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BIO: Reno Ka

Reno Ka was born on August 20th 1988.

She is a singer- songwriter, known for her eclectic mix of various musical genres including house, R&B and soul.

Reno took part in piano concerts at the age of seven, and started her first studio productions only five years later. Her passion for music was discovered during her school days, and her work as a singer in the school band. Reno is currently working on her own music productions, with various music producers, DJs and music labels around the world, such as Terrence Parker, John Julius Knight, Enzo Siffredi, Philipp van het Veld, Jamez Et Soulboy, NB Records, Interlabel, and the UK based label Crossworld Records.

After initial productions, she was working on a remake for the US singer Rachel Wallace, in 2010 which will appear on Tom Novy's label 'Interlabel'.

At the age of fifteen, she was booked for several shows, and so she became a performing artist on different events and clubs, such as Pacha for example.

Since then, she has been performing in Austria, Germany, Spain, Croatia and Switzerland.


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