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About: Holy Fiction

Band Members:

Matt Geissler, Evan Lecker, Jordan Mccune, Sally Tawfik, Jordan Brace, Sam Lee

Holy Fiction is the new project formed by members of Ethan Durelle, Pilot Drift, Hemyah, and A Pacific Model. Eager to create music that is both listenable and intelligent, Holy Fiction is currently crafting songs in a much different fashion than their former outfits.

On February 23, Holy Fiction released their first full length album, “Hours From It”. “Hours” was crafted from a concise batch of songs that were both personal and vibrant. Their music is as angular as it is rounded, lingering as it is succinct, effortless as it is strenuous; like a desert flooded after a storm.

"Each track [is] the ideal canvas for the voice of singer/guitarist Evan Lecker. His rich, powerful vocals are on full display as he croons heartfelt lyrics on songs like the 90s-throwback “Golden City Lights,” the slow-burning lament “Hours From It” and the unshakeable “More Than Ever.” - Paste Magazine

“lush chamber pop threaded with faint folk flourishes and enough energy and eeriness to resist deadly descriptors like ambient” - Houston Chronicle

"Holy Fiction is that organic experimental rock that's perfect to listen to when you feel like you're really in the know" - Houston Press

"Full of character, Holy Fiction’s Americana/folk style sticks out of the pre-defined genre" -TheAlbumProject

“a stunning masterpiece of sound, and is already one of my favorite collection of songs from this year” - CarryYouAway

"damned impressive" - Spacecityrock

"a melodious, complex, rewarding indie-rock listen" – IndependentClauses

“vibrant soundscapes that rise and fall with Evan Lecker’s voice, leaving listeners yearning for more” - AustinTownHall

"Hours From It, showed me all their talents: the direct, catchy melodies, the falsetto heights and grumbling depths of lead singer Evan Lecker’s voice, and the lyrics at once heart-rendingly honest and confoundingly obscure." - Curator Magazine

“as if Peter Gabriel’s pop, Days of the New’s folk rock and Pink Floyd’s mellowness were mixed in a blender to make this 38-minute tour de force” –The Collegian

“Absolutely love this album” –The Pop! Stereo

"It would be a shame to miss a band playing chamber-indie-rock this well" -29-95.com


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