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BIO: Kingdom of Glass

CD REVIEW - KINGDOM OF GLASS “The Other Side of Elsewhere” - is definitively alternative in nature but not the traditional alternative. Kingdom Of Glass have stepped things up and made a cinematic, melodic, rock and pop fusion that just "works".

The most interesting thing is that the lyrics cover such a variety of current and difficult topics and yet still managed to make them positive and hopeful in nature. They have also made the sound so diverse within the album that almost any track could be easily used in any commercial venture.

The heart of their sound is the top-notch stellar vocals and sultry beats. Lush probably best describes not only the music, but the vocals and lyrics with attention to full rich detailed and articulate songs extremely well performed. Such is the case with "Make Believe Angel" and many other tracks.

"To Get By" is an anthem to highlight the current events of the world and yet stays relevant and positive and has that truly lush sound.

"Learning To Fly" Brings in the sultry industrial edge to the CD and is yet another facet of the band.

"Wonder" brings all elements of the bands talents to the forefront and really shows what they can do brilliantly both on an individual basis and collectively as a band and is reminiscent of Muse many times throughout and especially in this tune.

Amazing use of a variety of instruments, especially keys, to enhance the vocals and lyrics and make something that sets their music apart and makes for that truly lush and amazing sound. The use of strings also stands out and set this rock band above the rest for the stunning bridges and outro’s utilizing these and even a choir background vocal in places.

This is a full fourteen track debut CD that leaves no doubt that the band is serious about their music, their direction and perfection of sounds. It is truly the other side of elsewhere with its unique and distinctive sound that cannot be found anywhere else! There is not a repetition of tunes nor any filler in these tracks and they have indeed perfected a CD to delight music fans throughout the world. If you have to decide on taking a chance on a new indie band then this is the CD for you to enjoy!


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