Midnight Songstress

Midnight Songstress - Yolasite
Midnight Songstress - Yuku
Midnight Songstress - Garageband

BIO: Midnight Songstress

I have always loved to sing. The process of putting music together, the feeling of creating a melodic sound. The reason for my name ''Midnight Songstress' is simply because as a child I would often crawl out of the covers at night and sit on the side of the bed watching the moon through my window. I soon would find myself singing to myself. Making up words and melodies. I really never thought I would share those songs with anyone as I am a very private person emotionally. I saw those moments with the moon as my own. As I became an adult I found it increasingly hard to express it in the normal way. Talking. Writing. Even drawing which is another love of mine. So I decided to do the one thing I knew worked. Writing songs by the moonlight. Other songs are written simply because they popped into my head. So there will be a lot of variety there. I can only hope that you find something here that connects you to it. Anything that hits a chord inside and makes it so you leave feeling something. That is my wish.


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