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BIO: JC Porter

Singer song-writer from Canada, Four Studio albums to date. Living in Canada and currently in the studio working on new material. Back in the studio and rehearsing. I love sound and atmosphere, anything I write that I think is worth recording usually started with a noise or a sound that I try to make musical!

a beat or rhythm, human or a machine!! sometimes a word or a mood! a guitar riff or Bass riff

It all some how gets me there!!! we should embrace whatever technology we can get our hands on that simplifies the recording process.. so we can Create Music!!

I love Music and what it gives me and takes from me. but most of all I love Words!!

In the early days For me it was Bands like The Alarm, INXS, Midnight oil that I was gravitating to. I could sing those songs and we covered a lot of this Music.. the name of our first band was The Stand After a Friend introduced me to the Alarm song Spirit of 76.(Well I find Myself in reverie !!) Mike Peters

INXS Johnson's airplane was another favorite.

I was Born and raised in Blackpool England, and Brought to Canada at an early age..Some of My first Musical memories are of Slade on the Top of the Pops.

When we moved to Canada I saw Neil young singing Heart of Gold on TV! I was about 11 years old he was coolest guy and still is..

I have loved Writing music ever since!


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