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BIO: Bipolar Rats

Our genre varies! We like to paint ourselves with the Alternative brush as our common influences stem from the punk/indie/rock genres. We have a combination of hard hitting, gut wrenching punk tracks mixed in with the more introspective acoustic and melodic tracks.

'BiPoLar Rats?' was formed in Cape Town on the 15 December 2009. Andrew and Allan after an impromptu jam session, if you could call it that given our elementary knowledge of the guitar, got together to learn to play, write and record our brand of music. Candice was hauled in (kicking, biting and scratching) to perform bass duties.

9 months later, what seemed like a million hours of practicing scales and chords, and lots of heated discussions about song choice, we recorded 'fateful coincidence'. Produced on a very tight budget and 5 sunday afternoons in a back room, 'fateful coincidence' is the culmination of the union.

Allan has spent most of 2011 in the UK so logistically getting the band together has not happened. We have been writing a host of new songs and are looking to release them in December 2011. This will coincide with us moving from the garage to the stage.


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