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BIO: Amy McCann

Amy McCann is a musician with a broad range of musical interests from classical to folk to rock. She is a multi-instrumentalist singer- songwriter who draws inspiration from nature. Amy may be found walking pretty much any dirt path in Canada and anyone who knows her from her Youtube channel (amccann7) will see this in many of her videos.

Amy was trained as a classical violinist as a child, coming from a very musical family. As a teenager, she began to love bands like Led Zeppelin and switched to acoustic guitar and mandolin. She learned finger-picking blues from famous Toronto Folkie Mose Scarlet before playing in Northern California for several years. Amy then returned to classical taking a guitar performance degree at McGill University in Montreal, while raising 3 children. Amy now runs a small but devoted music studio and performs occasionally as a classical & folk-rock soloist, and with her folk ensemble Hazy Maidens with vocalist Julie McCann.

Although she collaborates frequently with wonderful musicians all over the planet, she is also known to record entire songs herself because she sometimes feels she just has to get the song out. This means all the instruments (guitar, violin, piano, drums) and vocals. Arguably, her greatest musical quality is her ability to emotionally ignite anything she plays.

Finally, Amy is an accomplished artist that specializes in watercolor/oils. Again, her themes tend to be nature-based and organic. Her art, which displays a love of nature’s mysteries and magic, has even attracted the attention of scientists who have commissioned her for specific paintings. She also studied stained-glass making while living in Montreal and designs her own patterns.


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