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BIO: Robert Len Stallard

Robert Len Stallard a.k.a. RLSguitar, performs finger acrobatics and creates sonic intricacies not typically seen or heard on acoustic guitar. His unique sound and style incorporate standard and alternate (open) tunings along with fingerstyle techniques such as two-hand tapping, harmonics and a few of his own derivations. His instrumental music is a progressive fusion of rock, folk, blues, jazz, new age, world music, among other influences.

He calls it "alpha music" since he seeks to stimulate your alpha brainwaves, transporting you to a dreamy, meditative state. It is music for soothing the mind, relaxing the body and nurturing the spirit, while contemplating God and Creation.

Being a Catholic, his music expresses Christian values. However, he tries not to preach or force any of his values and beliefs upon others. He just wishes to deliver his instrumental guitar music to those who want to listen and hope it touches them in some positive way.


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