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BIO: Rumour Den

Rumour Den began life in 2000 as part of a healing process. Gilmore + Simms had played together in a Heavy Rock band - ABANDON which almost broke through in the early 90's only to fall at the final hurdle. Dispirited + disillusioned the pair didn't think about music for several years, but stayed friends and eventually the guitar came out. An acoustic guitar though not the bright orange Charvel!

Using Simm's acoustic guitar and Gilmore's voice and lyrics, the pair wrote a batch of songs which exorcised their demons and, despite the 'downbeat' nature of the songs, made them fall in love with music again. They did a couple of gigs as a duo in the bars in Belfast and got some great feedback as they were not your typical acoustic performers thanks to Simm's unique style.

Spurred on by this feedback they decided to record the songs in a local studio - originally to be a single or EP. Somewhere along the line the decision was made to form a band and a rhythm section was found. April '01 saw the release of their self-financed single 'Under A Cloud' which received great reviews from all who heard it including legendary Irish music mag -Hot Press.

Further encouraged by the press, the sales of the single and some promising noises from management companies, the band finished recording 10 songs. This would become the album 'Melancholics Anonymous'. Unfortunately by the time the album was completed and ready to be promoted, fate intervened and personal problems beset both Gilmore + Simms to such an extent as they felt they had to take a break briefly, hoping to return soon afterwards to kickstart promotion for the album. But it never happened and once again the pair were left ruing missed opportunities. Poor health hampered Gilmore's attempts to get back into music and Simms found himself working away from NI to make ends meet.

But now Gilmore is in full health and Simms is back home and the pair want to resurrect Rumour Den and do the songs justice in a live context. To this end they have put together a band of quality musicians (Billy Causby + Alan Boyd) and have now started to rehearse with a view to be gigging by the Spring of 2012 as preparation for a 'Night with Rumour Den' show at a top Belfast venue by the Summer…

Band Members:

AJ Gilmore (Vocals)
Steve Simms (Guitars)
Alan Boyd (Guitars)
Billy Causby (Bass)
Gerry Lisk (Drums)


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