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About: Gwamba

Defying description, but easily accessible. Incredibly deep, but dangerously shallow. In many publications and reviews the word "unique" appears, but is not necessarily their definition of unique.

Lyrical stories infused with thick dark E.V.P's trapped within a music that is heavy, but not in the conventional sense of the word. Possessed mainstay members MUSHAGA, and GWAMBA are sometimes visited by wood toting ghosts, but more times than not a programmable humanoid that go's by the name "machine".

When probed as to what category they fall into their response is sharp, and direct, "DON'T LABEL US, WERE NOT DONE YET"! Gwamba and Mushaga feel much more akin to the savageries and modern day hobo proclivity of the road as apposed to the safe confines of a normal stay at home robot glass tit lifestyle. Using both outdated infinite trigabyte computer systems, and modern day magnetic tape on head analog sound capturing techniques, their available to the public craft-work catalog is vast, yet compatible to any in the moment ear, or searching for yesteryear soul. Staying true to the teachings of their larger than life, but incredibly humble mentors,"BRACK", and "EMERIL" united as one shooting the fig to anyone or anything that may unsuccessfully attempt road blocking there destiny, Gwamba: The band is forever on the verge of a bro-down with every, and all life forms, for music truly is, their medication! ~ Dell Tearcut, New York Tribune


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