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Johnny Duhan started his career as a fifteen year old front man with Granny’s Intentions, the most popular beat group in Ireland in the 60s. After rousing Dublin with their soul touch, they moved to London, were signed to the prestigious Deram label, enjoyed considerable success and disbanded before Johnny was twenty one. Johnny started writing folk songs, poetry and prose at this stage. In a career spanning 40 years, his greatest achievement is a quartet of epic albums - Just Another Town, To The Light, The Voyage and Flame - which correspond to the four chapters of his lyrical autobiography, TO THE LIGHT. Johnny’s songs are sung worldwide in a variety of languages, thanks to the focus put on them by Christy Moore, The Dubliners, Mary Black and hosts of other Irish and international singers. His song The Voyage has become a modern classic. Christy Moore has termed Johnny “One of our greatest songwriters.” And the late Ronnie Drew described him as “one of my favourite songwriters.” A new album, The Burning Word, has just been released.

Johnny’s journey is set out in a series of albums that portray his life - his Limerick boyhood in JUST ANOTHER TOWN; his tilt for fame and the girl in TO THE LIGHT; his reflections on family life in THE VOYAGE; and his spiritual quest in FLAME. Johnny lives in Barna, Galway.

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