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BIO: Tory Taylor Tompkins

My name is Tory and I am a independent singer/songwriter/musician based in the Austin and Houston areas. I write my own original music in the pop blues rock vein. I also am a big music fan and play a ton of covers of other artists including everything from Tom Petty to Reckless Kelly to Little Wayne. I love to entertain and play a lot of different events and venues around Texas as a one man band such as Saxon Pub, Momos, Cellar Door, Fitzgeralds, Avant Garden, Wine Styles, County Line, etc.

I love to get a crowd riled up and get them dancing, yet I also love relaxing an audience in upscale environments. It's all about the audience for me. I play acoustic and electric guitar and keyboard and I have boundless energy and enthusiasm for what I do.

I have a lot of videos on YOUTUBE you should check out. It includes a mix of live performances at venues like SAXON PUB and MOMOS in Austin as well as home videos of me doing various covers.

As a university student at UT Austin, my touring outside Texas has been limited to weekends and summers, but I have had the opportunity to play in Nashville, Los Angeles, Orange County (various) and even in Prague, Czech Republic!!

I recently released a short album back in January of my own original music. I have written dozens of originals, so a full album is on the way. Read the review below of the album by producer Marco Parella (below), and check out the EP on iTunes!!

Thank you for your support! I'm an independent artist trying to make it on my own, so any help you give in my journey would be awesome! Make sure to sign up for my mailing to list to keep up with my show schedule (and check back here on facebook). There's always exciting things happening!!!



Review of Tory's new Somewhere Good, release on iTunes Ianuary 20, 2010! By track name. Courtesy Marco Parella

1. SOMEWHERE GOOD":--> Proof that Tory has perfected the ART of songwriting. It always puts a BIG smile on my face. I strongly recommend any musician learning the ropes on how to write a good solid song to listen in and learn by simply listening to this fantastic original containing a touch of class,

ample talent, and a golden drop of soul !!!

2. "CONTROL FREAK":--> has all the elements of a classic high energy rollercoaster ride with lots of attitude to go along with it, lots of sonic intensity and HUGE amount of confidenece all coming from this strong willed Texan girl with a BRIGHT smile !!

3. PAPER THIN ICE":--> its emotional, POWERFUL, direct and skinn DEEP !!!

4.RABBIT HOLE":--> exquisite vocal falsetto and sustain, sure can't help but sing along to this carnival ride of a song to the very end. You will find many interesting sound arrangments which will draw in your attention like a MAGNET to a sweet surrender !!

5. "EYE OF A HURRICANE":--> this is one of those classic songs which always manages to recieve all the Honors and well deserved Awards. A delight from start to finish with no shortage of smart lyrics and near haunting melodies which make it so mesmerizing!!!

Simply put, a song with so much Fire and passion it can easily engulf any listener with just one listen !!!


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