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About: Azrock and Pogo

Launched in 2009, Azrock and Pogo is a musical duo represented by the characters Azrock (an eccentric inventor and musical genius) and Pogo (a homeless orphan girl with an angelic voice). It is not known if there is any autobiographical element to the characters in relation to the actual musicians behind Azrock and Pogo.

The characters and story behind them are delivered through their website, where chapters of the book are posted one at a time, along with illustrations from acclaimed artist Meredith Dillman.

The music straddles multiple genres and could arguably be classified as pop, rock, electronica or dance. It also can include strong elements of classical or operatic vocals and arrangements, trip-hop beats and basslines, and a definate retro vibe in various incarnations.

They also boast a unique music industry assault strategy which takes the form of encouraging fans to invest in their productions in return for owning a stake in all Azrock and Pogo profits and assets.

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