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BIO: Elliott Kimmel

By day, I am a high school science teacher (www.zerobio.com). But at any other time, you can find me in the studio writing songs and recording.

I am primarily a singer/guitar player but I try to squeeze some music out of any instrument that I encounter.

My earliest musical influences were singers like Tom Jones and Paul Anka. They set the bar high for me right from the start.

In songwriting, I feel that the melody and lyrics are equally important. Both need to be great to have a great song. When I'm writing a song, once the melody is firmly entrenched, I will spend as long as it takes (hours, days, weeks?) to get the lyrics to where I want them. I want each line of the lyrics to advance the story of the song in a meaningful way.

So here's what I do: step away from the music for a moment and say the lyrics out loud. I don't sing them, I speak them and ask myself, "Do they tell an intelligent story? Are they interesting enough on their own, without music?" If so, then with the right melody they will be dynamite lyrics.

I could go on talking about myself but you know what ... why don't you check out my music, that really is the best way to introduce myself to you. And if you like what you hear, please consider purchasing a song or two.



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