph - Facebook
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Patrick Joseph - Tumblr
Patrick Joseph – World United Music
Patrick Joseph - YouTube
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Patrick Joseph - Official Store
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Patrick Joseph – Last FM


“I like the grit in his vocals and the songwriting is very strong. Nice to see that he gives as much thought to the lyrics as to the instrumentation. That he did this all himself makes this doubly impressive.”
Doug Brod, editor, Spin Magazine

"The album includes "Arsonist Blues," a song that landed him an offer from Original Signal records and has him sounding like the grittier, spirtual successor to Jeff Buckly's throne."
-Angelo Lorenzo, The Deli Magazine

"Joseph has a way with words, and “Don’t Believe It” is lyrically and musically robust, with not a single note wasted or out of place."
- NME Magazine

"My only hope is that the world will get back to appreciating real music so this Patrick
Joseph can shine like the star he is."

-Shaine Freeman, IAE Magazine

"We’re completely charmed by what Joseph brings to the vocal booth, a tone as warmly sexy as Donovan Leitch."
-Michael Verity,

"This is the thinly-veiled dichotomy of Patrick Joseph's music - while his lyrics and vocal performance can appear bitter or downtrodden, the music is so pure and whimsical that it will ultimately leave you with a smile on your face."
-Mark Morton, Music Emissions

"He probably wrote a song about every feeling anyone has ever experienced — big or small, infamous or secret"
-Seraphina, Buzz Bands LA

"That's Patrick Joseph. Never heard of him? No worries. The L.A.-based singer-songwriter's first album, 'Antiques,' was released this month, and if there's justice in the world, you'll know his name soon enough."

"...His top-notch songs are decorated with rock 'n' roll, folk and lush pop, and drenched in the truth."

"This work is clearly all heart. Rockin’ folk with a touch of brilliance, Joseph has a solid song-writing talent. His gravelly vocals mixed with dreamy melodies and lyrics you want to follow make for an impressive listen."
-Jenness Mitchell, Alloa Advertiser

Independent Music Awards Interview - March 2011

The Deli Magazine - Patrick Joseph Sheds Layers In Breakthrough Video - September 2011



La Mano Ajena: Balkan Music Meets Latin Rhythms

la-mano-ajena-gypsy-balkan-klezmer-from-chileToday, I would like to introduce a band from Chile. I really enjoy writing this blog that I met some musicians. Last week I met The Freak Fandango Orchestra from Spain and wrote about them. This week I met with an interesting and funny band La Mano Ajena from Chile. After I heard their music, I fell in love with their songs. Their eclectic and hybrid sound fuses Eastern Europe sound like Balkan music, gypsy music, klezmer and jazz manouche with Latin music elements like cha-cha-cha, cumbia, mambo, rumba and tango. You also could hear rock rhythms in some of their songs. I like bands perform Balkan and gypsy music, nonetheless their musical diversity is very good that they combine European and Latin sound successfully. I have added four songs from their three albums. I believe that you will enjoy hearing La Mano Ajena’s unique music and hybrid sound. You could listen and buy their albums from their website.

La Mano Ajena consists of seven multi instrumentalist musicians. Instrumental variety setup well that you hear typical Balkan music, modern music and Latin music instruments together. Saxophone, guitar, piccolo flute, keyboard, theremin, melodica, violin, marimba, accordion, clarinet, drums, darbuka and djembe, bass and double bass are leading instruments we could hear in their music. Although lyrics are generally in Spanish, it is possible to find some lyrics in Yiddish, Hebrew, French and English. I suggest them using some Turkish and Greek instruments to enhance their musical variety and diversity, although their musical diversity is perfect.

La Mano Ajena joined many concerts in some countries like Spain, Denmark, Serbia, and Argentina. They shared the stage with Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra and Gogol Bordello. In 2008, Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra asked them to join their show in Santiago. After this performance, Emir Kusturica invited them to participate in Kustendorf Film Festival held in Serbia. La Mano Ajena was the first and only one group joined the festival from Latin America. They were invited once again to share the stage with Emir Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra in 2009. The band will be on tour in Europe in July 2012. I hope they could come to Turkey with my favorite director Emir Kusturica and his band The No Smoking Orchestra.


La Mano Ajena has three albums. You could buy their albums from their website. It is appreciated band that you will never feel regret to buy their albums. Let us see their discography and some of my suggestions.

La Mano Ajena (2005) is a successful debut album that the work made in Chile first time. It is easy to understand the band consists of talented musicians. I could say female vocals are perfect. I really enjoyed hearing Ashrenu (Doyna), Favella, Wewo, Tango A La Django and Joropo songs from the album.

Radio Galena (2008) is the album that the band improved their sound and added some new instruments. I suggest the album extremely. The album contains more Chilean elements. Café Turco, La Balada Del Hombre Invisible, Camimar, Psicomambo Cha Cha Cha, Cumbia Klezmer and Declaracion de Principios are my favorites in the album. Do not lose the album.

Raza Quimera (2011) is a perfect album that they added some rock elements in some songs. Their songs got better with electric guitars fascinating sound. Raza Quimera, Novus Ordo Seclorum, Loco Loco, Eskil’s Cow, Spaguetti Klezmer, Fabula, and Kasidishe Nigun are my favorites. It is an extremely suggested album.

La Mano Ajena is a great band from Chile that they combines Balkan, gypsy and klezmer music elements with Latin music melodies. I really appreciate their musical understanding and diversity. You could listen and buy their albums from their official website. Do not lose the successful band!

Bye for now!

Special Note: Audio materials are put into the blog upon permission of the band.

Daniel Léo Simpson

Daniel Léo Simpson – Official Website
Daniel Léo Simpson - MySpace
Daniel Léo Simpson – Classical Archives
Daniel Léo Simpson - ChoralNet
Daniel Léo Simpson – Composer - Facebook
Daniel Léo Simpson - Facebook!/danielleosimpson
Daniel Léo Simpson - Twitter!/ScorePerfect
Daniel Léo Simpson - iLike


Daniel Léo Simpson - YouTube

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Daniel Léo Simpson - iTunes

About: Daniel Léo Simpson

Daniel Leo Simpson, an American Composer with a flair for creating "contagious" and engaging music, specializes in unusual, interesting and dynamic works of every genre. From concerti and symphonies to commercials and film music, he is distinguishing himself as unique in his field. He has had extensive music training, having studied under such esteemed American composers as Robert McBride and Robert Muczynski. Mr. Simpson holds a Masters degree in Theory and Composition from the University of Arizona in addition to holding both Elementary and Music Teaching Credentials from Arizona State University and a California State Teaching Credential in Music Education.

He was also accepted for study at the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, where under the tutelage of Henry Mancini, Bill Conti, Joe Harnel, and Allyn Ferguson, he mastered the craft of writing music for motion pictures. There he worked as a commissioned artist creating music for featured films, television talk shows and commercials. In addition to his creative genius, Mr. Simpson has received recognition as a well established and brilliant computer music software expert, gaining the praise and confidence of such notables as Carlos Rodriquez with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Tom "Bones" Malone from Paul Shaffer's CBS Orchestra with the David Letterman Show, Akira Endo of the Miami City Ballet and guest conductor for the San Francisco Ballet, and Barry Manilow among others.

Currently, some of his commissioned works have already been premiered in the San Francisco Bay area while others are presently being prepared to be showcased by bay area musicians. Most recently, his work “Poéme” for Cello and Orchestra was performed at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts by the El Camino Youth Symphony with world renowned cellist Michail Gelfandbein as soloist.

Contact Info:

Daniel Leo Simpson
3271 Brittan Ave
San Carlos, CA 94070


Yothu Yindi: Aboriginal Rock and Pop from Australia

yothu-yindi-aborigin-rock-group-australiaToday, I would like to introduce an aboriginal rock group from Australia. Yothu Yindi is an Australian band formed with aborigine and non-aborigine members. The band combines aspect of aboriginal culture with contemporary rock elements. They use some typical aboriginal instruments like yidaki and bilma. Those traditional instruments make their music fascinating. They make songs about aboriginal culture that you could know more about aborigines. Yothu Yindi presents the strength of aboriginal culture, presenting the other people throughout the world to appreciate and enjoy aspects of that ancient aboriginal culture. They also adapted Yolngu dance to their music. Yothu Yindi is one of the best groups I discovered recently.

This video has been created with Creative Commons License. For more information

Yothu Yindi’s music is fascinating that it is possible to hear aspects of aboriginal music in contemporary music. Although the band performs rock, you also could hear some pop and dance music elements combined with cultural items. Translation of the band’s name is child and mother in local language. I really appreciate using yidaki and some traditional instruments in their music. Yidaki has an impressive sound that makes their sound authentic. Lyrics promote need for mutual respect and understanding in the coming together of different cultures. Many music authorities in Australia awarded the band in different nominations.

The band was formed in 1986 and they released some albums with different members. They still keep founder members Mandawuy Yunupingu and Stuart Kellaway. They could not play recently due to Yunupingu’s health problem. Let us see Yothu Yindi discography and my suggestions.

  • Homeland Movement (1988) is a successful debut album that you could find many traditional influenced songs with rock elements.
  • Tribal Voice (1991) is one of my favorites. I suggest Mainstream song extremely. Do not lose the song. It is perfect. Treaty, Gapirri, Dharta and Hope are my favorites. You also could hear some traditional songs from aboriginal culture.
  • Freedom (1993) is my other favorite album that I suggest Yolngu Boy song extremely. I also suggest all songs in the album. This album will fascinate you.
  • Birrkuta - Wild Honey (1996)
  • One Blood (1998)
  • Garma (2000) is the last album of Yothu Yindi. Although this album contains less aboriginal elements, I like many songs. You also could find more pop elements in the album. I suggest Good Medicine, Calling Every Nation, Community Life and Fire are my favorites. I really like the album’s sound and female vocals. I suggest the album highly.

yothu-yindi-tribal-voice-album yothu-yindi-freedom-album

Yothu Yindi is a perfect band from Australia. You will enjoy hearing aboriginal elements with contemporary rock and pop. Please visit the band’s website to buy their album and get to know more about the band. It will be a good discover for you.

Bye for now!

Beirut: Balkan Music Influenced Indie Rock

beirut-balkan-music-indie-rockToday I would like to write something about a young musician’s band Beirut. Beirut is an American group formed by Zach Condon. He is very young and successful musician. He is only 25 and he created appreciated works. He used to play trumpet in a jazz band before he formed Beirut. His music combines world music and indie rock elements successfully. He met Balkan Music during his trip to Europe. Some musicians like Goran Bregovic and Boban Markovic affected him. He was also interested in local music and musicians. His subsequent explorations shaped his musical structure and development. I could say that Zach Condon and his band Beirut is one of the most important musicians in world music with the great fusion of Balkan Music and indie rock. Their music does not only contain funny Balkan Music songs. Some of their songs will take you to another world.

This video has been created with Creative Commons License. It is not a subject of copyright.

Beirut’s instrumental variety is impressive that they use modern and local instruments together. They use trumpet, flugelhorn, ukulele, accordion, cello, melodica, percussion, glockenspiel, French horn, trombone, tuba, and many instruments with modern music instruments. Instrumental variety is one of the most important items their musical diversity. Zach Condon plays trumpet, flugelhorn, ukulele, euphonium, mandolin, accordion, and various keyboard instruments. After Zach came back from Europe, he studied in the university. During this period, Zach formed Beirut with his friends. He also recruited some of his friends to play in live shows. Although some of members left the band, new members did not change the band’s musicality negatively. They improve their sound continuously. Zach also have some side projects that he performs different genres like electronic.

Beirut has some albums and EP’s. Some of his EP’s are in album size. Let us see Beirut discography and some of my suggestions.

Studio Albums

  • Gulag Orkestar (2006) is a successful debut album. Balkan Music elements combined with modern elements perfectly. I suggest this album extremely. The Gulag Orkestar, Brandenburg, Postcards from Italy and The Canals of Our City are my favorites. Balkan Music elements in sentimental way will fascinate you.
  • The Flying Club Cup (2007) contains more Balkan brass band and indie rock elements. It is also my favorite album. Nantes, A Sunday Smile, In the Mausoleum, and St. Apollonia are my favorites. Do not lose the album.
  • The Rip Tide (2011) is the last album of Beirut. It contains less Balkan Music elements, more indie rock. I also suggest the album highly. The Rip Tide, Vagabond, and Payne’s Bay are my favorites.

beirut-gulag-orkestar-album beirut-the-flying-club-cup-album beirut-march-of-the-zapotec-holland-ep


  • The Guns of Brixton / Interior of a Dutch House (2006) is an EP made with Calexico.
  • Lon Gisland (2007)
  • Pompeii EP (2007)
  • Elephant Gun EP (2007)
  • March of the Zapotec/Holland EP (2009) contains 11 songs like an album. It is influenced by Zach’s Mexico trip. Holland section of the EP contains electronic elements. I suggest it highly.

Beirut has two DVD’s. Cheap Magic Inside released in 2007, and Beirut: Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg released in 2009. I suggest the first one highly.

Beirut is a successful band that I suggest it extremely. Their songs will take you to another world. Please visit their website to listen to Beirut songs’ preview and buy their albums. Do not lose the magical albums and EP’s.

Bye for now.

Squirrel Nut Zippers: Neo Swing Revival Era

squirrel-nut-zippers-neo-swing-bandSquirrel Nut Zippers is a funny neo swing band from the United States. In the late 90’s, I heard a song in a famous TV show in Turkey. It is very funny and enjoyable music that everybody liked it. After I met Squirrel Nut Zippers’ song named in Hell, I also met with their impressive music. In the middle of the 90’s, neo swing was very popular. This era was called as Swing Revival in world music stage. There were many groups and performers that some of rockabilly performers like Brian Setzer also performed neo swing. It is also possible to find neo swing with electronic elements. Their style is eclectic fusion of blues, jazz, 30’s swing, klezmer and gypsy music. Squirrel Nut Zippers created their unique sound with fusion of classic and modern elements.

This video have been used upon permission of Squirrel Nut Zippers. Visit for more items.

Squirrel Nut Zippers formed by James Mathus, Katharine Whalen, Chris Phillips, Don Raleigh and Ken Mosher in 1993. Although some members were replaced with the new ones, the band’s unique sound has never changed. We only remember several groups of artist from Swing Revival era and Squirrel Nut Zippers is one of them. Musical diversity is very important to have an international recognition. There were many bands played the same music without any diversity and variety. The band’s musicality and musical diversity make the band well known and world-class band in neo swing genre. Instrumental variety is also very good that you could hear banjo, ukulele, trumpet, and canjo with modern jazz instruments like trombone, violin, double bass, drum, saxophone, and piano. Canjo is very interesting instrument that you could make it yourself. Google it!


Squirrel Nut Zippers have six studio albums, one best of album and one live album. Their last album was released in 2000. After Swing Revival era finished, they didn’t make any album due to members pursued another projects or solo career. Some of the member released their solo albums during this period. Please find discography of the band and some of my suggestions.

  • The Inevitable (1995) is a successful debut album.
  • Hot (1996) is their well know album that it is my favorite. Do not lose the extremely suggested album. Hell is the best song in the album. Put a Lid on It, Memphis Exorcism and Princess Nez are my favorite songs.
  • Sold Out (1997) is very good album that it is highly suggested album. Bedlam Ballroom and Palling with Al songs are my favorites.
  • Roasted Right (1997) it is an EP.
  • Perennial Favorites (1998) is my other favorite album. Ghost Of Stephen Foster is the best song. Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter, Trou Macacq, Suits Are Picking up the Bill and Soon are my favorite songs.
  • Christmas Caravan (1998)
  • Bedlam Ballroom (2000) is the last studio album that its sound resembles a bit Rock n Roll. Bedlam Ballroom, Baby Wants A Diamond Ring, and Do It This A Way are my favorites.
  • The Best of Squirrel Nut Zippers (2002)
  • Lost at Sea (2009) is a live album.

squirrel-nut-zippers-perennial-favorites-album squirrel-nut-zippers-hot-album

Squirrel Nut Zippers is a funny swing band that their songs make me feel very good. I expect a new album from them. Maybe they could start the second Swing Revival era. You could visit their website to find more materials about them. You also could buy their albums. Special thanks to Chris that he told me I could use their videos on my blog.

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About: Gwamba

Defying description, but easily accessible. Incredibly deep, but dangerously shallow. In many publications and reviews the word "unique" appears, but is not necessarily their definition of unique.

Lyrical stories infused with thick dark E.V.P's trapped within a music that is heavy, but not in the conventional sense of the word. Possessed mainstay members MUSHAGA, and GWAMBA are sometimes visited by wood toting ghosts, but more times than not a programmable humanoid that go's by the name "machine".

When probed as to what category they fall into their response is sharp, and direct, "DON'T LABEL US, WERE NOT DONE YET"! Gwamba and Mushaga feel much more akin to the savageries and modern day hobo proclivity of the road as apposed to the safe confines of a normal stay at home robot glass tit lifestyle. Using both outdated infinite trigabyte computer systems, and modern day magnetic tape on head analog sound capturing techniques, their available to the public craft-work catalog is vast, yet compatible to any in the moment ear, or searching for yesteryear soul. Staying true to the teachings of their larger than life, but incredibly humble mentors,"BRACK", and "EMERIL" united as one shooting the fig to anyone or anything that may unsuccessfully attempt road blocking there destiny, Gwamba: The band is forever on the verge of a bro-down with every, and all life forms, for music truly is, their medication! ~ Dell Tearcut, New York Tribune

Leigh Nash

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About: Leigh Nash

Leigh Nash is perhaps best known as the pixie-like singer with the heavenly voice from Sixpence None the Richer, a CCM group that enjoyed considerable fame in 1999 with the single "Kiss Me." She had started the band at age 14 with schoolmate Matt Slocum.

Nearly half her life later, at age 27, Sixpence None the Richer split, albeit on good terms. Before the band called it quits, Nash had often considered working solo, if and when she would be band-less. Though the end of Sixpence left her a little distraught, Nash realized it was time to move on, and she and her husband moved from Nashville to Los Angeles.

Soon after, Nash gave birth to a son. She decided to return to her roots a little, which consisted of Christian and country music, though she remained in touch with her pop influences. Nash's original musical inspiration came from classic country heroines Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, and Tanya Tucker whose songs she used to learn on guitar long before the Sixpence days. With motherhood as an inspiration, she recorded Blue on Blue and moved back to Nashville to join Movement Nashville, a recently formed collective of musicians geared toward expelling the myth that Nashville's music scene consists only of country and Christian music. Blue on Blue was released in August of 2006. ~ Megan Frye, All Music Guide

On November 15th 2011, Leigh Nash released Hymns & Sacred Songs, marking her rediscovery of the sacred songs that stirred her imagination long before she became a recording star.

Nash grew up singing in church, but it wasn’t what you might think. She wasn’t the golden-haired angel singing the solo in the Christmas pageant. She was the girl in the pew just beginning to discover her own voice.

That shy young girl from New Braunfels, Texas, would grow up to become the unforgettable Grammy-nominated voice behind such pop hits as “Kiss Me,” “There She Goes” and “Breathe Your Name” as lead vocalist for Sixpence None the Richer.

Nash’s professional successes notwithstanding, life has offered up its share of personal challenges in recent years: the joyful arrival of her son Henry, a painful divorce, and the death of her father. And in the midst of all of it, Leigh has discovered the reality of God’s grace and comfort firsthand. “Before all this, I always felt a little self-conscious singing in church, a little awkward trying to sing the melodies. I think a big part of me didn’t feel worthy to be a conduit for such sacred hymns and songs, but now, because of what I have been through, I see it differently. To discover that songs written hundreds of years ago are still so inspiring and relevant to my life, that grace is most real when you need it most, I honestly felt every word on this record.”

Mode Plagal: Greek Ethno Jazz Meets Turkish Music

If you like Ethno Jazz and music combines new and old, you would like Mode Plagal. It is a group from our neighbor Greece. They perform traditional Greek music fused with Jazz, Funk and the other genres. I like Ethno Jazz genre that it make us meet different cultures music and instruments with modern elements. It must be separated from Ethnic Music definitely. Ethnic Music only targets fans or people who enjoy hearing ethnic melodies. Many people could think that it is a boring music, although it is not. Ethno Jazz’s target is a bit larger by using traditional elements with modern items. It is also good way to make people like jazz. I like Greek traditional music that to hear it in the jazz forms made me feel very good.

Athens based group Mode Plagal was founded in 1990. Their first two albums are instrumental albums that you could hear traditional music in jazz and funk forms. They added vocal to their music in the third album. They have another album that I would like to talk about it. They made an album with Turkish musicians. It is the perfect fusion of Turkish and Greek music with modern elements. Mode Plagal had collaborations with many artist and performers and they joined countless festivals and organizations. I also suggest you to see their live performance.

The band has five studio albums.

  • Mode Plagal (1995)
  • Mode Plagal II (1998)
  • Mode Plagal III (2001)
  • Beyond the Bosphorus (2003)
  • In The Belly Of The Beast (2010)

Although their all albums are suggested highly, I would like to talk about their album Beyond the Bosphorus. The album recorded with Turkish ethno jazz band Bosphorus Project in Athens and Istanbul. I wrote an article about Turkish ethno jazz project Hijazz. Click here to read it. You meet with Turkish Classical Music in Jazz forms. Bosphorus Project is a jazz band blends Turkish traditional music with modern jazz. The band also includes some musicians from Hijazz Project. Mode Plagal members met with them and decided to make an album together. Finally, they made a perfect ethno jazz album.

You could find Turkish and Greek traditional melodies with modern jazz elements. Mode Plagal and Bosphorus Project made a masterpiece album that all world music fans should buy it. Although some of the songs are traditional songs, you could also hear some modern songs. I could say some of their songs are highly psychedelic. Beyond the Bosphorus is highly appreciated album that it attracts your feelings. You could hear well-arranged songs with a perfect female vocal. Ey Zahit, For Sappho, Itinerary, Shuttle Boats, Tatavla and The Tumult of Torrents are appreciated songs in the album.

Mode Plagal is an exciting ethno jazz band from Greece. Their music connects old and new, east and west, traditional and modern. Visit their website to listen some of their song and watch their live performance videos.

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Amy McCann

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BIO: Amy McCann

Amy McCann is a musician with a broad range of musical interests from classical to folk to rock. She is a multi-instrumentalist singer- songwriter who draws inspiration from nature. Amy may be found walking pretty much any dirt path in Canada and anyone who knows her from her Youtube channel (amccann7) will see this in many of her videos.

Amy was trained as a classical violinist as a child, coming from a very musical family. As a teenager, she began to love bands like Led Zeppelin and switched to acoustic guitar and mandolin. She learned finger-picking blues from famous Toronto Folkie Mose Scarlet before playing in Northern California for several years. Amy then returned to classical taking a guitar performance degree at McGill University in Montreal, while raising 3 children. Amy now runs a small but devoted music studio and performs occasionally as a classical & folk-rock soloist, and with her folk ensemble Hazy Maidens with vocalist Julie McCann.

Although she collaborates frequently with wonderful musicians all over the planet, she is also known to record entire songs herself because she sometimes feels she just has to get the song out. This means all the instruments (guitar, violin, piano, drums) and vocals. Arguably, her greatest musical quality is her ability to emotionally ignite anything she plays.

Finally, Amy is an accomplished artist that specializes in watercolor/oils. Again, her themes tend to be nature-based and organic. Her art, which displays a love of nature’s mysteries and magic, has even attracted the attention of scientists who have commissioned her for specific paintings. She also studied stained-glass making while living in Montreal and designs her own patterns.

Oi Va Voi: Yiddish Music Meets Contemporary Elements

oi-va-voi-yiddish-music-englandDo you know the band Oi Va Voi from England? If you have never heard their music, it is time to know them. A London based band Oi Va Voi performs music that it cannot be described in only one genre. They build rock, Eastern Europe music, pop, electronic, Klezmer music, and jazz upon Yiddish music. The sound, excellent vocals, instrumental variety, harmony between combined genres and musicality make Oi Va Voi one of the best music groups still performing. The experimental band from London was founded in late 90’s. Although some musicians have left the band, they are still crowded band with new members. Oi Va Voi will be a band you cannot leave after you meet their charming music. I still cannot forget their song Refugee. You could some preview songs and videos on their MySpace profile. Just click here and meet with Oi Va Voi’s magical world. A special note that Oi Va Voi means Oh My God in Yiddish language. You would say this after you hear their music. Listen Refugee and Yuri first, and then watch the video named in Magic Carpet.

You could hear wide range of instruments like guitar, mandolin, drum, percussion, bass, clarinet, trumpet, violin, piano, and accordion. Female vocals are perfect that you will agree with me after you hear Refugee. Some of their songs are very funny, but some of their songs will take you to another world. Their music is magical. The band also worked with some musicians like Anna Phoebe, Earl Zinger, and Haylie Ecker. Anna Phoebe is a great violinist that I will write about her soon. She has a perfect rock album with her violin. Oi Va Voi’s music is mixture of modern music genres and eastern music elements like Yiddish music and Klezmer.


Although their studio performance is perfect, I suggest you to see their live performance. I am very lucky that they came to Istanbul many times, and I could see them several times. The band’s live performance is excellent. You could spend a good time, while you are listening to them. Check their tour dates from their website. If they come to your city, do not lose their concert. They will deserve what you pay!

Oi Va Voi has four studio albums. Let me give you some suggestions about their discography.

Digital Folklore (2002) is their debut album. It is successful debut album that some of the songs in the album rearranged in the next album. This album also contains more electronic elements that do not compare with the other albums. A Csitari Hegyek Alatt and Tatar Love Song are my favorites in the debut album.

Laughter Through Tears (2003) is the second album that the band improved their sound. They created professional sound in the album. Klezmer and Eastern Europe melodies will fascinate you. Refugee is the best song the album that it is also their well-known song. Ladino Song, Yesterday's Mistakes, Hora and D'Ror Yikra are my favorites. Do not lose the album!

oi-va-voi-laughter-through-tears-album oi-va-voi-self-titled-album

Oi Va Voi (2007) is a self titled album. It is extremely suggested album that it is over genres. Yuri is my favorite song in the album. Balkanik, Black Sheep, Dissident and Look Down are my other favorite songs from the album.

Travelling the Face of the Globe (2009) is the last album of Oi Va Voi. You also could find songs take you to different world. Travelling the Face of the Globe, S’brent, Magic Carpet, and Long Way from Home are my favorites.

You will enjoy hearing Oi Va Voi’s magical music. If you have never met with them, it is time to meet. Go to their profile and meet their music and videos. Do not lose the band.

Bye for now!

Sofa City Sweetheart

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BIO: Sofa City Sweetheart

Sofa City Sweetheart, stage name of multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter J. Lopez, sounds like Ray Davies, John Lennon and Elliott Smith having a three-way.

From Maddog Magazine:

"J. Lopez is a songwriter, performer, producer, and sound engineer and his talents are collectively known as Sofa City Sweetheart. Successfully tapping into that 60's California pop sound he creates fetching melodies in his songs that retain a tongue-in-cheek edge. Of course, Lopez needed some help to fill out his debut EP. The operatic background vocals, violin, cello, and nicely compressed drums are provided by a company of musicians who make Sofa City Sweetheart sound like a band rather than a one-man effort."

“A melodic marvel… Look for this one high up the year-end EP list.”
Steve Farra, Absolute Powerpop

“I’m not sure what the “J” stands for, but the five songs populating Sofa City Sweetheart’s eponymous EP stand for decadent, harmonious pop of the highest order. Backed by a handful of classically trained (I’m assuming) musicians, Lopez splits the difference between the orchestral pop of Heavy Blinkers and the hushed musings of Elliott Smith. Whether accompanied by strings piano, or both, this promising balladeer tugs at all the right heartstrings and possesses more potential than most of the artists I’ve critiqued in this issue combined.” – Neal Agneta, The Big Takeover

“Lopez pays attention to the teachings of the master pop songwriters and overcooks nothing. He takes from the Kinks what The Thrills take from the Beach Boys. Sofa City Sweetheart’s EP has good shape and progression, is loaded with melody and has an attractive, relaxed nature… it is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.” – Ben Wood, Maddog Magazine

"Sofa City Sweetheart has a knack for that irresistible Macca song structure." – Music RX

“This is the music that plays to remind everyone how sweet it is. J. Lopez is Sofa City Sweetheart and his voice is one of the sweetest going around.”
Joseph Tuesday, Even in the Future Nothing Works

“Never heard of this band before because it’s not actually a band, it’s the work of one J. Lopez, an Angelino who has a way with sweet melodies. Only 5 songs here but it’s enough of a taste to want a second helping. You have to hear the gorgeous “Maria.” For fans of Elliott Smith.” – Tim Hinely,

"Nearly every track I've heard is pop/folk sweetness. There's a late 60's vein with enough modern pop flare to make this infectious and well worth a few spins around the block." –

"Reminds me of the elegance and eloquence of the late 1960s."
Maarten Schiethart,
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