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BIO: Middle Distance Runner

Middle Distance Runner is an indie-pop band hailing from Washington, DC. They formed in 2005, and have since released two full-length albums (Plane In Flames and The Sun & Earth), a self-titled EP, and a handful of singles (including two Christmas songs!). While firmly grounded in pop songwriting, their style shifts with each new recording, and they have been compared to bands as disparate as Blur and Arcade Fire.

The four-piece is known for turning up the intensity live, while being careful craftsmen in the studio. Drummer Erik Dean has been compared to John Bonham for his heavy-footed style, and with help from bassist Tony Acampora's vicious tones, MDR boasts a fearsome rhythm section. Guitarist and keyboardist Jay Smith adds complex texture to seemingly facile pop songs, while lead singer Stephen Kilroy lends a soulful vocal touch.

Middle Distance Runner is currently recording their fourth album.


JD Klipper – info@familyalbumsmgmt.com
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SONGS Music Publishing – info@songspub.com
TEL 212 255 6800
FAX 212 255 6878
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Matthew Galeone – Matt@middledistancerunner.com


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Where did you come up with the name?

In the basement, where we come up with all our ideas.

Who writes the songs?

We do.

What are your day jobs?

We're professional basketball players, but not in the NBA. In Europe.

How long have you been making music together?

Since we first giggled over a fart.

What are your biggest influences?

Pizza. Just pizza.

Media Raves! - Middle Distance Runner

"a brilliant collection of shiny, compact jewels"

"If you don’t like pop, Middle Distance Runner might just change your mind."

"full of elastic creativity that plays off accepted idioms with an ease and fluency that most bands would kill for" – QRO Magazine (8.0 REVIEW of The Sun & Earth)

“insanely catchy rockers” – SPIN

“Middle Distance Runner could be on the verge of something big.” – Paste

"If you like ... OK Go, Franz Ferdinand, good times... Try Middle Distance Runner, a band from DC that specializes in feel-good pop music. I feel like they're one song on The OC away from the big time…" – USA TODAY

"MDR’s sound clearly draws on mid-’90s British rock — think pre-OK Computer Radiohead, Blur, Oasis — and exudes a confidence and professionalism that many young bands lack.” – Washington Post

"MDR are a very prolific, focused and driven band. With their crafted sound still sharp and full of energy, audiences are sure to be pleased..." – Aquarian Arts Weekly

"MDR are my ultimate get-ready-for-the-the-night-after-a-grueling-day-of-negotiating-page-placement…" – Alternative Press (Scan)

"Wedding the pneumatic rock of the Strokes to the panoramic pop of Blur and the Killers, they don't actually reside anywhere near the middle. They sorta blow it up instead." – RCRD LBL

“…listen, as both Middle Distance Runner and the inevitable seasons, start to change.” – FILTER Magazine (February, 2009



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