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La Resistance

About: La Resistance
La Resistance is the brainchild of Greg Summerlin, who, after releasing several solo albums on Superphonic Records, formed the band with three friends who have played with him over the past few years. These indie-rockers on the rise prove to be turning the heads of music fans across the nation as the band's debut album, "Philosophy,” barely a year old, has already been covered in such major blogs and magazines as AOL Spinner, Magnet, Blurt, My Old Kentucky Blog, Popmatters, Under the Radar,, The Big Takeover, Allgigs (UK) and many others. It also spent several weeks in the CMJ charts and achieved #1 status at stations like KONC in Chicago.

La Resistance is the past and the future. The old and the new. The classic and the experimental. Their unique sound and perspective is hard to categorize, but their influences range from New Order, Radiohead, The Cure, and Echo and the Bunnymen, to Interpol and Arcade Fire. Without departing from the timeless foundation of catchy melodies and poetic, poignant lyrics, La Resistance has an eye for the future, pushing the words and music to a place that is altogether inspiring but never ostentatious.

La Resistance is Greg Summerlin on lead vocals and guitar, Randle Scruggs on bass, Mischa Jordy on keys and vocals, and Wil Drake on drums.

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About: Makana

Makana is a composer, singer, slack key guitar master and pioneer of the SLACK ROCK guitar style.

The National Geographic Society recorded Makana in concert for their “Geo Sessions” series and stated, “With five albums to his credit, he has taken this centuries-old tradition and blasted it into the 21st century.”

Makana was born and raised on the island of O’ahu. He began singing at the age of seven and at nine, took up the ‘ukulele. At 11 he began his journey into slack key guitar, learning with Bobby Moderow, protégé of master Raymond Kane, and then received a grant from the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts to study under Hawaiian slack key legend Sonny Chillingworth. By the age of 14, he had already turned professional, gigging 4 nights a week by 15 in various establishments throughout Honolulu.

His debut album “Makana” was released in 1999; it won the Best World Music Album Award at the Hawai’i Music Awards. It was followed by “Koi Au” in 2002 (“A landmark musical statement” – Star Bulletin) and “Ki Ho’alu: Journey of Hawaiian Slack Key” in 2003. Soon thereafter Makana contributed to the Grammy-nominated albums “Hawaiian Slack Key Kings I & II”. In 2008, his first all-original release “Different Game” came out and in 2009 he released a 20th anniversary slack key guitar instrumental compilation, “Venus, and the Sky Turns to Clay”.

Makana’s music transcends category and trend by integrating elements of folk, rock, ethnic, classical, bluegrass, jazz, traditional, ambient, electronic and Hawaiian slack key in gentle to commanding arrangements. The result is innovation and the charting of new sonic frontiers with deep ties to tradition.

The roots of his music are deeply cultural: Ki Ho’alu, or “slack key”, is the indigenous Hawaiian art form that is the foundation upon which Makana creates ground-breaking original music and reanimates classics. Playing bass, rhythm and melody simultaneously while employing intricate fretting techniques in a myriad of open tunings, slack key players (there are but a handful alive today) are versatile and evocative. Makana sings in multiple languages; his voice is instantly recognizable, yet he employs a broad flexibility of style and approach according to the material and lyrical expression of each song. His scope of creativity is diverse, with influences that include Tim & Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Gabby Pahinui & The Sunday Manoa, McCartney & Lennon, Cat Stevens, early Genesis, Sting, Dylan, Elton John, Andreas Vollenweider and Jimmy Page.

From his strong foundation he has branched out to create his own unique approach to guitar called Slack Rock, drawing on the cultural techniques of slack key and applying them in a more high energy, universal fashion. This new direction brought him to be recognized in 2008 by Guitar Player Magazine as one of America’s Top 3 guitarists (he won 2nd runner-up in the Guitar Player Magazine Superstar Contest). Makana’s music is universal in its essence and appeals to broad audiences- such is reflected in the wide array of internationally recognized artists he has toured with or opened for.

Jason Mraz (opened 27 city tour and co-headlined with in Hawai’i) • Santana (opened three 10,000+ concerts in Germany) • Elvis Costello, Paul Rodgers, YES (opened to standing ovations) • Sting, No Doubt, Jack Johnson, IZ, Chris Isaak, Richard Thompson, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, John Legend (opened for) • Michael Franti, Glen Phillips (lead singer for Toad The Wet Sprocket), Cachaito Lopez of Buena Vista Social Club, Andreas Vollenweider, Buffy Sainte-Marie (co-headlined concerts).

Makana has headlined multiple seasons at the historic Hawai’i Theatre and is regularly featured at Slack Key festivals throughout the US. He has performed worldwide in venues ranging from Tianjin Opera House to Bumbershoot in Seattle to WOMAD in England to The White House. Makana has made six solo tours of Japan — presented in 14 major cities by Victor Entertainment and his last Japanese tour (2008) was sponsored by Levi-Strauss as a national promotion for their limited-edition line of “Makana” jeans, co-designed by the artist. More recently, he was featured in NHK’s music documentary “Amazing Voices” which broadcasted on Japan national television.

A strong advocate of community, Makana was honored with the Artist for Peace Award in 2005 by the city council of Kaua’i. A large percentage of Makana’s performances are donated to community oriented causes, including cultural education, school visits, environmental campaigns, social awareness issues, and fundraisers for those in need of community support. He is the founder of I Ho’ili Kamali’i, a not-for-profit movement that brings culturally relevant music, dance, poetry and art performances into schools.

In early November 2011, Makana wrote/recorded and shot a video for a protest song in the style of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan called “We Are The Many”. The song expresses the sentiment of many through a succinct, penetrating socioeconomic commentary on corporate corruption in banking and governance.

Makana performed for the Obamas at the Whitehouse in 2009 and they invited him to perform at the APEC summit in Honolulu on November 12, 2011. Makana accepted the invitation, and decided to perform his song “We Are The Many” at the APEC dinner, where the Obamas and 20 world leaders were present. Following the performance many of the major news outlets picked up the story, resulting in features on CNN, Democracy Now!, Sean Hannity, ABC, BBC, WIRED, etc. For 2 days Makana’s performance at APEC was the No. 1 news story on Yahoo News. All of this resulted in over half a million views of the various videos of his performance and music video, with Rolling Stone magazine (Dec 2011) calling his song “The Occupy Anthem”.

Makana’s slack key guitar instrumental “Deep in an Ancient Hawaiian Forest” is prominently featured in the George Clooney film, The Descendants. His song “Will I Ever See You Again?” is used in the movie trailer, “Deep” is on the Sony-released soundtrack, and a number of his songs are featured in the DVD extras. The picture won the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama, and the soundtrack was #1 on Billboard’s World Music Charts for 7 consecutive weeks.

On December 8, 2011 in Sacramento, Makana played Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California” at a ceremony to induct Carlos Santana to the California Hall of Fame.

Amazingly, Makana has achieved all of this success without major label support. Thanks to both management connections and fan support, Makana is completing his first album collaboration with a multi-platinum producer (Ron Nevison/ The Who, Led Zeppelin, Heart), to be released in Summer 2013, following a highly-successful Kickstarter Fan Funding Campaign.

Following the release of this album, Makana plans to record another traditional Hawaiian record, as Makana’s first passion is the music of his home Hawai’i, and he understands that his Hawaiian music fans have long been the cornerstone of his successful music career.

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Press: Makana

“Makana  provided a textbook illustration of slack-key style”…
“dazzling.” – NY Times

“Slack key guitar music, indigenous to Hawai’i, has been around longer than the blues, and Makana is considered the greatest living player.” – Esquire Magazine

“His transfixingly agile slack-key technique and genre-crossing music have relit a fire for live music in Waikīkī.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Charting a new sonic frontier with deep ties to tradition” – National Geographic Society

“Back on the main stage, one-man Hawaiian band Makana captivated the audience with a high voice, personal songs and powerful acoustic guitar.” – BBC News, on the WOMAD Festival in Reading, England

“Clearly, he’s a world-class talent” – Star Bulletin

“Makana proves he’s a master of the showroom.” – Honolulu Advertiser

“I’ve been deep into classical music and Hawaiian slack-key guitar. I’ve gotten way into Andres Segovia, and this Hawaiian guitar player called Makana” – Kirk Hammett interview, Guitar World (Lead guitarist for Metallica)

“He’s lean, young, expressive, with impressive stage presence and jewel box precision… He is a master, for certain, but blessed with sizzling showmanship.” – Honolulu Advertiser

“Absolutely amazing… You have a great stage presence” – Joe Satriani, to Makana at Guitar Player Magazine’s Superstar Competition

“An immensely gifted artist, Makana’s instrumental brilliance bears comparison with the work of such groundbreaking acoustic guitarists as John Fahey and Michael Hedges.” – Jon Woodhouse, Maui News

“There is an aura about Makana while he is on stage. His heart is completely apparent in his music and this transcends into a command of his audience.” – Scott Macgowen, O’ahu Island News


Top 3 winner in Guitar Player Magazine’s 2008 National Guitar Superstar Competition

Contributor to 2 Grammy Nominated albums

Winner of 2 Hawai’i Music Awards (Best World Music Album & Best Adult Contemporary Album)

“Artist for Peace Award”, 2005, In recognition of Makana’s outstanding support of community and continuing message of peace

“Makana” voted “Best CD” by the readers of Honolulu Weekly

First artist in 14 years to headline with his own show at the Monarch Room of The Royal Hawaiian Hotel.


Works Progress Administration (WPA)

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Works Progress Administration takes its name from FDR’s 1939 New Deal initiative, which put millions to work making buildings, bridges, theater, art and music. The original WPA was rooted in the values of community and creativity, and helped to keep the fire of human dignity burning through the darkest years of the Great Imposters.

WPA was born out of the musical community surrounding the legendary LA club, Largo. The members of the band had known and admired each other for years, and found themselves with a strong batch of unrecorded songs, a little down time, and a collective feeling that it might be a good idea to put something on tape.

After a chance meeting between Sean and Grammy winning recording engineer Jim Scott, the group found themselves in Scott’s studio, Plyrz, recording 17 songs live in five days. With an album mixed and mastered, the band hadn’t even chosen a name or secured management. In an era where the expectation is that a group of this experience and caliber would be something conceived by business executives, WPA came out of an authentic and vibrant musical community, and the album is a beautiful reflection of its origins.

The instant classic “Always Have My Love”, penned and sung by Glen Phillips, starts the album with a powerful dose of dual fiddles, pedal steel and piano, revealing the band’s palette from the first bar. The album continues with five more Phillips songs, plaintive and introspective tunes from Sean Watkins (“Not Sure”, “Paralyzed” and “You’re Already Gone”), commanding vocals performed by Luke Bulla on “Who’s Gonna Cry For You” and “Remember Well”, and the haunting voice of Sara Watkins on Benmont Tench’s “The Price” and the Ray Davies classic “I Go To Sleep”. Despite having four lead singers and a high level of instrumental prowess the band keeps its focus in service to the song, and creates a sound that is both timeless and unique.

Now, with a wonderful record reminiscent of “more than the sum of its parts” groups such as Fleetwood Mac, The Band, and CSNY, the founding members of WPA (Glen, Luke, and Sean) are rallying the troops for a cross-country excursion. Given that the heart of this band is found in its collective spirit, if one of the Executive Board is required at his “day job”, it’s looked at as an opportunity, not a problem. The network of talent surrounding these eight players is deep and varied, and changes in the tour lineup will provide new opportunities for collaboration and exploration, insuring that each show is a unique and inspiring event.

In this time when the collective spirit is once again in need, WPA looks forward to serving you in your community.

The Dirt Daubers

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BIO: The Dirt Daubers

Colonel JD Wilkes (songwriter and front man for the Legendary Shack Shakers), his wife Jessica, plus fellow Shack Shaker Mark Robertson, make up the old-time music trio THE DIRT DAUBERS!

Hailing from Paducah, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee, these three have traveled the world internationally, singing loud-and-proud an eclectic mix of Appalachian, ragtime, and hot jazz standards and original music. From cowboys songs to bluegrass, Harlem jazz to honky tonk, the DAUBERS tackle it all with vim, verve and vigor.

With their first ever performance having taken place at London's Raindance Film Festival, (after JD premiered his critically acclaimed southern-music documentary “Seven Signs”), The DIRT DAUBERS have proven themselves to be multi-media moguls. Add to that the tag of “radio darlings”, since the band has graced the stages of such fine programs as the Red Barn Radio Show, The Blue Plate Special and Music City Roots, broadcast over Nashville’s legendary WSM-AM, “The Air Castle of the South!” Beyond that, the DIRT DAUBERS have gained the encouragement and/or approval of such varied stars as Les Claypool, Charlie Louvin, and Jello Biafra! With friends like these in their corner, the DAUBERS are off to set the world on fire with their brand new record out August 2011. Be sure to catch these raucous raconteurs at a hootenanny near YOU


The Dirt Daubers, according to the Missoula (MT) Independent:

"Often I find that most new artists mining the tropes of 'traditional' or 'Americana' music—and they are legion—leave me cold and disinterested. Too often it sounds like a batch of wanky college kids turning an ironic wink-and-nudge at a historic art form, sans reverence. The Dirt Daubers are a notable exception. This eponymous debut is the most fun I've had with a new release in some time.

The band is comprised of Kentuckians Colonel JD Wilkes (The Legendary Shack Shakers), his wife Jessica and 'Slow' Layne Hendrickson. Over the course of 10 tracks, none of which cracks the three-minute barrier, their eclectic mix of what ultimately strips down as 'hillbilly' music sounds utterly authentic.

These musicians understand traditional music isn't about virtuosity; at no point did I feel like I was listening to the Joe Satriani of the fiddle, for example. Instead I felt a perfectly captured vibe of what I like best about Americana: short songs that tell stories about simple life, with rousing sing-a-longs, played on instruments that can be easily toted to the front porch on a particularly humid summer night. All that's missing are the cicadas, the kudzu and the aroma of tobacky."

Chris LaTray


Dock Boggs. Roscoe Holcomb, Alex Bartha, Cab Calloway, Washboard Sam, Louvin Brothers, etc

Surya Devi

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BIO: Surya Devi

Surya was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

She has always had a passion for music, magic, and the mysterious things of life.

Surya is a trained holistic therapist who has studied in Canada, USA, India, & Mexico. She is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner by Doreen Virtue PhD, as well as a Blessing Giver from the Oneness University in India, Reiki Healer attuned by many Masters, Zenith Omega Energy Healer and Past Life Regression Therapist certified by Deborah Skye King. She is fortunate to have a most precious Rinpoche as her dharma teacher. He is an endless supply of love, compassion and wisdom. Surya is also devoted to the Living Saint Sri Mata Amritananda Mayi, widely known as Amma. She has dedicated a page CLICK HERE to generate more awareness and support for the life and work of this extraordinary woman. ॐ नाम शिव य

Since childhood she could always be found singing, playing the piano and dancing around the house making up little songs & routines with her brothers. She plays piano, guitar & laptop to create her own music, which takes on several different forms. The Surya Sound is a live and recorded meditative experience that feature chants and prayers in both Sanskrit and Tibetan. She has studied the Yoga of Voice with Sheinagh Saraswati Anderson and Indian Classical Music with Neeraja Aptikar & Aparna Gurav in Pune, India. She was selected in 2009 by multi platinum, Grammy award winning musician Wyclef Jean to come to New York City and participate in his More Bottles sessions.

In June 2010 she released a cd called "Songs of the Buddha" which is a collection of Tibetan prayers and poems. She is donating all the proceeds from the sale of this recording to assist with Earthquake relief in Tibet.

Her next album, a collection of Sanskrit mantras titled "Rise" is nearing completion and will be out in 2011. An EP of her English songs will also be released in 2011. Stay tuned. Peace*

Tory Taylor Tompkins

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BIO: Tory Taylor Tompkins

My name is Tory and I am a independent singer/songwriter/musician based in the Austin and Houston areas. I write my own original music in the pop blues rock vein. I also am a big music fan and play a ton of covers of other artists including everything from Tom Petty to Reckless Kelly to Little Wayne. I love to entertain and play a lot of different events and venues around Texas as a one man band such as Saxon Pub, Momos, Cellar Door, Fitzgeralds, Avant Garden, Wine Styles, County Line, etc.

I love to get a crowd riled up and get them dancing, yet I also love relaxing an audience in upscale environments. It's all about the audience for me. I play acoustic and electric guitar and keyboard and I have boundless energy and enthusiasm for what I do.

I have a lot of videos on YOUTUBE you should check out. It includes a mix of live performances at venues like SAXON PUB and MOMOS in Austin as well as home videos of me doing various covers.

As a university student at UT Austin, my touring outside Texas has been limited to weekends and summers, but I have had the opportunity to play in Nashville, Los Angeles, Orange County (various) and even in Prague, Czech Republic!!

I recently released a short album back in January of my own original music. I have written dozens of originals, so a full album is on the way. Read the review below of the album by producer Marco Parella (below), and check out the EP on iTunes!!

Thank you for your support! I'm an independent artist trying to make it on my own, so any help you give in my journey would be awesome! Make sure to sign up for my mailing to list to keep up with my show schedule (and check back here on facebook). There's always exciting things happening!!!



Review of Tory's new Somewhere Good, release on iTunes Ianuary 20, 2010! By track name. Courtesy Marco Parella

1. SOMEWHERE GOOD":--> Proof that Tory has perfected the ART of songwriting. It always puts a BIG smile on my face. I strongly recommend any musician learning the ropes on how to write a good solid song to listen in and learn by simply listening to this fantastic original containing a touch of class,

ample talent, and a golden drop of soul !!!

2. "CONTROL FREAK":--> has all the elements of a classic high energy rollercoaster ride with lots of attitude to go along with it, lots of sonic intensity and HUGE amount of confidenece all coming from this strong willed Texan girl with a BRIGHT smile !!

3. PAPER THIN ICE":--> its emotional, POWERFUL, direct and skinn DEEP !!!

4.RABBIT HOLE":--> exquisite vocal falsetto and sustain, sure can't help but sing along to this carnival ride of a song to the very end. You will find many interesting sound arrangments which will draw in your attention like a MAGNET to a sweet surrender !!

5. "EYE OF A HURRICANE":--> this is one of those classic songs which always manages to recieve all the Honors and well deserved Awards. A delight from start to finish with no shortage of smart lyrics and near haunting melodies which make it so mesmerizing!!!

Simply put, a song with so much Fire and passion it can easily engulf any listener with just one listen !!!

Kristen Faulconer

Kristen Faulconer – Official Website
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BIO: Kristen Faulconer

Kristen Faulconer is a singer/ songwriter from Colorado Springs, CO. After struggling with difficult relationships throughout her life, her mission is to inspire and help people make healthy choices in their own lives. Her main focus, when songwriting, is to create lyrics that convey messages of empowerment and better places to people of all ages. This is inspired by the powerful fact that when all she had was tough times and daily battles, it was other people's songs that got her to the end of the day.

BiPolar Rats

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BIO: Bipolar Rats

Our genre varies! We like to paint ourselves with the Alternative brush as our common influences stem from the punk/indie/rock genres. We have a combination of hard hitting, gut wrenching punk tracks mixed in with the more introspective acoustic and melodic tracks.

'BiPoLar Rats?' was formed in Cape Town on the 15 December 2009. Andrew and Allan after an impromptu jam session, if you could call it that given our elementary knowledge of the guitar, got together to learn to play, write and record our brand of music. Candice was hauled in (kicking, biting and scratching) to perform bass duties.

9 months later, what seemed like a million hours of practicing scales and chords, and lots of heated discussions about song choice, we recorded 'fateful coincidence'. Produced on a very tight budget and 5 sunday afternoons in a back room, 'fateful coincidence' is the culmination of the union.

Allan has spent most of 2011 in the UK so logistically getting the band together has not happened. We have been writing a host of new songs and are looking to release them in December 2011. This will coincide with us moving from the garage to the stage.

Night Beds

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BIO: Night Beds

It’s difficult to say where Night Beds begins, but maybe it’s here: August 2006, Colorado Springs, Matt Wilcox invites Winston Yellen to his apartment to record. Or it could be a little later, when one is studying engineering in Nashville, and the other remains behind, an unhappy captive of secondary education: “We were lonely people. We’d call each other and talk about records.” Or any number of moments, really, along a series of migrations, but probably here: the summer of 2008, back in Colorado Springs, when they write the first Night Beds song. You Were Afraid.

“God knows that we try to do the best we can”

After that there is a lot of time spent in basements, a lot of alcohol, a lot of irreverent tuning, but not all that much need for talk. Most things are shared, understood: in thin mountain air, or in a waterlogged summer atmosphere, there can be a sense that breathing is effortful, that sleep is easy but not restful. The songs that come out of those first few years, collected on three EPs (night beds, every fire; every joy, and hide from it), are an exercise in catharsis. They’re deeply ringing things, washed in whiskey. The sound is like something emergent from a tunnel. It may be the red eye of a cigarette in the dark, or it may be dawn peeking out.

“Somewhere we might find softer light”

“We didn’t think. It just was always what felt good.” So the songs come together over acoustic guitars, over the first skeletal melodies, and then they grow. Yellen’s voice takes on a pure kind of thirst when wrapped in the sonic landscapes he and Wilcox devise. It’s searching. It’s taken several years to map everything out, but after a hiatus spent driving the deserts and prairies and coastal roads of the United States, sleeping in a hatchback or on friendly couches – after a long time spent alone – Night Beds has found a home in Nashville, with southstead records. Soon it will see the release of Country Sleep, a full-length album in the spirit of the vagabond, in the winding path to a place of good rest

The Young International

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BIO: The Young International

It should never be the goal of an artist to make pop for pop’s sake. Rather if you make songs that will truly connect with people and present them in the best way possible, they will become pop without intention. Strip away the lights and you’re left with a song. The lights may capture your attention, but the song will forever capture your heart. It is this thought that inspires and energizes The Young International.

Stationed in Music City, the gentlemen of The Young International make pop-rock music without intention. Best friends since meeting at college, TYI has spent over 5 years honing their craft both musically and professionally in preparation for the launch of their much anticipated new project. Each member plays a distinct musical as well as professional role whether it is producing, engineering, designing, booking or writing. These modern day music entrepreneurs have turned their Nashville home into a well-toiled music factory billowing with inspiration.

There is no limit to this burgeoning group’s potential. With the talent, tools, and inspiration at their fingertips, The Young International will be your new favorite band.


Clemency – Official Website
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Clemency - YouTube

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BIO: Clemency

We are a band of brothers. The songs that we write are a reflection of the hope, love and joy that we seek. We aim to please ears, but more importantly, we aim to encourage friends to seek hope, love and joy with us. Christ represents all of these to us and is the reason we make music


Jesus, Family and Friends, Nada Surf, Death Cab For Cutie, Tom Petty & the Heart Breakers, The Beatles, Genesis, Coldplay, The Wallflowers, The Beach Boys, The Police, Switchfoot, Simon and Garfunkel, M83, Sigur Ros, Guster, Embrace, The Killers, Audio Adrenaline, Third Eye Blind, The Steve Miller Band, The Format, The Waterboys, Jimmy Eat World, Johnny Cash, U2, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys and so on.


Raydiant Management
Josh Schlessman

Raydiant Booking

Black Angel Down

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BIO: Black Angel Down

Nokio the N-TITY is a producer, songwriter, singer, and rapper. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Nokio is best known as one of the influential members of the multi-platinum R&B group Dru Hill where he served as in-house producer and songwriter for the quartet.

Bringing a dark side to the amazing harmony and vocal styles of Dru Hill and mixing the Baltimore underground Alternative Rock Scene, Nokio emerges as a unstoppable force, to front the heavy groove rock sound of Black Angel Down.

Brought up from a life of clubs, arenas and down and out rock and roll style, The band consists of members from some of Baltimore’s most established bands that have defined the cites underground rock sound for decades; The Mayan Factor, Live Alien Broadcast, Imbue and Rosabella.

Nokio brings fellow Dru Hill vocalist Tao into the mix to lay a multi-layered harmony and singing style brilliantly over the dark churning guitar attack and groove rhythm of the Black Angel Down band. Frank "The Punisher" Marchand, recorded and produced the first, self titled Black Angel Down album due out on Kedar Entertainment - Fontana/Universal, this Summer.


Nokio - Vocals
Tao - Vocals
Kevin - Bass
Danny - Drums
Dave - Guitar
Ralph - Guitars

Sounds Like:

Alice in Chains, Guns and Roses, Lenny Kravitz, Fishbone, Avenged Sevenfold

Damh the Bard

Damh the Bard – Official Website
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BIO: Damh the Bard

Damh the Bard is a Druid whose spirituality is expressed through his music, storytelling and poetry. Drawing on the Bardic traditions his performances are both entertaining and educational, weaving a tapestry of myth, peace, and Pagan anthems that speak directly to the heart, but never without a good splash of humour. As a musical storyteller, Damh works within that world of myth that cannot be proved; where the Faerie really do dance on Midsummer's Eve, where the trees talk, and the Hollow Hills take you into the realms of Annwn. Where the Goddess rides her horse, guiding you to magic, and the Horned God of old calls us from the shadows of the Greenwood.


Show of Hands, Dougie Maclean, Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, Kate Rusby, Richard Thompson, Seth Lakeman, Steve Knightley, Damien Rice, David Gray, Nick Drake, levellers

Sounds Like:

Funnily enough.... Show of Hands, Dougie Maclean, Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, Kate Rusby, Richard Thompson, Seth Lakeman, Steve Knightley, Damien Rice, David Gray, Nick Drake, levellers, oh, and Damh the Bard!
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