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Although Serundal’s first album ‘Transitions’ was only released in 2006, to those who listen to their music everyday it must seem as if an infinite amount of time has passed.

Since that time six full albums and an E.P have been released and all have been enthusiastically received worldwide. Of course the research, writing and re-writing to produce this music has been developing and growing for many years, and like a tender plant each song like a seed has been lovingly nurtured along the way until it was mature enough to face the all the elements of the outside world.

Maxie has been a published poet since the age of fifteen, and Serundal was first born through a combination of her ideas set in poetry and David’s musical creativity. Together, born of Scottish, English and Welsh ancestry they have managed to weave together what has been described as ‘a truly magical mix of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon storytelling traditions with the energy of 21st century musical arrangements’.

Their music has been described as ‘timeless’ ‘cinematic’ and ‘visual’ and since 2007, they have been a featured artist on and through listeners votes their songs have scored highly in charts like (where Serundal was the first artist in the folk genre to have six tracks make it to the top on the songvault directory). ‘Incantation’ (Transitions 2006) and ‘Lady of the Isles’ (Waiting Rooms 2006) are some of the most played tracks in the folk genre on the web. Moonstone (2006) is also currently an editor’s pick at

Ab Initi (2006) is the first part of the trilogy ‘The Legend of Serundal’ which is a Celtic fantasy legend put to music.

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