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About: Mindmovie

Mindmovie has been playing in various bands. He started out as a guitarist.Today, his main focus is more on the production and composition of all kinds of electronic, pop, rock and film music. Mindmovie is also a member of the progressive rock band Flaming Bess and released 5 albums with them.

Tanz der Götter (1979),

Verlorene Welt (1981),

Fata Morgana (1996),

Black Sun (2005), and their latest effort,

Wächter des Lichts (2008)

Mindmovie released his first Solo Record

Mindmovie - An Ocean Of Dreams in Jan 2009

and now it is time for his next double album.

Mindmovie - Happiness And Tears - Jan 2011

Most recently one of the album tracks has been chosen for the hollywood movie production "Mrs. Robinson goes to Smith" with Cybill Shepard. It features the vocals of L.A. recording artist Artie Q

With his first solo CD „An Ocean Of Dreams“ Achim Wierschem, aka Mindmovie opens a new exciting chapter perfectly designed to please all friends of progressive rock music worldwide. The limited Edition of „Mindmovie – An Ocean Of Dreams“ contains 80 minutes of expressive, cinematic, mystic and guitar orientated music in best tradition of bands like Pink Floyd, Camel, David Gilmour or Joe Satriani . In addition the bonus disc offers another 11 songs and 55 minutes of best quality progressive rock, in an outstanding sound quality which will also be fun for all those music lovers who are in to high fidelity sounds.

Together with his colleagues of the band Flaming Bess and guest musicians from Germany, Amerika, UK, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands, Mindmovie delivered a real amazing and awesome production representing international production standards. Within the next couple of months Mindmovie will release his second solo double album so please stay tuned and visit the profile regularly.

If you like what you hear please feel free to order your Mindmovie CD at the Flaming Bess Website.


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