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Shawn Gallaway, The Singing Sage, is a singer songwriter, visual artist, author, ceremonial healer, workshop facilitator, energy worker and Certified Lifeline Practitioner. He has traveled throughout the world sharing his message of healing through the arts, branding Conscious Music a movement calling attention to the significance and to the consequences choice has in our lives. Recently, Shawn shared the stage with authors Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Robert Holden and with rock and pop masters Orleans and Friends. He also had the high honor of being present for the showing of his I Choose Love music video during the presentation of a Freedom Award by the Civil Right’s Museum in Memphis, Tennessee to his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

As a workshop facilitator and a ceremonial healer, Shawn has assisted and blessed many over the years with his keen insight and his ability to bring a sense of humor to the healing process. He is also a screenwriter whose current passion is producing and combining all his gifts into a multimedia theater production and film called The Choice. The Choice can best be described as a healing experience that can enlighten and inspire the masses into loving action in the world through the use of the arts. The Choice chronicles the healing journey of eight brave men and women who together choose Love and walk the path of the heart, transforming their fears into love in service to humanity and the earth.

“My own healing process began in 1986 when I was presented with a choice — to love myself and heal or continue living my life from fear and suffer the escalating consequences of disease and dysfunction. In choosing love I began my journey and opened my heart to the many layers of wounding I’d been carrying that kept me from being my true and authentic Self. Through the years, I rediscovered my gifts in the arts and was able to transform my wounds into the light of peace I now embody and begin to live my life in service, thriving as a healing voice for Love on the planet. It’s been a wild ride, one I wouldn’t trade for the world!”

I Choose Love – The Song

“I wrote the song I Choose Love two days after The Towers fell on 9/11. To me this event signaled a wake up call for all of humanity to a greater awareness of the importance of each and every choice that is ours to make. Choosing Love we create peace, choosing fear we self destruct. It’s that simple! Since then the song has been a tremendous tool for many on the healing journey back home to Love. It reminds us that we do indeed have choice in every moment and that right now we can respond to life’s challenges with love and empower ourselves with the peace and joy we wish to see in the world. Love or fear, what do you choose? I Choose Love!”

Shawn has four CD’s and two DVD’s to his credit to date. His I Choose LoveCD and Art Book follows the soul’s healing journey through pain, confusion and struggle to emerge into the freedom of self-awareness, purpose, compassion, joy and connection. It includes songs, stories and a series of original paintings that chronicle Shawn’s own journey back to peace. His visual art has also been shown in galleries throughout the United States and abroad.

Love Will Overcome, Shawn’s second CD is about giving back and putting into action the Love in our hearts for the healing of the earth, all sentient life and the global structures that run the world economies. It includes theme songs for The Peace Alliance, The New Energy Movement, Go Gratitude and the Satyana Institute. Livin’ Love – The Shift is On, is about moving into joy. His most recent CD, Love Songs for the Soul, is a simple expression of purity and Divine Love.

Shawn’s I Choose Love DVDis the heart stirring I Choose Lovemusic video with inspiring images and Mary Beth Shannon signing the song. It also includes interviews and a section of Shawn and Mary Beth teaching children how to sign the song. Choice Pointis Shawn teaming up with Joy Gilfilen and, for a very intimate concert related to social change.

Currently, Shawn resides in Nashville, Tennessee and continues to tour and share his passion for healing through the arts and through conscious music, calling attention to the impact our choices have all over the world.

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