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About: Matt Haeck

Matt Haeck keeps an ear studiously and respectfully trained on those men and women, both living and long dead, who give us our rich heritage of American music. Matt has lived in every major region of America, but he and his music have made their way to Nashville. He comfortably assimilates northern soul, west coast harmonies, east coast pop and Midwest rock into his brand of southern Americana. The stories these places tell combine with influences from Wilco and Stephen Foster to Cormac McCarthy and the Old Testament to form the substance of Matt's songs.

In January of this year Matt released a new EP, Western States. The seven songs on the album explore thoughts of running, loving, losing, and longing. "The EP's lyrical content and musical fluidity make it timeless and make Matt Haeck one of the finest up-and-comers making music these days." (


- Pair of Sirens, 2008
- Western States, January 2010


- Best New Acoustic Artist, 2008 San Diego HAT Awards
- Honorable Mention, 2009 Billboard World Song Contest

"It's not often a musician comes out of nowhere to take you by surprise with his music. That musician this time is Matt Haeck, and this EP, his second release, is one of the most satisfying listens you will receive. His folksy American roots music is familiar yet still original and is delivered in an accessible way so that any music fan can appreciate it. 'Drug Like The Ocean' is lyrically awesome and is further accented by the earthy instrumentation. The other songs on the EP range from ambient and light to deep and dark. On 'Banks And Murder,' Haeck sings about an extreme account of how tough economic times can grab a hold of someone. The EP's lyrical content and musical fluidity make it timeless and make Matt Haeck one of the finest up-and-comers making music these days."

"The [Western States] EP travels familiar Americana, Alt-Country territory, but don’t worry, that’s territory that’s often best with a dose of familiarity, like your favorite pair of worn jeans; they’ve just always been part of your life. Great music of this genre feels familiar in the best possible ways, there is an immediate connection. The twinkling pianos of “The Crow” feel right at home while the reverb soaks you in. The title track feels like family, Haeck’s warm voice floats just above the steel strings. Lyrically, the EP travels the familiar territory of being on the run, broken hearts and hope. But again, this sense of familiarity is far from a downfall.

"This EP has been on repeat the past couple of days and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Highly recommended."

"With only one full release behind him, Haeck already sounds utterly assured....He tells stories that draw you in, some instantly accessible and others needing a drip-like effect to make sense....Haeck’s vocal is warm and easy on the ear. It may mean basic packaging, but his restraint in refusing to pad out these strong songs with weaker ones to make it into a full album is to be applauded. If you don’t buy the whole thing, the title track is a must-download. Watch out for him: Matt Haeck (pronounced Heck) should be around for quite a while."

-The Phantom Tollbooth

"Matt Haeck, a captivating acoustic artist in his own right...has a piercing voice that slices right down to our very core, relying on our ever-so-macho outsides to break down and let him in. Occasionally mixing strings, keys, percussion, etc. in the form of The Quiet Light (his backing band) with that voice, Haeck is sure to make a great mark on the acoustic scene with his stirring pop.

"Haeck falls into the tradition of the singer-songwriter from the time when that moniker meant that the writer was shooting for a profound statement, that the person strumming the guitar in the coffee shop had something important to say. The overall mood of all the songs on Pair of Sirens is ponderous, not downer sort of stuff like early post-Beatles John Lennon Plastic Ono depression, but Haeck has a few things on his mind – sometimes these thoughts are about relationships, sometimes about himself, or sometimes about the great country that we live in – and wants to be taken seriously."

-Paul Hormick, The San Diego Troubadour


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