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About: Hobbyhorse

Enchanting originals interwoven with traditional songs from the British Isles

Hobbyhorse's music is a folk fusion of musical and mythical influences from around the world. They offer stunning originals and have a soft spot for the traditional songs of the British Isles.

Hobbyhorse's sound is an intoxicating blend of soothing and exciting. They combine the raw beauty and romantic sounds of acoustic instruments and female lead vocals with the adventurous spirit of rock. Their vibe is mystical - an inheritance from their San Francisco bay area psychedelic roots. But they are as down to Earth as it gets, believing strongly in the power of real music - made by real musicians - playing real instruments.

"Hobbyhorse's music embodies the magic that is woven in the art of folk music ....it is authentic, spirited & manifests from the love of creation." - DJ Frederick

Hobbyhorse has performed at many festivals around the San Francisco bay area and beyond including PantheaCon, The Annual Midsummer Celtic Faerie Festival, BayCon Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention, Palo Alto World Music Day, Palo Alto Art and Wine Festival, Boulder Creek Music and Art Showcase Festival, GoGirls Music Fest, and many more.

Annie and Phil from Hobbyhorse also host a popular internet radio station called Radio Guitar. They are very proud of this station which plays mostly acoustic - all instrumental guitar music.


Hobbyhorse can play live as an acoustic duo or as a band of 3 - 5 musicians. Depending on the venue we play with a set up of the following:

Minimum instrumentation:

Annie - vocals, guitar
Phil - guitar

Maximum Instrumentation:

Annie - vocals, guitar, frame drum, cajon, gong, tibetan bowls, other percussion
Phil - guitars (standard, tenor and baritone), mandolin, bass, vocals
Kelly - cajon, percussion
John - mandolin
Rob - bodhran, percussion


Break In The Clouds (2006)
Bootleg Series Vol 1 (2004)
Wild Nights (2004) - Songs set to the poems of Emily Dickinson

Contact: annie@hobbyhorsemusic.com


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