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Sparkly new synthesizer sounds guaranteed to make you smile; and fizzy fresh lyrics chock-full of heartache and despair by Artist “Tommie Mooe”

“The light from the sun grew dim, and the sky changed from gold to red as the wandering Star Skimmer disappeared over the water’s edge. All that remained were the sounds of weary voices singing to concertina melodies, fluttering across the bellowing waves of the deep and dreadful Mastian Sea. The shadows of dusk closed in, and the vaporous voices of the singing men drifted away into silence, only to be remembered by {the storybook singers} of our age as songs

to be remembered by {the storybook singers} of our age as songs contrived in a distant time within the realm of a make-believe world. The voice of the last captain of the Star Skimmer is heard now in the blustery wake of the Mastian Sea on cold stormy nights, remembered only with songs of ghosts.” – Gilbert Walright – excerpt from, “ The Last Captain of the Star Skimmer”excerpt from The Last Captain of the Star Skimmer

What they are saying:

Long Live the Night” is an instant top 10 smash Pop tune that is sure to catch you hook, line, and sinker. It’s Wonderful to hear such upbeat music again! ~ Stewart Brennan – World United Music

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