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The Scarlet Hollow Sound is...

Powerful, light, dark, ethereal, heavy, melodic music with an emphasis on the rock in
progressive rock. They perform and produce high quality music with thought provoking lyrics and sonic sophistication. Scarlet Hollows music is made with a high level of musicianship, yet nothing seems sterile and polished so much that all the raw energy and emotion is squeezed out of it. They blend diverse influences to make music that is not geared towards pop music trends and fashion statements. Scarlet Hollow's music combines hauntingly beautiful and textural sections of music, with very heavy, dark, and powerful sections, often shifting undetectably between odd time signatures yet never losing site of the songs intent and message.

Scarlet Hollow Is...

Allison Vonbuelow: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, synths.
Gregg Olson: Electric Guitars.
Jeff Mack: Bass Guitars.
Diego Grom Meraviglia: Drums and Percussion

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