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B.B. & The Blues Shacks, formed in 1989, are one of Europe's most touring and internationally recognized blues bands. Originally strictly devoted to 1940s and 1950s jump and r&b, the band has developed its own musical language, perfectly combining blues and soul in their originals songs.
One of the hardest working European blues acts, B.B. & The Blues Shacks joined CrossCut's roster of artists in 2001 and has recorded five albums plus a live DVD for our company. The next album is scheduled to be released in 2012.
Marilyn Stringer reports on the *Doheny Blues Festival, Dana Point, CA, U.S.A. – May 21-22, 2011 for Blues Blast Magazine,*

SAILOR JERRY STAGE, SATURDAY: … Direct from Germany! Presenting: B.B. & The Blues Shacks. Best European Band, Best German Blues Band. Big Hit at Doheny – crowd favorite by virtue of the fact that the crowd that flooded the Backporch Stage the next day never stopped dancing to their “swinging and grooving blues”…. Good Job on that booking, Omega!! I would go to Germany to see them again!

The BACKPORCH STAGE, SUNDAY: …. The last band of the day, B.B. & The Blues Shacks (direct from Germany), R O C K E D the small stage! Because the audience had seen them the day before on the SJ stage, they flooded the smallest venue and the party was in full gear when I arrived. And to top it off, Candye Kane, who had joined them many times in Europe, and just there enjoying the festival, joined them for the last song of the afternoon.

Michael Nyemetz
Küchenthalstrasse 33
D-31139 Hildesheim, Germany

Tel. (+49) (0) 5121- 131716
Fax (+49) (0)5121- 34223,

e-mail: booking@)

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BIO: B.B. & The Blues Shacks

At the age of 13, Andreas Arlt gets his first guitar. Since then, he has flatly refused to ever put it down again. He gets just two guitar lessons, the rest of his tuition is absolutely self-taught. In the course of the years, he investigates the complete spectrum of musical styles, until – during the 1980s – he stumbles upon the order form of his current record label – “Crosscut” – specializing in the Blues. The Hildesheim boy orders a pile of discs and dives deeply into this truly traditional American music. With this move, the guitarist, who is traeded as one oft he best in Europe, has found his direction. He proceeds to infect his brother Michael (vocals and harp) with this particular kind of fever, and in 1989 they start the band

„B.B. & The Blues Shacks“.

On the 20th May, 1994, the band gets the chance to appear at Bremen´s big cultural event, the „Breminale“, depping as substitutes for indisposed colleagues. DThey take this opportunity by the throat, and they truly boogie themselves into their first record contract.

Meanwhile, they have achieved well over 2000 gigs, recorded ten albums, and they are hailed as the German Blues band. The five-piece eternally tours all over Europe, but their sojourns also lead them to Russia and America.

It´s easy to determine what fascinates them in terms of their chosen field, R´n´B and Soul. Andreas Arlt: It´s the music that touches us. There are those songs which call up those feelings so authentically as if we had just created them.” The five musicians (Henning Hauerken, who really hits the accelerator pedal with his double bass, Dennis Koeckstadt – the beautiful boy with tons of feeling on the piano, Bernhard Egger – specially imported from Austria to supply those Blues Shacks drums) around the Brothers Arlt have never been bulldozed by Hip-Hop or Indie Rock.

They represent a kind of music that reverts to old times but grabs the listener today.


„Five good looking and, above all, well sounding musicians…“

(RTL nord)

„The band has achieved a reputation as a live act which lifts an evening up to a real emergency status.“

(Neue Presse Hannover)

"There are good bands, there are very good bands, and there are bands who define the standards. B.B. & The Blues Shacks – without a doubt – belong to the latter category."

(Dietmar Hoscher, World Blues Foundation, Blues expert at CONCERTO)

„These Germans really provide a truly high energy appearance … and in the end, they are all shouting for more.“

(BrooWaha Newspaper, Los Angeles)

„They are really the best out there.“

(Jeff Scott, Radio-DJ from Los Angeles)

„A really rare musical quality.“

(Daily newspaper Le Locle, CH)

„The band has a sound that reaches a wide audience.“

(Block Magazine, NL)

For the awarded album `Unique Taste`:

„Beautiful live sound, precise production, a singer with a very distinctive, easy to recognize Trademark voice.“

(Volker Thormählen, prinicipal of NDR 1 Welle Nord)

„The band grooves, the production is sophisticated…an absolute winner…“

(Lüneburger Landeszeitung)

„The Brothers Arlt have done a tremendous job! Crisp grooves and easily danceable rhythms in a Blues sound.“

(Sound Magazin Base Online)

„ With such a voice, Soul is ever so well presented.“

(Blue Rhythm)

„With this well rounded album, the band succeeds in covering new ground – with a seductive, contemporary Blues and modern, deeply felt Soul.“

(Blues Matters, UK)

„Super songs, super musicians - and then they are also surrounded by beautiful ladies!“

(Duke Robillard, guitar legend from the USA)


- The album „Unique Taste“ is added as an „artistically outstanding new release" to the list of favourites in 2/2008 of „Deutscher Schallplatten-preis“/ German Disc Award

- Awarded twice by French journalists and music critics as best European Blues band, „Trophee France Blues“ 2003/2004. In 2004, Andreas Arlt received the honour of best European Blues guitarist.

- Voted several times as best Blues band by the readers of „BluesNews“-magazine. Also, their CDs were often awarded as best German Blues albums.


European tours with R.J. Mischo/San Francisco, legend Smokey Wilson/L.A., Tad Robinson/Chicago, Dave Specter/ Chiocago, Alex Schultz/L.A.

recordings in L.A. with Kid Ramos (git) and Fred Kaplan (piano)

Auftritt im populärsten Bluesclub der USA, „Buddy Guys Legends“, Chicago, mit James Cotton

„Unique Taste“-CD-presentation at the Doheny Festival in L.A.


D - Leverkusener Jazztage
A - Stars Of Boogie Woogie, Wiener Konzerthaus
S - Mönsteras Blues Festival
F - Paris New Morning
B - Brussels Blues Festival
H - Budapest Blues Festival
E - Terrassa Jazz Cava
E - Barcelona Societat de Blues
N - Notodden Blues Festival
GB - Burnley Blues Festival
GB - Colne Blues Festival
GR - Athen House Of Art
CH - Luzern Blues Festival
CH - Bellinzona Blues Festival
CH - Ascona Jazz Festival
RU - Moskau Blues Festival
FIN - Jyväskylä Blues Festival
USA - Chicago Buddy Guys Legends
USA - Doheny Blues Festival


2008 - Unique Taste (Crosscut CCD 11096)
2006 - DVD Live at Vier Linden (Crosscut CVD 5001)
2006 - Live at Vier Linden (Crosscut CD 11088)
2003 - Blue Avenue (Crosscut CD 11079)
2001 - Midnite Diner (Crosscut CD 11070)
1999 - Straight Blues/Big Swing
The Blues edition (CD ST 17)
The Swing edition (CD ST 18)
1998 - Live at the Lucerne Blues Festival feat. Tad Robinson (CD ST 11/ET 19)
1997 - Reality Show (CD ST 08/ET 14)
1996 - Jive Talk Slow Walk (CD ST 04/ET 09)
1994 - Feelin' Fine Today (CD ST 01/ET 04)


Michael Nyemetz
Küchenthalstrasse 33
D-31139 Hildesheim, Germany
Tel. (+49) (0) 5121- 131716
Fax (+49) (0)5121- 34223,
e-mail: booking@)


CrossCut Records
P.O. Box 106524
D-28065 Bremen
phone: + 49(4748)821655
fax: + 49(4748) 821659



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