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BIO: Tommy Satchwood

Hi, I'm Tommy-Gun Satchwood; i love to write songs. My music is composed from the heart and has been sown in the fertile soil of intense emotion, soaked in the rains of belief, pain, and joy, and then honey tanned in the ArizonA sun and seasoned with the wild oats of freedom and resolve. I enjoy composing music that i hope, grabs you, and takes you on a ride! Let's go!!

I usually use one of 4 instruments to start the process: guitar, piano, bass, or voice, using drum beats. Each produces it's own song style and vibe.... Guitar/bass style: alternative / progressive rock with definite shredding & blues influences. I employ finger tapping, arpeggios, harmonic-minor scales, and legato techniques often in my style of playing. For bass, i'm a pick man ala Stu Hamm ~ what can i say. Lol

Keyboard style: enjoy using background strings, organ, and piano chords, sound fx, and melodies.

Singing style: I tend to try and capture a particular mood for the song.


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