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I came to music quite late, maybe sixteen, when I started to learn to play guitar. With major encouragement from my brother Peter, I started to write songs and we began to play small gigs and make demos at home. I attended Trinity College in Dublin for an amazing "academic" year before I had to tell the Dean I'd been offered a recording deal by Capitol Records in Los Angeles and I wouldn't be coming back. He told me I was crazy but wished me good luck all the same.

Since then Peter and I have recorded four albums as 'The Devlins', along with some amazing musicians, producers and friends. We've toured all over the world and music has afforded me the opportunity to meet a huge amount of wonderful, varied and interesting people from many walks of life. I hope I’ve taken these experiences and somehow drawn upon them to help me make this first solo record.

Montreal has always been a very inspiring place for me, it's full of life and art and drama, a perfect place to write and record music. I made Democracy Of One there with my Producer Pierre Marchand for all of those reasons. Pierre has been a long time friend and collaborator, so he was the obvious choice to produce this record.

We had the luxury of time on this one, which is not necessarily always a good thing, but Pierre had just built a great new studio and I willingly became the guinea pig for his new experiment. We did it in a couple of recording stints which really helped, as we got to think about what we had recorded and revisit it with fresh ears. It's pretty much a 3 piece on the album consisting of myself on guitars and vocals, Pierre on bass and piano and our friend Matt Chamberlain on drums – a true collaboration for all the right reasons. I wanted to keep it as sparse and direct as I could and I think we succeeded in that.

I love to write songs, play music and perform. It's not a job for me. It never has been. It's who I am. It's kind of that simple.

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