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BIO: The Dirt Daubers

Colonel JD Wilkes (songwriter and front man for the Legendary Shack Shakers), his wife Jessica, plus fellow Shack Shaker Mark Robertson, make up the old-time music trio THE DIRT DAUBERS!

Hailing from Paducah, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee, these three have traveled the world internationally, singing loud-and-proud an eclectic mix of Appalachian, ragtime, and hot jazz standards and original music. From cowboys songs to bluegrass, Harlem jazz to honky tonk, the DAUBERS tackle it all with vim, verve and vigor.

With their first ever performance having taken place at London's Raindance Film Festival, (after JD premiered his critically acclaimed southern-music documentary “Seven Signs”), The DIRT DAUBERS have proven themselves to be multi-media moguls. Add to that the tag of “radio darlings”, since the band has graced the stages of such fine programs as the Red Barn Radio Show, The Blue Plate Special and Music City Roots, broadcast over Nashville’s legendary WSM-AM, “The Air Castle of the South!” Beyond that, the DIRT DAUBERS have gained the encouragement and/or approval of such varied stars as Les Claypool, Charlie Louvin, and Jello Biafra! With friends like these in their corner, the DAUBERS are off to set the world on fire with their brand new record out August 2011. Be sure to catch these raucous raconteurs at a hootenanny near YOU


The Dirt Daubers, according to the Missoula (MT) Independent:

"Often I find that most new artists mining the tropes of 'traditional' or 'Americana' music—and they are legion—leave me cold and disinterested. Too often it sounds like a batch of wanky college kids turning an ironic wink-and-nudge at a historic art form, sans reverence. The Dirt Daubers are a notable exception. This eponymous debut is the most fun I've had with a new release in some time.

The band is comprised of Kentuckians Colonel JD Wilkes (The Legendary Shack Shakers), his wife Jessica and 'Slow' Layne Hendrickson. Over the course of 10 tracks, none of which cracks the three-minute barrier, their eclectic mix of what ultimately strips down as 'hillbilly' music sounds utterly authentic.

These musicians understand traditional music isn't about virtuosity; at no point did I feel like I was listening to the Joe Satriani of the fiddle, for example. Instead I felt a perfectly captured vibe of what I like best about Americana: short songs that tell stories about simple life, with rousing sing-a-longs, played on instruments that can be easily toted to the front porch on a particularly humid summer night. All that's missing are the cicadas, the kudzu and the aroma of tobacky."

Chris LaTray


Dock Boggs. Roscoe Holcomb, Alex Bartha, Cab Calloway, Washboard Sam, Louvin Brothers, etc


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