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Odin, a great band in the 80s. But! Wakeman had been replaced by synth players with interesting hair, Bonzo&Bruford by a tiny machine thing & guitarists were uncool!
London pubs swapped live music for disco tv pool tables.

The true potential of Odin never came to fruition. It couldn't! We were too late and then again, too early.

Odin had a magic mix of writers, lyricists and players. A good balance clearly heard on Alcatraz. A fully formed piece worked on by all 6 of us. A real band with all of it's imperfections and individuality. Many know John Culley, a supreme professonal with a Strat. Colin Tench just had to keep up with him! Cliff Deighton, an audience favourite and a maniac. He often would complete a song before the rest of us.

Gary Derrick, lyricist, good looker and musician on bass kept things SO solid.
Derek Sanderson(keys) could rustle up a tune while I was tuning my twin-neck. Luke, a great frontman on vocals.

Tough decision to fold the band but it was inevitable. There were no gigs any more!
Derek & John quit the London scene. Odin was done for. Cliff, Gary & Colin decided to form Bun Chakeze. We needed a singer. Not easy! It took 6 months but we landed Joey Lugassy. Like us, he had little time for mindless drivel oozing out of the radio all the time. An amazing voice & depth of feeling plus alot of imagination. We knew we'd never get a decent gig/record deal whatever we did so we just wrote to please ourselves. The album was completed in 1986, then we ceased to exist too! Now we are back and the album is released.

Members: Colin Tench, Gary Derrick, Cliff Deighton, Joey Lugassy, John Culley, Derek Sanderson, Luke Tony

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