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Green Couch Session REDGY BLACKOUT from Green Couch on Vimeo.

BIO: Redgy Blackout

Together since 2007, Scott Perrie and Jeremy Breaks are the heart and soul of Redgy Blackout. Both come from musical backgrounds and their chemistry is unmistakable with tight harmony, eclectic instrumentation, and heartfelt vocals that all blend together to create a unique sound.

Perrie (lead vocals, guitar, piano, trumpet) grew up singing in choir and acting on the stage; he inherited his grandfathers ‘61 Gibson J45 at the end of high school soon after falling in love with The Beatles. Breaks (banjo, guitar, vocals) grew up in his father’s music store in Prince George; he played in various funk, rock and metal bands before he moved to Vancouver where he met Scott. From busking on the streets of Vancouver, to “killin’ it” in bars, clubs and festivals, they always gets people movin’ to the beat.

In 2011 they released a self-titled EP produced by Elisa Pangsaeng and mixed by Tom Dobzanzski (Said the Whale). They’ve been selected as a Top 20 artist in the Peak Performance Project in BC for a second year running with their songs Bottom of the Sea and Alexandria getting regular rotation on 102.7 The Peak in Vancouver. They recently finished two brand new singles, Lovely, Lovely Day and When I Wait, both produced by Warne Livesey (Matthew Good, Midnight Oil) set to be released this fall. They will hit the road from September 14th to October 27th with Christa Couture for their first Canadian National Tour.


“They each have formidable talent as versatile musicians, Perrie adeptly playing various instruments such as the guitar, trumpet, harmonica and kazoo and Breaks who also plays the guitar, has crackerjack proficiency on the notoriously difficult banjo.” - Jennifer Wotzke, Vancouver Weekly

“Their vocals feature intricate harmonies on top of brilliantly enticing melodies. Perrie’s voice has a superb clarity and tone to it that is rarely heard. His ease of melodic expression is natural and a sheer pleasure to listen to.” -  Jennifer Wotzke, Vancouver Weekly

“My first time seeing them, they completely knocked my socks off! [Redgy Blackout] is full of energy and their songs are engaging and at times incredibly humorous.” - - Char, Vancouver Music Review

"The moment I saw Redgy Blackout’s self titled EP Cover I started laughing because the picture brought memories of when I was a Kid, and not surprising, there was a great track on the CD Titled When You Were a Kid”. I identified with the band right away!

After listening to the entire CD I went and picked up MYOTOS and the first track, “Like Penguins Do” had me hook line and sinker. I knew I was in for fun music and a few smiles...And they didn’t disappoint either."  ~ Stewart Brennan – World United Music
“Like Penguins Do” by Redgy Blackout on their MYOTOS EP is so hook laden and catchy that my fingers became professional drummers. I’m an instant fan of Redgy Blackout!" ~ Stewart Brennan – World United Music



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