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BIO: Dustin Prinz

Dustin Prinz was born in the small town of West Point Nebraska.

From an early age of about 9 years, he had an attraction to music. He would rock himself to sleep every night while watching MTV videos.

At the age of 15 he received a guitar for Christmas. From that point on everything else came in second. Songwriting was a reason to live, a challenge, a way to get out the never ending patter of his mind. It was his therapy and still is to this day.

His songs are honest, melodic, and at times, haunting.

Dustin has played with bands over the years, but is currently performing as a solo artist.

Dustin's unique musical style is comprised of percussive guitar techniques, intricate flat picking, passionate vocal melodies, and inspiring lyrics. Dustin has released two self-recorded and produced full-length albums, "Learning to Love Yourself" (2009) and "Drugs" (2010). His latest release "Drugs" showcases his competence as an instrumentalist and features innovative guitar stylings that have established him a solid online following. With videos airing on Youtube that have collectively received millions of hits, Dustin's original music is being enjoyed by listeners around the world.


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