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If they didn't know better, even the most hardened Queen fans would think that Freddie Mercury himself had risen from the grave back to the stage. That's because there is a show band out of Dresden that combines unparalleled showmanship and musicianship with a passion for celebrating the music of Queen. It is hard to put in words what magic this music, these melodies create. The musical legacy of Queen is undeniable, and Dresden's MerQury perfectly revive the beauty and power of Queen with pyrotechnics, elaborate wardrobes and sets, and individual flair. Wherever MerQury have performed, at home or abroad, the brilliant combination of faithful reproduction and ground-shaking innovation has won them an ever-increasing audience over the last twelve years around the world.


“Unique among European acts I've ever heard, MerQury brings the classic songs and sounds of Queen to today's stage by mixing elements of groove, jazz and soul with their remarkable showmanship. The trademark voice of lead singer Johnny Zatylny, the lavish props, and the theatrical accents and pyrotechnics have attracted a large following throughout the years - a following that I am sure will continue to grow rapidly. More than anything, this is because the charismatic live shows of MerQury are truly unlike those of any other musical group I've seen in Europe or America, for that matter.” ~ Nathan Thornburgh - Staff Music Writer, The Stranger Newspaper  Seattle, WA US

Management (Europe)


D- 01465 Langebrück, GERMANY
Tel: +49 35201 18459
Fax: + 49 35201 769839

Management (Canada)

Octopus Productions
Willi Jahnke
Box 747, Nakusp, B.C.     V0G 1R0
Phone / Fax: Canada (250) 265-5565



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